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  1. lol @ZedLR I wasn't trying to I was trying to protect him, @James Preacher was nice meeting you
  2. Well it is official now the UK are now on lockdown

    1. ZedLR


      safe GIF

    2. Knight


      well enjoy your vaccation , has been a long week at home allready here 😅

  3. With me training to be a nurse, and the ongoing crisis, my placement has asked me to start bank work for the NHS. I officially get my medication training  this Thursday.  I will still try to be active but not as much. 😷

    1. Eddie


      Best of luck Scarlett! Stay safe 😃 !

    2. Brayces


      Wishing you good vibes, stay safe ❤️

    3. Stagsview


      Do your part soldier!  xx Stay stafe

    4. Kattsura


      Do your best!!! stay safe!!

  4. Scarlett


    Welcome to the community
  5. Welcome back glad to have you here, hope you have fun in the server
  6. Welcome to the community, hope you are having fun. Glad to have you here
  7. Welcome to the community, hope you have a blast
  8. Welcome back to the community, hope you have a blast playing here
  9. Hello and welcome to the community. Good luck with your whitelist
  10. Scarlett


    Lol hello to you too
  11. Welcome back to dayz glad to have you
  12. Welcome to the community if you need help just ask
  13. Welcome to the community, always good to see fresh faces if you need help just ask staff or a friendly community member there is always folk willing to help. Hope you have fun.
  14. Scarlett


    Welcome to Dayzrp, need help just shout. Good luck with your whitelist
  15. Welcome to the community hopefully you will enjoy the pc server as others have said before we stopped doing it as it never went over 10 people.
  16. Scarlett

    Hey all

    Welcome to the community, great to have you here
  17. Changed my profile song again, and a couple of photo's, only so much i can take listening to the same words over and over again, maybe the previous song was to evil as someone mentioned lmao,

    1. Inferno


      I have no idea what you're on about. The last song was more then normal in my opinion. 🙃

    2. Scarlett


      hehehehe i thought it was normalish too lmao, but knew it was evil that's why i did it 

  18. I like both maps. Livonia is good and it makes a nice change, it's smaller and i like the decaying buildings it makes it unique but Chernaurs is where it started for me. I've had alot of storylines there.
  19. Welcome back to the community, glad to have you here
  20. Scarlett


    vomit is already on the wheel as others have said, but laugh has not, i actually +1 this, i think it would be a good addition specially for those wanting to do cannibal character
  21. I have voted no for this, it used to be longer but people abused it and loot hoarded so it was reduced to prevent guns going into crates or bags, then the time was reduced so you always had to interact with it before the day was over. It was done this way to try and reduce people hoarding items all over the map.
  22. Was a quiet but fun night @Inferno as always enjoy wandering the wasteland with you. Had fun travelling with @Hegedraagen another blast from the past. Always fun when I meet up with you @Replaceful the banter was fun and enjoyed our little trip @Mysteryenjoyed the banter along our road trip and my character isnt fat but nevertheless enjoyed you winding me up @GreenySmiley it's great that we meet up with you. Your another blast from the past it was fun and we should definitely meet up again for another road trip For the folks in the soup kitchen sorry there was alot in both occasions that I went there the roleplay was great as always.
  23. Welcome back to the community, glad to see you back
  24. I was pleasantly surprised after dying twice in a row from infected. I was ready to give up due to hours of me running around on my own and dodging firefights. I by a happy coincidence stumble upon my old travelling partner. @Mia was great seeing you again, usually our time zones make it difficult to play together. Love the character you are playing. Hopefully we can rp more. @EPerry loved the poem you gave me. You have some talent I know I wouldn't be able to do that. @MrBurke you made me laugh hopefully your character will allow the help he needs @marauder1838 was great meeting you. Hopefully will rp more if my time zone allows When you found me I was basically a new spawn I did not have a thing thanks for helping me out and giving me things so I wasn't totally defenceless. Shame the server died a few times. But hopefully will meet you all again soon.
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