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  1. Was an interesting night a good mix of different roleplay. Of course love playing with my RAC squad, I would mention everyone one of you but I think I would be hear all night and I am tired. I have a lot of great laughs with you all. Enjoyed our little conversation @tacojohn555 I probably said to much but I enjoyed it and should make a great storyline. Was great meeting the new medical lore faction @DrMax always love your rp as always as well as @groovy lamb, @Scouse and @IosephusQ. I know the rp was brief due to another protest outside the gates but the rp I had was enjoyable and I see very great things going for your group. I also enjoyed the medical rp I had with the man with the broken nose that I had to realign and reposition it was fun unfortunately I dont know your forum name. Right I am off to sleep cause I can feel my eyes closing, had a fun night and hopefully it keeps going that way
  2. Group looks great as always. @DrMax I hope we meet each other ingame no doubt we will. Always love your rp. Good luck with this but we both know this will do great your medical groups always do
  3. Congrats for the approval. I always see great rp when I meet this group. Good luck and welcome to approval land
  4. Great job in getting approved congratulations
  5. Congrats on the approval. I thoroughly enjoyed last nights rp.
  6. OMG I haven't laughed that hard in awhile my sides were hurting. I laughed my ass off. I had a blast rping today. @The Preacher my lovely husband who has his hand glued to his phone @Spencerlb and my lovely alcoholic brother in law with anger management issues, your rp was fantastic it was hilarious. @Angel great meeting you , rp was great, glad we gave you and everyone else a laugh. To everyone else in Olsha we spoke to was great meeting you unfortunately can't find you on forums To my RAC bois was great as always @HarveyLR and @Stormyvill the roleplay is certainly interesting. To the man named Adam I found in the house near Chernogorsk sorry don't know your name but thanks for the brief roleplay we had. This night was fun and was a good laugh I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  7. It was certainly an interesting night. @Comrade Politruk @Thundergunmax and @justmatewas great rp I tried my best to come up with another solution. @Murdoc great rp I genuinely felt bad for your character. @Blakeh08 I tried my best to help you unfortunately that was not the case rip. And of course cant forget my RAC squad @HarveyLR @The Preacher great rp as always. @Fae enjoyed your arguments and you do give good points and always love your rp And of course all the RAC that were on your all great too
  8. LMFAO To be fair you scared the shit out of me, I watched that car from different areas for nearly an hour and thought it was abandoned, when you spoke I was like where is that disembodied voice coming from and then realised you were in the back.
  9. Good stuff, I enjoyed the video, keep it up
  10. Welcome to our family, looks like our family keeps getting bigger


  11. Update looks great can't wait to see some of the new items including the dab
  12. Was a fun but quiet night last night. Enjoyed the rp as always from the pub people in Berinzino and was good meeting the tsepov brothers and cousins last night. @Imation11 your very welcome, I thought about just throwing you into the bins but I took pity on you and found a room for you to sleep away in. And of course always love travelling and hanging out with my RAC squad
  13. I have went yes for this. But not now right now no nuclear war has happened maybe in the 2nd season when they try and bomb the infected and failed but I do like the look of this.
  14. This project looks good, glad to see it on the forums. Great graphics, I wish you luck with this
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