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"Never stop fighting, even if the world has went to shit"

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  1. Scarlett


    Welcome to the family @RpgPanda Hope you enjoy yourself in our madness
  2. Scarlett


    Woohoo came out of work and it's up so hyped
  3. Samti

    • Samti
    • Scarlett

    is this you while you shop? 😮Afbeeldingsresultaat voor retail memes

    1. Scarlett


      LMAO I'm just like that don't notice the price tag until it's pointed out to me

  4. Scarlett

    The HighwayMen

    Looks good, good luck with this, have to admit thought it would be men robbing on the high way until I read it
  5. Scarlett


    This is me in like 9 hrs


    1. Brayces


      Saaammmee ... Ugh.

    2. Church
    3. Scarlett


      I'm out LMAO couldn't get out fast enough 

  6. Scarlett

    I’m back bitches

    Welcome back to the madhouse
  7. Scarlett

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Had an eventful fun night tonight @DrMax as always love rping with you @GenjiRP like always enjoy your rp your always fun @VodkaWolf enjoyed rping with you glad we got you back behind the bar we all needed a drink @Dakotaen was good meeting you for the first time. For some reason I love the voice of your character hope to rp more with you @Kain I feel bad for your character you keep getting shot lol was fun. Hope you and genji enjoyed your bottle of alcohol Their were many more that I had a blast and hope to rp again with you soon
  8. Scarlett

    Interview with a Community Member: Karma!

    Wow thanks for an interesting read, good to learn more about you
  9. Scarlett

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    A toast to the new bar staff in the Hansatic Inn may we make good memories @VodkaWolf and @EdgyNova Enjoyed the rp while doing the drinking game was funny. Hope to do more with sandman I think your name is @xdproslim11 . The game got A lot more into personal history then what we liked but hey I won so I'm happy lol. Was good rping with @BambiRP thought you were gonna jump off that roof and was an interesting interaction between you and Kai which spiced it up A bit. @GenjiRP you missed all the free booze think some is still left, hope Kaz feels better and heals soon
  10. Scarlett

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @VodkaWolf me and @GenjiRP might be doing this if the bar isn't opened in time lmao with her chainsaws
  11. Scarlett

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Well to be frank I didn't say you were gay I said your a couple then said like from brokeback mountain lol I'll always remember you two tho about talking about bbqs even though the reds were kinda talking about bbqing you lol wasn't hard to hear the their interpretation and your like I like buns burger ribs LMAO and I'm just like face palming was funny
  12. Scarlett

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Enjoyed rping tonight with @DrMax and @Heathen the chat between you two was funny and confusing glad we got that mistake outta the way. As always enjoyed rping with @GenjiRP and @VodkaWolf will definitely be going to your star wars themed inn for free booze Was nice meeting for the first time the southern cowboy @logan_moyer and @EdgyNova hope to rp more with you was fun talking about bbqs And lastly wolf and his boys in red was interesting rping with you unfortunately I don't know your names but I'm sure we will be seeing a lot more of you. Night all time for bed
  13. Scarlett


    Welcome to the community hope you have fun and hope to see you ig soon
  14. Scarlett

    Official Opening of The Hansatic Inn.

    Sounds fun will hopefully treat my character to a night out and have a few drinks sounds fun will be there
  15. Scarlett

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Had fun tonight with sanctuary thought tonight was hilarious and entertaining and enjoyed rping with everyone that was their. Would name however do not know everyones name that was their, fun night tonight hopefully tomorrow will be the same night all Names of those I do know @DrMax always enjoy rping with you enjoyed watching the drama with you @GenjiRP always love your rp was entertaining watching you go off on one @Queerios enjoyed rping with you and the rest of sanctuary @SmashingMedal met your character for the first time was good rping with you @Dorian Graves this drama was hilarious was like watching a episode of eastenders @BambiRP was fun rping with you, you made me laugh, your certainly an interesting character