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  1. @DrMax was fun tonight its sweet how we planned the future at the end @Harvey was a pleasure carrying you on a stretcher hope will miss u when u are away getting help @Malet thanks for kinda showing how to make power go on and was fun and also @RogueSolace thanks for being our saviour medic and thanks for giving us the news in just how bad he is. Everyone else was great rping with you all and I could name you a however its near 1230 and I'm up at 6am so need to go to bed.
  2. Madison White

    Madison grew up in an abusive household I guess that's where this started growing up her father would hit her usually with a special belt he used mainly for punishments it. It went on for a while mainly her father would be distracted by her mum letting her get away but he always came back she grew distant as time went by. She had friends at school she didn't want there pity so pretended everything was ok that her life was perfect she learned quickly that people believed I guess she had one of those faces people would believe or even trust or maybe it was her voice people always said she had a kind voice. She snapped when she was 15 she had enough she hated him and she hated her mum for staying with him for loving him for letting her father beat her like always she pretended everything was ok and tried to make an effort to do the nice thing. Her parents believed her and let her make a meal for them. That was the last meal they had for you see she had started doing a little research on poisonous plants and she had so happened found the one plant no one could trace that would make doctors believe the deaths had happened by natural causes. They didn't last long eating that food they choked and spluttered and soon lost their balance, she waited till the last breath left their body. Madison took her parents bodies and bundled them into her father's truck which was difficult as they were a lot heavier then her. She drove until she came upon a lake which was perfectly calm not a cloud in sight the moon shining bright lightening her way lilies glittered on the lake she went to touch one when she say a snake slithering near it not wishing to disturb it she went back to the matter at hand. That truck was never found again. The weeks went past and she played the perfect daughter sadden and worryingly about the fate of her parents the police soon made it a missing persons case which was never solved. Years went past Madison lived with her grandmother a kind lady who loved her and Madison loved her. Madison got a lily tattoo to symbolize the lily on the lake that night to remind her. She passed all her classes and soon went to university taking a class in business. Madison started a business of her own that was where she met William White he was older by 10 yrs she knew what others said about her but she didn't care. He had money, a nice house everything she wanted everything was perfect her husband loved her and gave her all the gifts she wanted until one day she found out he had cheated on her and she came back to pretending to love and binded her time until the right moment. She used the same poison she had used only this time she made sure the body was found. Heart attack they said was the cause of his death she could laugh if it would not give her away. She inherited everything he had which was a nice little bonus no one suspected her. Madison left for Chernarus just before the outbreak happened, she had been given a nice little business opportunity. She doesn't care that the people around her die fuck she would kill them herself if it would not give her away but for now she will pretend like she has her entire life pretend to be good, nice and most of all not a threat. Every know and then looking at her tattoo remember the snake near the flower. "The beauty hides the poisonous snake underneath" not completely finshed will update tomorrow as its late
  3. LMAO was great fun at our vacation home @DrMax. Went on a hike, had a nice meal named our home Heartfall had a fun time tonight
  4. Scarlett's's Photo Album

    Me and Liam took a mini vacation down to the sea. Was romantic <3 @DrMax Some scenic photo's I took Liam waving at the edge I know he's watching me hehe Random pic of Scottish men in kilt's
  5. I don't agree with removing beans from group threads but I do agree with removing the beans from flaming toxic threads and if someone gets a warning then those who gave the post beans should also get a warning
  6. Had a great night of rp from @DrMax and @Harvey who were pole dancing which had me in stitches. was interesting meeting @cheeks hope to meet you again ig and @Mademoiselle was great as every and thank you to everyone who tried helping me get out the stone circle of how I was getting frustrated the longer I couldn't get out and also was great fun rping with the Valentine's and lastly @OnionRingOfDoom with his crazy new doctor character who got stuck in the same thing I did please listen next time that comment when you said I thought we were friends gave me a laugh it was the first time meeting him and also @XxGrAipYyxX good meeting your character with the Morgan Freeman voice at least I think it was you I nicknamed you iron man from that helmet you were wearing Had a fun night of rp which was a good mix of rp
  7. Enjoyed catching up with @Genji character Fae I feel bad for bringing up Oleg. Good to see @Eli Tate will deffinetly see you at your camp soon and of course @DrMax can't wait to see what happens next also @SgtSmithy hope your feeling better soon was fun discussing comforts while being ill. see you all tomorrow
  8. The Encounter - [Lorenzo's Story]

    I really enjoyed it. Can't wait for more
  9. was a short night rping however I did enjoy it. enjoyed rping with @DrMax who said the wrongs things and accidently brought up her past, also to the vanishing man with many voices @derNils we looked for you for ages and also to @FieJaxon for the advice was sweet will listen next time and also to @Mademoiselle and @RogueSolace hope to rp with you more in the future love both your characters. Hopefully i will be on a bit longer then tonight tomorrow if not deffinetly Friday
  10. Had a fun night rping with @DrMax being his paranoid self with me all the Valentine's that I met I am sorry their are to many of you to name but you were all brilliant at making me and Liam awkward when we first met you. Great meeting @Genji new character hopefully I can find out more about her and everyone else was great. Was fun to night I could name each and every one of you but it would take to long and my eyes are tired so hopefully tomorrow will be the same
  11. Liam Hart's Photo Book

    aww love our selfie
  12. Liam Hart's Photo Book

    Actually I have to say I parked it fairly well not many can park on two wheels' lol
  13. Scarlett's's Photo Album

    Just some screenshots I took for fun The truck happened today don't know how I lived through that @DrMax and Me on our first supply run