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  3. To Hanley, with love!

    The sound of a metal door sliding open can be heard, followed by indistinct chatter and a smack, the radio is then placed at Val's face and he is prompted to respond The familiar voice of Val can be heard chiming through, though he sounds weaker and raspier than before "H...Hanley? It's Val. I'm st-" The sound of another smack can be heard followed by footsteps and the sound of a metal door slamming shut The familiar voice of the Korean woman comes through the radio "There. Now, lets talk." The radio falls silent as she awaits a reply
  4. Solntsevskaya Bratva

    Group has been cool to RP with. Graphics are alright. Mexi is still a wungus though. 8/10
  5. *Most Homosexual Profile Song On DayzRP*

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    Constructive criticism only pls +5 points i kid
  7. Abu Muhammed was a good boy.


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  8. [EPM] El Presidentes Militia

  9. If Theres A Will Theres A Way (Open Freq.)

    Han, hearing the transmission give out a hearty laugh before grabbing his radio and holding the PTT "Why is it that half the people who have survived this long are some of the dumbest motherfuckers alive?" He sighs and continues "This is just so very many levels of stupid stacked on top of each other. Stop." He sets the radio down and the transmission falls quiet
  10. Good luck, see you around dood o7 Maybe I can show you how to shoot a winnie when you get back? I kid I kid. Seriously though, good luck.
  11. Jasper Moreau

