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  1. Great work, this group looks great, great graphics and story, I wish you luck with this bois hopefully see you all ingame.
  2. I enjoyed myself last night, so great work with the event. I hope it works out so I'm giving it a chance. Hopefully the server doesn't crash as much once people are spread out a bit. Your rp was great though and for me, I generally respected your authority, the soldier doing paperwork answered all my questions politely and professionally, the medical team was great. The police was amazing. When I was in a queue and another civilan was causing arguments both police and sgru came and put a stop to it. All in all I enjoyed it and hope I experience many more rp moments and events such as this in the future.
  3. 10/10 Character page is great I wouldn't change a thing, love the song and the story.
  4. 7/10 I quite like it, its nicely done, no music though
  5. 1st user name idole was my favourite perfume, my current name Scarlett, my favourite colour and marvel character
  6. I got a bottle of water so either i get lucky and evade the zombies or I'm screwed
  7. Trips and hits his head while getting chased by zombies
  8. umm hard one, I'm gonna go for @Inferno just so i can hear the shock and surprise in his voice, him or @Duke
  9. Yeah I would, my character would just do it without thinking it through
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