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  1. Vaclav Bryuzov

    Born to two Russian parents, Vaclav had a fairly standard childhood. Did well enough in school, for the most part, and worked for his father in a grocery store for most of his youth. He aspired to enlist in the CDF someday, but lacked the initiative and physique to do so. Like most people his age, he remembers the Civil War's that took place in Chernarus between the CDF and Chedaki. He eventually thought about putting his plans to join the CDF into action, after hearing about the "savages terrorizing the country" for too long, until he saw a popular piece of Chedaki propaganda online that was spreading like wild fire at the time. He knew he was supposed to hate the man on the screen and everything that he stood for, as he was always painted as some sort of devil by his family, but he found himself strangely allured by the man, and curious. He watched it again and again, and found himself nodding along with what the man was saying. It was then he realized that he still did want to save his country, but it was then he also realized that joining the CDF would not help his country in the slightest. One thing led to another, and in a matter of months, Vaclav found himself counted among the Chedaki. He stuck with them, through thick and thin, under the rank of Private First Class. He didn't need a prestigious rank to know that what he was doing was not only the most important thing he would ever do, but the right thing to do. But, we all know how the Civil War ended. The Chedaki lost all the ground they had gained over the course of it in a short span of time, and most fled to the Black Mountains, the rest either attempted to return to their normal lives, flee the country, or were killed. Vaclav planned on returning to his family back in Elektrozavodsk, but discovered that they had been persecuted and executed under suspicion of harboring a Chedaki. With no home to return to, Vaclav had a bit of a change of identity. He took up a new name, a new life, and worked as an undocumented worker on a farm to the north. It was steady work, and more importantly, it kept him from being thrown in a prison or executed. As the years went on, Vaclav stayed the course of his new life, the memories of his own actions causing his families unjust deaths haunting him forever. He still kept a notebook with a list of the old Chedaki contact frequencies though, just in case it was ever time to take back up arms again. After all, the movement was all he had left anymore.
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  2. Tommy grabs his radio off the floor of the cabin he spent the night in He rubs his eyes for a minute before sighing and holding down the PTT "Hey uh...it's Tommy. Tommy Berkowitz. I'm sending this message out to...get the word out I guess? My cousin, Constant, he's missing. Full name is 'Constant Randall Dean'. We got separated from each other just after the first week of this shit." Sitting himself up straight and clearing his throat, he continues "We were holding up in the town of uh..." The sound of paper being ruffled around can be heard for a moment "Yeah we were in Elektrozavodsk. Large group of the grey skins came up on us, we had to book it. Ended up getting separated from each other, haven't seen him since. He's kinda tall, around like six foot. He's got a tattoo of a key on his arm, he's probably still lugging around that fuckin' guitar of his, he still looks a little bit like a homeless dude, beyond that I got no other descriptors for him." He exhales loudly before continuing "Well, if anyone out there know's where he is or can help find him or, god forbid, know's what happened to him...well, any help would mean the fuckin' world to me. Reach me on this frequency if you have anything, and I mean anything, that can help. Anyone that can find him for me, or knows what happened, I would be more than willing to pay for any information...though ATM's seem pretty non existent in this country." Setting the radio aside, Tommy waits for any replies
  3. Tommy Berkowitz

    Pre Outbreak Born in Chicago, Illinois in 1990, Tommy grew up in southside Chicago. Not exactly known for being a great area, it’s no surprise that Tommy would eventually wind up how he did. From an early age, Tommy and his entire family were infatuated with Baseball. They all played or loved the sport, and Tommy always took a certain shine to it. If he wasn’t out with friends or at school, nine times out of ten he was out at the old sandlot in the neighborhood. At first his parents and family loved that their kid was staying out of trouble with sports, up until his middle school years where he began cutting school in favor of playing ball with some people at the sandlot. Then, it became an issue. This eventually scaled back a bit, and he didn’t cut school quite as much when he got into high school. This was because he was now playing for a school team, and he couldn’t afford to skip any days now. By the end of high school, his academic record was so-so but his athletic record earned him a full ride through college for Baseball. Eventually making it up to the major leagues, Tommy was living his dreams. A big ass contract, a great team, and all of the spotlight’s aimed on him. He was loving every minute of it. He played for seven years in the league, all the while becoming a legend in the sport, before he was almost instantaneously disgraced and lost everything. Do you know how every rich person that goes broke loses their fortune? At first, slowly. Then, all at once. For the majority of his time in the league, Tommy was addicted to Vicodin and Oxycodone. An old habit from his youth that stuck with him ever since, he managed to go this long without being caught by virtue of his wealth and his ability to throw money at any drug tests and make them go away. But, what happened here wasn’t able to walk away by having some money tossed it’s way. While heavily under the influence, Tommy was driving at excessive speeds, and wound up rear ending another car at high speeds. Tommy was fine, however the car he hit was not. It had five passengers, two of which were children, both of whom ended up dying later in the hospital due to injuries. After being tested and it being public news that Tommy was responsible for killing two children while driving under the influence, his contract in the Major League’s was terminated immediately, and any hope of a career after that was pretty much over with. After a year had passed, his older brother, who doubled as his manager, let him know of a baseball related opportunity in another country. It would essentially require him to invest heavily into it financially and be the face of it. He would help start up a professional league for the sport in another country, Chernarus. While he didn’t like the idea of moving away from the US or going to some post civil war third world country, he didn’t exactly have a lot of options left. Shortly after arriving, things began to fall apart...
  4. [GAME] Continue the Story

    My pokemon card collection.
  5. VDV Quarantine zone?