    Born in Chicago, Illinois in 1995, Jasper was always a troubled child. The earliest memories his parents have of him include him having long conversations with himself, claiming to be chatting with his "Friends". They shrugged it off naturally, as it wasn't too odd for a child to have imaginary friends. But, there were more complications that followed that in the years that came. The talks escalated to playing with them. Playing with them escalated into arguing with them, and in some cases "defending them" from bullies at school. Eventually the arguments culminated into a fight with one of them. Jasper recalls it as a "Fight for his life" but his parents remember it for what it was. Jasper, furiously hitting himself and tossing himself around violently. Causing himself enough physical harm to be hospitalized, Jasper's parents were faced with a choice. Either do nothing and let their little boy spiral even farther out of control, or ship him off to some loonie bin where he would hopefully one day receive the help he needed desperately. After much deliberation, they chose the latter, and from the age of 10, Jasper was admitted into Chicago's Dunning Mental Asylum. There he spent most of his life. He didn't mind it so much. No school, no mean kids telling him his friends weren't real, no parents to tell him that he simply had a "vivid imagination". Just himself and his friends and his own room. The other people living there were scary sometimes, but usually Jasper would make friends with them if he spoke to them for long enough, he finally felt like he belonged somewhere. His parents had told him that the doctors here would make his friends go away, which scared him at first, but all the doctors there ever really did was give him some pills before he went to bed that made him sleepy, and fed him. Nothing more, nothing less, but they certainly never tried to make his friends go away. He was thankful for that. The years went on, his parents would visit for some holidays and his birthday every year. They seemed happy for brief moments when they first visited, but their faces would always wash over with disappointment whenever Jasper would begin talking about his friends. They tried to hide it of course, but Jasper could always see it. After a few years, the visits got less frequent. They were probably too bust to come visit anymore. They told Jasper about his little sister that was born after he was sent here, he wanted to see her so badly but they always told him no. After he turned 13, they stopped visiting during Thanksgiving. That was fine. After he turned 15, they stopped visiting during Christmas. That was ok too, he was just glad that he got to see them anymore. Then they stopped visiting on his birthdays when he turned 16 too. That was hard to take. Because now they only visited on random days during the year, no knowledge of when or if their next visit would be. Jasper's friends told him that his parents didn't love him anymore, but that it was ok, because they would always be there for him. He felt comfort in that, but still felt a little empty inside. Then, it came. The new friend. Jasper didn't like this new friend very much. This new friend wasn't like the others. It's voice was dark. Booming. So heavy and cold, like icy fingers being wrapped around him every time it spoke. And he couldn't see this friend either, not like the others. The others were people, with their own faces and personalities and outfits, but this new friend was...nothing. It was nowhere and everywhere at the same time. It scared the other friends away every time it came around. Every time it would show up, everything in the room would get dark, and cold, darker and darker until he couldn't see anything and just had to sit there and listen. It told him awful things, it would tell him secrets and lies about the other patients, the other doctors, and even some of his friends. This new friend told him the most horrible things. That some of the doctors that said they were Jasper's friends weren't really his friends. That they were just like his parents and that they would soon abandon him too. Jasper tried to ignore him as much as he could but he just couldn't block him out. Jasper thought he was just a liar, nothing but a trouble stirrer at first, but one day when Jasper was supposed to be sleeping the new friend woke him up in the middle of the night. It called out to him and said "Hush. Just listen." and so Jasper did. The doctor that always said she was Jasper's friend was talking just outside of his room. He listened closely and heard he utter nasty things about him. "Psychopath", "Crazy", "Beyond helping", "Insane". This made Jasper sad at first, until the new friend comforted him, telling him what he must do. So that nobody could ever hurt him like that doctor or his parents did again. And so, now trusting this new friend above the others, he took it's advice despite what his other friends told him. The new friend finally introduced itself as "Alistair". Technically, Jasper didn't have to do anything. He just had to "Let go" and hand the reins of control over to Alistair for a few minutes. It sounded easy enough, and Jasper didn't want to make Alistair angry since he helped him so far, so he agreed. The next time his parents visited, Jasper let Alistair take over and all Jasper could see from then on was darkness. He felt like he was sleeping. He woke up a few days later, strapped to a gurney in the medical wing of the asylum. He was severley confused. He looked around frantically and struggled, unable to move from his position due to the restraints, he screamed for help. None of his friends would tell him what happened. A nurse came in and sedated him as he refused to stop struggling and screaming. He looked at his hands that were strapped to his side just before falling unconscious, and saw the blood that was stained on his hands, and his mind raced with thoughts before he passed out. From there on Jasper was moved to a different wing of Dunning. This wing had less people, and nobody that he recognized, it was darker too and his room was...scary in a way. It was all white, bouncy walls. He didn't like it very much. The Doctors here were all new too, and a lot less nice to Jasper. They were so aggressive, they shoved him around when they needed him to move faster, they put him in his room for the rest of the day if he snapped back at them verbally, they were so mean. He kept asking why he got moved in here over and over again and they almost never answered him until one of the new nurses said he had been relocated due to 'murder'. This couldn't have been right thought Jasper, he would never hurt anyone, he never had hurt anyone before, why would they think he'd killed someone? He pleaded to them over and over again claiming that there must have been some kind of mistake as he had never touched another inmate, let alone killed one. The staff of the new wing of course maintained their story. This brought much confusion to Jasper. But this was not his only issue he was having. All of his friends were nowhere to be found. Did he leave them in the other wing? Did they leave him because he didn't listen to them? What happened to them? He was truly alone for the first time in his life. Not even Alistair, the newest of his friends, was anywhere to be found. He was alone for nearly two whole months before he heard a voice call out to him from another table in the mess room. There was another patient sitting there, he was around the same age as Jasper, about the same build too, small and unassuming. He beckoned Jasper over as the boy was lonely, and wanted someone to eat and converse with. The two bonded quickly, and became good friends, even in their less than favorable circumstances. The boys name was Jean, same age as Jasper, he was in here for similar things as well. Having too many friends. The pair clicked almost immediately and spent most of their time together, as both of the boys no longer had their friends that landed them in Dunning in the first place anymore. Months went by, and the pair became gradually more and more aware of their circumstances. For instance, they realized that they both were receiving the same medication at the same times, and pieced together that the medication may be what stopped them from seeing their friends anymore. They managed to fake taking them every night from then on, and shared their results, and low and behold all of their friends returned for each of them. After nearly a year of being friends, the pair began to grow...closer. They were officially together, and couldn't have been happier. They spent their spare time drawing together, and eventually when they each turned 18 and were allowed yard time, walked around together. Days went by in flashes, and neither of them could be happier. Jasper's friends were happy for him too, it was easily the best years of his life. That is until the new warden had arrived. The new warden was much younger than the last one. He was angrier too, not friendly with the inmates, he was so hard to be around. He would look at you with his icy gaze and make your stomach sink with just a glance. He terrified Jean and Jasper. It was hard, but bearable, right up until the point where the Warden cut off any inmates with "Violent track records" yard time. Jasper and Jean's time together was now cut in half, and was likely to only grow shorter in the years that came. After nearly a year of this, mostly talking to one another by passing long winded notes to each other, they decided that one day, if anything else was put in place to further separate them, they would have to do something to stop the warden. They agreed, and so did their respective friends, and so they swore on it. Another two years of this went by. It wasn't unlivable, but every day that went by where the pair was separated cut deep into Jasper. He hated being away from Jean. They treasured their daily hour they had with one another in the Mess Hall, and remembered their agreement and plan if something was to cut their time any shorter. And one day, it happened. The warden reassigned eating hours for certain people, separating Jean and Jasper from one another indefinitely. This wouldn't stand. Through slipping notes into one another rooms, Jean and Jasper conducted a plan. A plan to kill the Warden and to escape this place, and go out into the real world where nobody could separate them. And so they got to work, fashioning a makeshift knife from flecks of metal and a wooden handle. After that, the only thing left was for the pair to get out of their rooms at night, made possible by Jean snagging a guards keys when he wasn't looking. And so, in the middle of the night when the Warden was at his desk, no doubt filing some paperwork for the prisoners new schedules, Jean and Jasper busted in, attacking him without mercy. At least, that's what Jean told Jasper what happened. Right as the door opened, all Jasper recalls is hearing Alistair's icy voice, then everything going dark, and waking up slung over Jean's shoulder as the pair fled Dunning. Apparently in a fit of rage, Jasper leaped almost inhumanly onto the warden and stabbed him viciously, and beating him with his other hand. It didn't matter to Jasper, they were free now. Jean said that he had a plan. The two hitchhiked to the coast, eventually making it to some cargo ship headed god knows where. They didn't care, so long as they were together. This would end up being the downfall of the pair, as the cargo ship they were on hit some rocks near the coast of their destination, and broke in half and beached. It was violent and in the middle of the night, so Jasper couldn't really see anything. All he remembers are the shouts of the crew followed by Jean calling out to him, then a loud bang followed by something smacking him on the head and waking up on the beach the next morning. Lost and confused, and alone again, Jasper headed out to the nearest town to try and find out where he was, and what had happened...
  12. Describe your latest RP with a GIF

