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  1. I don't have room to talk because I'm not playing much Dayz in general these days, but I'd definitely not come back for Nyheim lol that map wasn't fun at all. Most of the people I knew that I came back with when we got unbanned didn't play more than once or twice because Nyheim was just unenjoyable.
  2. I think the real way to get the pop back up is convert DayzRP into a minecraft roleplay server. Minecraft has been out for longer than Dayz and still has more players. The numbers don't lie.
  3. Wait I thought we were ironically asking for Chernarus this whole time? Oh well.
  4. I thought this thread was saying that Nyheim was gone overnight and we went back to Chernarus. My hopes were quickly dashed.
  5. I just had my 54th birthday
  6. Yeah I'm a big fan of busses. Question: Will there be any R4'ing if the bus got hijacked?
  7. Because I'm not playing a survival game, i'm playing an RP server. Dayz as a survival game is fucking awful lmao. That's like asking why someone on a FiveM server would play a cop or civilian or anything that isn't a bank robber.
  8. No, PVE is and has always been the worst aspect of Dayz standalone lol. I would really, really dislike more of it as far as zombies go.
  9. Unironically would've been a good change
  10. You shouldn't run up to someone on the street and make fun of them for it sure. But at the Oscars where the hosts sole job is to announce awards, and make jokes about people in attendance, it's fine in that context. Will and Jada have been in Hollywood for like 30 years and they're suddenly not cool with mild jokes being made at their expense. That's on them. Will is big weird for doing what he did but it worked out fine, Chris Rock's ticket prices went up, he got at least an hour worth of material to work with out of that situation alone, so on and so forth.
  11. Good group. Verified roleplay providers.
  12. Very good episode. Lots of good takes especially from that @YNW Jasper guy. Except for the part where he said Nyheim was a good map.
  13. There's been plenty of things not subject to change that have changed shortly thereafter here over the years. If you're airing on the side of "Nyheim is good, people who don't like it should leave" then enjoy RP'ing with the same 20-25 people for the foreseeable future. There's always more people looking at the forums than are actually in the server these days lol. If you see no problem or correlation between the dying on the Nyheim hill and the player population as a result, then I'm not sure what you want to hear. Championing for roleplay to happen on an RP server and anyone that doesn't like the map needing to leave isn't going to make the numbers go up. Regardless this is all getting very derailed from the original post so I'm gonna call it here. Bless, enjoy the wild amounts of diversity I'm sure you're experiencing on the server.
  14. Because leaving piece by piece criticisms to fix bugs with the map or leave suggestions to hopefully, many many months or even years down the line, get a map the community is mostly happy with is a far worse solution than just going to an already well map and complete map that most people would be pretty happy with switching over to. It's not a wild concept. It's definitely not about the quality of roleplay. I don't hover my mouse over the login button and say "Man I would love to play, but these simpletons aren't quite above my bar of roleplay requirement, therefore I shall not connect today" I just don't play much because I do not enjoy the map at all lol. And what you're proposing is that a slow burn with low numbers that will probably get lower, is better than a boom followed by a potential bleed of players, until we're back at the same numbers. How is that in any way shape or form at all worse than the current situation? I'm not following your logic here at all. Right so people should force themselves to play in a map they don't enjoy, with groups that aren't super interesting save for a handful, and build stories that they're not going to be that invested in because of the points I just listed, and then the problem is somehow resolved? Nyheim becomes more engaging and better if people slog through logging in? I can't understand or sanction why Nyheim is the hill so many want to die on lol it was a good effort genuinely, but I just think it's apparent that it's not working out that well as of right now. One could argue that the switch to Nyheim itself was that very thing you seem to not want, a radical change where a brief boom happens, then peters out until pop is low again.
  15. Hard for people to get motivation to log into a map they don't enjoy. This reads very much like "Don't complain just play anyways" lol. People always complained and had something they didn't like, the difference is people were still playing while complaining back then.
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