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  1. Welcome to Dayzrp Elyssa, hope you have a blast here
  2. I voted no, I would prefer both imo as we have found small maps made by others dont really last. I would suggest a trial period but I dont believe it should be completely cut off
  3. Great to have you here, welcome to Dayzrp, hope you have a blast and have fun
  4. Welcome to the community hope you have an amazing time here
  5. Welcome to the community hope you have a blast here, there will be a few occasions when your heart is racing in this game, keeps it interesting
  6. Welcome to the community hope you have a blast here
  7. Congrats @Rover on getting the red hat

  8. The staff team have looked over the report and decided to honor the decision to close it. We looked into the case and it doesn’t look like foul play occurred, however we understand how you may think it had, as damaging a vehicle can be seen as greifing. However, in this instance we do not believe griefing was done, and this would have been given a not guilty verdict. The vehicles in question was originally stolen, so was shot by the previous owner to gain a tactical advantage we see no problem in this as it was done for a good reason. As for the metagaming due to no evidence provided to show this and only being word vs word, unfortunately we cannot take the word of one over the word of another. This would have more than likely been found inconclusive. With that said, /closed. Signed: @Scarlett, @Fae & @Inferno
  9. Great additions being made +1
  10. I am usually pretty active, I try and get on to do staff stuff or roleplay as much as i can
  11. Welcome to the community, hope your whitelist gets accepted but as others have said it depends on how long the queue for the applications are
  12. Verdict: @Sapphire – Trolling & Badrp - GUILTY Summary: The OP and his friends arrived in Cernaya Polana, to meet some more of his friends, wherein he finds out that @Sapphireis unconscious receiving medical roleplay. Once the doctor finished, he went outside to roleplay. @Sapphire followed him, using the // prefix to denote that she was still in her unconscious state in RP but wished to listen in on the roleplay occurring outside, effectively encouraging the roleplayers outside to ignore her player model. She then proceeded to disrupt the roleplay everyone was having, hiding behind people, sneezing on them and repeatedly going OOC to try and chip in during the RP. Reasoning: Trolling & BadRP – The behavior shown was extremely disruptive and highly awkward for everyone involved. @Sapphire, your defense for this behavior was that you wished to be part of the conversation but couldn’t due to you being unconscious; so you decided to hide behind someone and typed “I’m ooc” & “Look im just listening don’t mind me.” You broke your character because you wished to be involved in something in which you should not have been a participant. If your character is unconscious then she is unconscious, you should not be going out and going into conversations that do not concern you. You had absolutely no interest whatsoever in listening, instead you caused the most disruption as possible with the excessive use of the // prefix, sneezing, attempting to get everyone sick and then afterwards asking for medicine when you supposedly are not there. This is not acceptable and we don’t even know why you would think this would be allowed. Suggestion: In future, if you want to be involved in a conversation, then roleplay going into the conversation instead of as a ghost everyone can see. You could have brought your character back from unconsciousness, summoned people inside or found one of a hundred other ways to get involved without breaking the most important rule of RP: always stay in character. Outcome: @Sapphire – Trolling & Badrp – GUILTY – 7 day ban 15 warning points and character reset Signed by: @Scarlett , @Fae , @Inferno
  13. This is not a full and detailed POV of events. Please give us a full statement of the events leading up to and after this situation.
  14. Welcome to the community, hope you have a blast here
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