    Me after finding out that @Sylva didn't whiff those thirty Winchester shots at my head on purpose, and was in fact trying to kill me.
  13. Han Gang Woo POV I had been scouting the compound that these people were staying at for a few days as one of them had previously robbed me of my weapon and I wanted to get back at them for it. As @Coreena and @TateRinefield can confirm, I had captured them as they were supposed allies of the bounty hunters the day before this incident, as I was looking for a good in to attack the place or get back at them on an IC level. As the bounty hunters can also confirm, I had the place surrounded completely like a day or two before this incident occurred, but the impending attack on the compound was called off due to some people being ICLy unsure of the attack. I had been scouting the place out and observing them since, and staying in the apartments just across from the place. While I was having connection issues, I was informed by @Cody Husky that he was on his way to their compound when I asked him what he was up to. Since I was already there, I kept an eye on him through my scope at the apartments and witnessed them take him captive and torture him. Having an IC friendship with him as well as being an IC ally of another friend of his, I called @Boston on IC radio and informed him of the situation. We rallied ourselves and some boys up and proceeded to post up around the place. We decided that the best plan of attack would be to wait until Cody was set free, then we would meet with him and give him a weapon, then assault the compound, so we did. After sending Cody in along with one other person, he initiated and dropped some of them, then me and Boston moved up and re-initiated on the building, and I believe the rest of our people did the same. I climb up the ladder on the side of the building and get onto the roof, and shoot one of their people in the chest I believe. He goes down into the building and I begin taking fire from behind from @Sylva who misses his shots. I then move up to where the man I shot was after @ExoticRainbow informs me that he believes he downed him. I move over to the downed person and finish them off as there was still an active firefight happening and I didn't have restraints on my person, and the ones on their body were ruined from the gunfire. After the firefight seems to end, Boston talks to the ones who surrendered, and right before we let them go we take fire from the south again from a sniper. We have people converge on the sniper, but I believe the pulled out and left the firefight as I don't think we ever killed them. We let the hostages go, loot the bodies and tents at the compound, and we leave the area shortly after. I dont know where the meta game claims come from, nor the bad RP, but the Miss ID may be viable, but I can't speak on that subject as I wasn't involved in that portion. Honestly this report just reeks of salt and anger that they lost a firefight and can't handle losing in a mature manner, so they decided to throw out a report and see if they could get anything to stick. We offered to speak to them on TS many, many, many times and they constantly refused. The only one of them that conducted themselves in a mature manner was @Sylva who actually spoke to us about the situation.
  14. Seriously? You don't have the time nor care to come and talk to us in TS or the confidence to do so, but you feel totally fine and justified making a report on the situation? Cool. Will post my POV in about an hour or so.