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    Thoughts on banditry?

    I don't mind bandits to be honest it changes it up and makes you experience a different kind of roleplay as long as it is done right and both sides experience good rp and go away feeling good about it. I have fortunately been lucky enough to experience fab hostile rp and in fact was held up thursday I was in stitches with the rp I experienced. Yes I was robbed but it was fun for both sides and I kept most if not all of my stuff besides my assault rifle they even let me keep my pistol. Another experience was a hostile chat under threat of life I kept everything I had but still feared for my character and made me compliant I was outnumbered and they forced me to answer questions and I left that oocily happy but ic fear. These are all good experiences but I have also experience bad hostile rp where I was ordered to completely strip making me feel awkward and leaving feeling terrible who robbed me for my gear and no rp. This is the apocalypse we need robbers and bandits and hostile rp things shouldn't be rainbows and roses there needs to be a fear there whether to trust people or not or be weary of people. It is all good having rp where everything is fine but hostile rp reminds you that it really isnt the world that it used to be.
  2. Scarlett

    I come in peace!

    welcome to the community if you need help just ask if not have fun
  3. Scarlett


    Welcome to the community and good luck with your whitelist, I am sure you will have a blast here
  4. Scarlett

    Turn down night time duration

    I think the 1 hour night time is just enough, I personally wouldn't want it longer then an hour but it gives me time to relax and have a laugh around a campfire or inside a house with the people I am with or found on my travels until daytime comes and we either split or travel together. I personally don't think it is long, plus I give everyone a laugh when those I am with have NVG's and I'm giving them a monologue that I can't see which for some reason they find funny, it gives people another type of rp that can be fun
  5. Scarlett


    welcome to the community
  6. Scarlett

    The Time.

    Congrats on your approval remember this group from the last time
  7. Scarlett

    Interview With A Community Member: Mademoiselle

    Great interview was good to read more about you, Thank you for taking the time to tell us a bit more about yourself
  8. Scarlett


    welcome to the community hope you have a blast here
  9. Scarlett

    NozzyRP's Avatar GIF Collection

    Great gifs, I can never get a decent gif for my avatar, it never comes out right, your very talented
  10. Scarlett

    Nickys Media

    The thread has now been unlocked now things have cooled down, please everyone try and be civil with each other
  11. Scarlett

    Bring Back Winter Chernarus?

    I kinda like the winter one when its winter makes the game different
  12. Scarlett

    I'M A MUTE.

    the default keybind is pressing the caps lock on your keyboard try that and a mic image should come up on you screen
  13. Scarlett

    I'M A MUTE.

    Hi Please check you keybinds to find out what activates your push to talk usually the default is the caps lock button,
  14. Scarlett

    Im back

    welcome back to the community
  15. Scarlett

    The Mob

  16. Scarlett

    Long time no see

    welcome back to the community hope you have a blast here
  17. Scarlett

    This is Epic

    Hello and welcome hope you have fun here
  18. Scarlett

    Back From my Short Break

    Welcome back hope you have a blast here
  19. Scarlett


    congrats boys on the approval
  20. Scarlett

    Make ghilles in Livonia automatically Green

    Ahh that's why. Never knew the reason now I do lol
  21. Scarlett

    Dissappearing containers

    @Mellstrom when was the last time you interacted with the wooden crates because if you don't interact with them i believe it a day they can despawn, we don't give back items for any reason I am sorry that your items have despawned unfortunately you will have to start again. The crafted wooden crates despawn quicker then what a tent or a barrel will take to despawn
  22. Scarlett

    Make ghilles in Livonia automatically Green

    Back way back people used green spray paint to color the ghillies green so it would blend it I don't know why they took the spray paint out but I agree
  23. Scarlett

    Group return

    Welcome back to the community, hope you have a blast here
  24. Scarlett

    Ello boys

    great to have you here, good to hear you are having a good time
  25. Scarlett

    Whats up yall

    welcome to the community, glad you can join us, you will make have a blast here
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