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  1. Overwatch Team League

    I'm down. I will support the piss out of this. I may be mildly decent at Overwatch against regular players, but now is my time to shine. edit: I just don't know how we can fit more than one mercy one each team with all the girls :^)
  2. The Severograd Massacre {OPEN FREQ}

    Cayman would lift his head out of the dumpster he was hiding in and slowly raise his radio to his mouth while observing the bloodied bullet ridden town, resembling the aftermath of a shootout in one of the old Western movies "Jah'waite peeple ah crassy. Keelin'echutter ulldetyme. Me'ndeboys gwanna stayin hyah ferah'bit'tilyah cleeringout. Crassy's." Cayman slowly descends back into the dumpster and continues fashioning a small alligator out of wood, wishing the town wasn't so full of crazy people
  3. What do you listen to ?

  4. Our education system is so flawed. 

    I'm doing online courses right now so I can move the fuck on with life, and these CUNTING online teachers make me stop in my tracks every unit to call them to open up a test so I can move the fuck on. Except these lazy sun burned Floridian idiots take four days sometimes to answer their CUNTING phones so I'm sitting here, blazing through courses like 30+% ahead of where I'm mean to be in them, and these lazy boys are slowing me down for days at a time and it's incredibly frustrating. 

    I ask them why they can't just open them preemptively as I clearly am moving at a faster pace than the course was designed for and all I get is "uh..y-no" like...this is the single most frustrating experience. Cannot wait to be done with this. 

    Online teacher machine broke.

  5. Teamspeak and Discord

    I agree.
  6. Buck Bigward vs Joe Niggly

    this Friday 


    tickets r $4

    1. Chewy


      I'll take 10

    2. Jasper

      We only got 4 lawn chairs tho 

    3. Chewy



    • Chewy

    Be a good boi. *pats*

    1. Jasper

      I can't hear you, this cooking is too loud. 


      /no yeet

    2. Chewy


      I would never

    3. Josei



    4. Jasper

      @Josei would. She's new to staff. Wants her first notch in her belt...I see how it is.


    5. Chewy


      She can't. And I wouldn't let her ;) She's in my pocket.

    6. Jasper

      Did someone say 

      S T A F F  B I A S

    7. Josei


      -Stretches her arms out from Chewy's pocket- 



  7. San Valentino [Strict Recruting]

    Nonsense. This is DayzRP. Pot stirring is our one good quality. I will abstain from further comment because this is off topic tho.
  8. San Valentino [Strict Recruting]

    I mean, likewise there's no need for them to say they're being "constantly harassed", no? I think both sides should be sat down in TS and talk rather than this petty shade stuff on the forums and messages to admins. It only escalates and gets worse from this point every single time this happens so uh yeah. But what would I know, I'm a degenerate on final warning.
  9. @KyleRP

    the vicious cycle continues....mark my words. The wheels are already turning on it apparently. 


    1. KyleRP

      No comment. Waiting for an angry PM or teamspeak convo.

    2. Jasper

      You won't get one. 

      You and I have had the good fortune to be on both sides of this sort of thing, you know how it goes, there'll be PM's just not sent to any of you guys im sure.

    3. KyleRP

      Oh we are aware lol.

    4. Jasper
  10. San Valentino [Strict Recruting]

    Add that as a goal then? 1 - Stop Anarchy from being meanie weenies something like that? It keeps the goals modern and updated, and if it's such an issue in game, it should totally be a goal anyways.
  11. Teamspeak and Discord

    Discord bad @LawRP
  12. So...when're we executing Fergie for that thing she squelched out of her throats last night?


    feels good to know that while I'm an abominably bad singer, I might actually be better than Fergie right now. 

    In the words of some black guy on twitter "Fergilicious, Definicious, shut yo stupid ass mouth". 

    1. Chewy


      Wait what did Fergie do

      *hides her profile song*

    2. Jasper

      She uh...got a little experimental with our national anthem last night. It was unredeemably bad. Like, the players couldn't hold their laughter, the audience was cracking smiles at it, it was easily one of the worst serious attempts at signing the national anthem I think I've heard in a while. 

      The only way it could've gone worse is if like she started burning the flags behind her and killed Pharrell. 

    3. Chewy


      Oh dear... Fergie... *shakes head*

    4. Jasper

      By all means, enjoy. It really is atrocious.


  13. Legbutts (LGBTs) of DayZRP

    *glares and nudges Chewythan* what ever do you mean? What's a premium forum?
  14. Legbutts (LGBTs) of DayZRP

    No such thing as a thread for non-whitenames...except maybe the "I hate whitenames" thread.