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  1. Arisha Kuzmich was born on the 1st June 1990. Her parents met in Kirovograd, Chernarus, her father was born to Russian parents in the capital of Chernarus, her mother was a British journalist. Who had come to report what was going on at the time, her father a soldier and even though the two came from different sides of the world they fell for each other. It could have been because they thought they would never see each other again or her father thought he would die in battle but he wanted to feel something other than his gun and blood on his hands from taking another’s life. Arisha's mother returned to Britain and her father returned to his regiment. Her mother realised a month later that she was pregnant. She attempted to contact and eventually was able to get a hold of the regiment her father was in. Arisha's mother came back and both agreed to try and make a go of it and do the right thing and get married. For many years they lived happily in Kirovograd but both wanted different things. They both agreed to split off and go their separate ways but would have equal access. One half of the year she would spend with her father and the other she would spend with her mother and be raised to respect both her parents' religions, beliefs and ideals. Growing up Arisha was the top in her class in the schools she had attended. She leaned more towards her father’s ideology and beliefs but also respecting and understanding her mother’s. But her mother became ill and it didn’t talk long till the cancer took her away. After that her father took care of me until she became aged and she went on to study medicine to become a doctor passed with flying colours and in 2012 followed in her father's footsteps and wanted to join the military to fight for her country after training Arisha joined the Respublika Armiya Chernorusskaya and become an army doctor specialising in emergency medicine. Even though she agreed with her father's beliefs and followed in his footsteps she also wished to save people’s lives and believed by doing this she was following her father’s wishes but also doing something for herself. She served faithfully for many years loving her job and feeling she had a purpose, serving faithfully as a soldier and a doctor in total for 8 years in the military. When the outbreak of the flu happened it spread quickly and rapidly. Once the lockdown hit the military was detached including the regiment Arisha was with due to her expertise in medicine she helped out at the hospital making difficult decisions whether the patients were to live or die soon the infection took a turn for the worse and the patients became violent. When it became apparent that this was just not any normal pandemic she retreated back to her regiment under orders. Becoming one of the major doctors in the camp base that her regiment occupies. Arisha has a good heart but she is a soldier first and doctor second and won't hesitate in following orders.
  2. Happy birthday!


    1. Scarlett


      Pretty much how I am feeling right now


  3. Looks good bois, hopefully see you ingame, roster looks good, great job
  4. image.gif.b14edad70721f7ece96f37618e907445.gif

    1. Scarlett


      Lmao thanks for the birthday wishes

    2. Scarlett


      I'm feeling the age now

  5. Woohoo looking forward to this. Should be fun and interesting
  6. lol @ZedLR I wasn't trying to I was trying to protect him, @James Preacher was nice meeting you
  7. id like to start a petition for you to come back.

    1. Scarlett


      How is your petition going lol, I need a break from this server, at the moment I do not know when I will be back but thank you

    2. Nikolayev


      Good to see that your okay! Hah, the petition aint goin good so far 😄

  8. Just wanted to say hi! You've always been a sweetheart to me, especially when I had left staff. Hope to see you playing again soon! 🙂 

    1. Scarlett


      Truthfully with how I was treated, its gonna take a long time for me. I am hurt but also angry so I am spending my time doing other things and playing other games. But thank you for saying hi, you are always welcome to speak to me on discord or steam. But for know I am cooling down away from this server. I know I said I would be less active but would still be playing because of my job but due to certain events that happened after I think its best I stay away for a while. @Camo 

  9. Well it is official now the UK are now on lockdown

    1. ZedLR


      safe GIF

    2. Knight


      well enjoy your vaccation , has been a long week at home allready here 😅

  10. With me training to be a nurse, and the ongoing crisis, my placement has asked me to start bank work for the NHS. I officially get my medication training  this Thursday.  I will still try to be active but not as much. 😷

    1. Eddie


      Best of luck Scarlett! Stay safe 😃 !

    2. Brayces


      Wishing you good vibes, stay safe ❤️

    3. Stagsview


      Do your part soldier!  xx Stay stafe

    4. Kattsura


      Do your best!!! stay safe!!

  11. Scarlett


    Welcome to the community
  12. Welcome back glad to have you here, hope you have fun in the server
  13. Welcome to the community, hope you are having fun. Glad to have you here
  14. Welcome to the community, hope you have a blast
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