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  1. Jasper

    Twitch staff Q&A questions

    Question you'd like to ask: What exactly qualifies for false report? Is it intentionally filing a report knowing there's no rule break? Because to my and most others knowledge, that's what it's supposed to mean, and yet recent verdicts strongly indicate otherwise. So what exactly precisely are all the guidelines for false report so that everybody knows when to and when not to report so we don't get nae nae'd on our own shit.
  2. Jasper

    What's Up With These Verdicts?

    Yeah no shit the people who made the decision are defending it, why wouldn’t they? Just because the highest authority defends it doesn’t make it any more right or wrong. I’d say the dozens of former actual high ranking staff members (Admins, Gms,) saying its an illogical verdict speaks for itself. Let alone the people who didn’t even like him calling it bullshit.
  3. Jasper

    False Report?

    What does changing his name on a Team Kill based meme have to do with anything? He changed it to a YNW Melly because he TK'd someone. There was no plan. Not everyone here schemes like some do, he made a report on something he thought was a rulebreak, the accused never tried talking to him personally instead having people try and talk to me or sending others to talk to Dusty instead, so he kept it up. Simple as.
  4. Jasper

    False Report?

    What? I'm saying that arguing realism doesn't make sense in a community structured around rules and punishments etc. I don't know what you're saying by talking about what i'd do in an apocalypse that's just odd and derailing what i'm saying. What i'm saying is that saying that he deserved to be mowed down because it was realistic is a poor argument to make, because if we were based in realism we wouldn't have half the rules we do. I'm saying that we're not based in realism and instead based in RP. And there was nothing in my eyes RP oriented about that.
  5. Jasper

    False Report?

    Then we wouldn't be initiating, taking hostages, letting people go, leaving them with adequate supplies, or doing 90% of the things we do. Realism is always the worst argument one can make when regarding server rules.
  6. Jasper

    False Report?

    Then maybe I held you in the wrong regard RP wise. It's not about rule protection. He was genuinely surprised he was shot. They could have taken it in so many different directions that actually contributed to RP in any meaningful way, and they didn't, simple as. If you can't see that then I don't know what to tell you.
  7. Jasper

    False Report?

    Roleplay? Seriously when did this become controversial? When did it become weird to try and do something hostile or RP in a non friendly manner with someone and not expect to be mowed down in silence? Why is this suddenly a weird thing? That's a disappointing response Ducky. You mean to tell me that Dusty was at all a threat to his life? One singular punch followed by him immediately stepping back deserves to be mowed down? Did you at all watch the video or follow the report?
  8. Jasper

    False Report?

    It's amazing how you get punished for trying to further RP and do something hostile now. You're rewarded for mowing someone down that doesn't initiate, doesn't do anything but tap you once in the face with fist. YOU get mowed down on the spot for it, YOU get told it's not only justified, but that YOU were wrong for thinking otherwise and now YOU are banned. It's really, not even laughable anymore, it's just kind of tragic. To say standards have slipped would be a gross understatement. Not incorrect. Can you imagine in 2017 a verdict like this being made? You can't. Because there are so many new "elements" that are such a heavy influence on verdicts and overall community attitude now that weren't there before. You hit the nail on the head. The very thing that used to make people say "Jesus can't believe they thought that was Ok to do" is now literally protected by staff. It's just...ew. Yeah kinda like what Dusty was being called by the people that mowed him down. Apparently I can just go up to someone, talk the most shit about them and call them pussies and borderline talk OOC about how "OOOHHH VATO YOU GUYS GET SLIMED EVERY DAY BRO HAHAHA" and expect that not only should I face zero consequences or hostile RP for it, but in fact, I should expect that if they try to do something as menial as punch me for it, I can mow them down, pluck up their gear, and move on with my day. Amazing. Truly, a place that breeds RP and stories. And yes it's very cringe. The thing is half the community that lives in white suburban neighborhoods with their parents now likens themselves to street guys and soundcloud rappers and talk like it. I shit you not I have encountered someone emoting their face tats at me while constantly spewing exactly what you said above. It's great. No comment This. What the fuck even. Like do you understand @Roland that that's how laws and rules work? Precedent? As in Person A does bad thing and is punished Now person B knows not to do bad thing or will be punished But then person C does it and it's OK even though the situation is 1 to 1 the exact same thing But then Person D does it because person C did it and they get punished. And then everyone is confused. You know how to avoid that? Consistency and precedent. That's how rules should and almost always in any other facet of anything have always worked.
  9. Jasper

    What's Up With These Verdicts?