    I wasn't specifically calling you out for wanting loot, just more of a blanket statement on the majority of those that are mad, a fair one to make at that. Likewise, if the quarantine zone takes up 75% of the map, it really narrows down where to look for the camps, yeah? And if you've already begun to do something about it, great! Then that really makes this post a bit void. That's the only solution, handle it IC. I feel like you keep saying you want a discussion on it, but when people tell you the only tangible solution to it (Handle it IC) you're getting mad with them and shrugging it off as them being dismissive. Such is not my intent. There just really is nothing else to do about it within reason outside of handling it in game. If you want a "dialogue" on the subject, you have to listen to both sides, not just the one you think is right. That's how debates and discussions work.
  6. VDV Quarantine zone?

    I feel like people are taking this OOC and not at all seeing the RP potential in this. Guys, this is not only logical but gives a whole hell of a lot of potential for character growth that I feel like people are missing. They are quarantining the northern part of the map. You can still go there, but there will be a risk from now on. It's not like an invisible wall that is uncross-able. This also gives more reason for people to IC be angry at the VDV potentially forming some sort of small pockets or eventually a large scale rebellion against them. I feel as though people are mad they can't go to NWAF or Tisy with ease anymore, and could care less about the RP this could provide. Give it more than 12 hours before complaining about it and debating whether or not this should be allowed. Go to the the CDF or the UN camps in the south, meet other people, be social and shit. I'm sure you'll likely find people that feel the same as yourself that want to also do something about it ICly. If you don''t like it, go and do something about it in game. Want to go north? Do whatever you feel like makes logical sense IC to do. And for fucks sake, stop taking this OOC like a lot of people already have. edit: Grammer and spelling. Also this I saw people saying nothing can be done about this etc. etc. You are being silly. If you genuinely think that there is no decent weapons that aren't AK's and M4's available, or that people don't already have cache's of these all around ready to hand out to people that will fight the VDV you are being willfully ignorant. This is also ignoring that fact that there are two other military forces that can either have arms attained from, or taken from, or in some cases may even fight alongside those that would push back the quarantine zone. Like I said, give it more than a few hours before complaining and saying "Wahhh it's unfair."
  7. Refugee Camp and The UN [96.6]

    Out of breath from walking too god damn much, Calvin takes out his radio and yells into it "YEAH it's real fucking cool running across this shitty smelly country for hours at a time to move from one camp to the next because y'all keep movin' it. Having the time of my FUCKING life out here in these woods." Calving puts the radio back into his bag and continues raptoring around the woods
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  8. Refugee Camp and The UN [96.6]

    Hearing the transmission, Calvin picks up his radio and lights up a cigarette "Y'all know how to reach me if and when you need help." He sets the radio down and the transmission cuts abruptly
  9. Good times with the campfire in Stary today, even if it was short lived. Nice and brief reunion with @Buddy today. Enjoyed @Sylvester Todd giving me shit for endangering them. @Tony was great as always @Brayces childlike wonder in serious situations cracks me up every time. "I'm staying behind so we don't endanger you or at least, buy you guys some time" "BYEEEE CALVINNNN!" Everyone else there, good stuff.
  10. Why the sudden jump to S2?

    Everyone moves to S2 now because of the UN camp, simply because it is a guaranteed place to find RP and interaction and occasionally conflict as well as ICly it is the most logical place for US citizens and others to head towards and migrate to. OOC I stay there primarily because I only went there to check the place out, and now 99% of my characters story and RP lies either within that place or within the UN and the conflicts that occur there. Only logical that I would remain there. Such is probably the case for most the others that now flock there and stay there primarily. If and when the UN camp dies, i'm sure that we will see a larger influx of people head over to S1 as that was always the most popular server pre lore wipe anyways. Just give it time I suppose.
  11. The UN permadeath issue.

    Ordinarily I would agree, but when the execution is her begging a UN soldier to dome her for whatever reason publicly, ICly pretty much begging to die, and then having said execution take place before a crowd...idk.
  12. The UN permadeath issue.

    Stop. That is utterly insane and you know it. I get not wanting to let a character go but that is utter nonsense. edit to clarify and sound less like an asshole. You can't just change something after it happens. You requested an execution, which is a permadeath, you did not discuss anything like that with the guy beforehand, and there was a crowd around your corpse for a good while. And someone else double tapped you after the fact i'm pretty sure. I'd say bite the bullet and make a new character but it's your choice at the end of the day. But let's not kid ourselves and say that there's "A hundred ways to come back with no issues" because every one of those hundred reasons would be utterly riddled with holes and nonsense.
  13. The UN permadeath issue.

    I mean, an execution is the same as a permadeath, no? Agreeing to an execution is one and the same as saying yes to a permadeath in my book, and while your character was interesting, you did kind of get your brains splattered all over the pavement by a UN soldier in front of a large crowd, while begging to be executed. It would be really, really, really difficult to look past that and just see this person walking around ever again.