    You’re contradicting yourself. You mean to tell me that the guy who has several allies in the immediate area with him who are all also armed, has no other option but to mow down the guy that punches him once and backs away immediately after punching him? And what about all those other verdicts linked on the matter that were basically the same and yet were verdicted the opposite of this one? Also, Dusty wasn’t alone and also had back up right there. Myself and three or four others watched the situation unfold. But since dynamic rights are kind of grey and not a very well constructed set of rules at all, we didn’t use our rights if we had any. Just seems way, way too convenient that he was denied amnesty appeal on the grounds of “Jus cuz lol” and then a verdict that is almost universally disagreed with is what gets him banned.
  10. Jasper

    Please try and help me understand this verdict. Because I don't.

    Hey I was browsing the forums casually and saw that my friend @YNW Dusty was permabanned in a report recently. Sucks. I checked the verdict and it actually hurt my head to look at. How on earth did the staff team that reviewed this come to this conclusion at all? Please i'd like to know because I have read it over myself many times, had people who used to be staff look at it, and it makes no sense to any of us. Just seems like something that had other motives behind it, but hey, that's just my silly thoughts that carry no weight whatsoever on the topic. How did this get verdicted the way it did? It genuinely baffles me. He even linked a situation that was 1 to 1 pretty much the same thing that got verdicted the opposite of this. To me it seems like Dusty was denied his final appeal in the hopes that he would slip up at some point, and took this report as the chance to do it and get rid of him for no real reason at all. And the fact that @RandyRP a man who is friends with the accused was allowed to even touch this verdict also baffles me. Can someone from staff, or really, anyone from staff explain to me why this was verdicted the way this was but hasn't been other times in the past, and also why @RandyRP was able to vote on it? Correct me if i'm wrong but staff who are biased aren't really supposed to touch reports involving their friends and yet...he was just kinda able to do so here for no real explanation. How did this GM team come to the verdict that punching someone that was shit talking them IC is NVFL and FALSE REPORT of all things? False report? Isn't that when someone makes a report that they know is bullshit? Hasn't it been stated by higher end staff themselves that a single punch doesn't grant immediate mow down rights? As @Dustup put it I don't see how they can verdict a report that says shooting a guy twice (and not killing him) is something which should not have happened while saying that to kill a guy that punched you once is fine. Especially when it is within the same rule-set and very recent. People rely on those reports to see what we can and can't do and how the staff interpret the rules, shouldn't have to keep guessing which way something may or may not go. This part right here from that verdict is a clear interpretation and is very similar to what happened with your case "you two had an aggressive conversation which led to Thrash punching you once. Your decision to shoot him twice for it was not justified. While someone punching you multiple times can sometimes be considered a hostile action therefore granting you kill rights, but this was not the case here. Trash did not threaten your life and he only punched you once. Instead of continuing the hostile roleplay you two had going, you decide to open fire which put an end to the RP for both sides." So for future reference staff, if this is not the case, next time someone punches me in game I can just mow them down and not expect a ban over it? Just say nothing and mow them down and i'm fine right? If not, then why? Do we even care about consistency anymore? What about this report where literally the exact same thing happened, and again, it was verdicted the opposite way? @Roland @Zanaan I would love to hear some admin opinions on this. Edit: Weird. His appeal hasn't even been made yet AFAIK. But ok. Edit again because I can't comment @Roland I don't really feel like trimming any of this as I think they're all pretty valid questions. Just answer whatever your heart fancies I guess
  11. Jasper

    Law's Garbage Tier Videos

    Song almost as slow as your frames Good video though. See, my comment is relevant, can't ban me.
  12. Jasper

    Failed Robberies Thread

    4v1 and losing is a verified yikers. Good clip Bobbette. Thank god you had @Shroud in your ear the whole time screaming at you to hold a place that you weren't even inside and also saying you should surrender.
  13. Jasper

    Who will win the Iron Throne?

    Ew. No. She's going to die guaranteed. Jon Snow will probably take it because it makes sense, but honestly, I don't think I want anyone to take it.
  14. Jasper

    Twitch staff Q&A questions

    Question you'd like to ask: The updates for Namalsk as a map keep coming. I asked in a post a few months ago what everyone thought we should do once the map drops, but i'd be interested in hearing staffs personal takes on it that won't be buried under three hundred other replies. Should we lore wipe and swap over? Just have a second server with the map on it? How would that work lore wise/characters getting from point A to point B wise? Etc. edit: Here is a link to the most recent update to Namalsk from it's creator Sumrak http://www.nightstalkers.cz/2019/03/03/mar-2019-status-update/
  15. Jasper

    What do you listen to ?

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