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  1. Syoto

    • Syoto
    • Scarlett


    Found your PC on google :trolle:

    1. Scarlett


      Haha haha very funny @Syoto

  2. Scarlett


    Good news I've got my pc working it's not freezing bad news I have to reinstall everything due to a factory reset. So touch wood nothing else happens and it stays that way

    1. Syoto


      Congrats my dude.

    2. Mia


      Best of luck!!!


  3. Scarlett

    The Death of Alex Moody (Open Frequency)

    *Mary is sitting reading when she hears the radio coming to life hearing the news tears form and she picks the radio up* "John oh god not Alex, the bastards he was the reasonable one, I hope you respond in kind, and karma slaps them in the face ten fold." *Wipes the tears from her eyes* "I'm on my way home give me some time he was my friend fuck he was afraid to speak to girls, the bloody cowards, im on my way back, i leave to relax a bit and then find out some asshole has killed my friend" *She starts laughing in a sarcastic way* "You killed the one who kept the other two back the one who made them rational and made them think twice on what to do. Know there is no one to talk them down. Hope all who killed Alex are sleeping with one eye opened because anyone involved with his death no matter how minor will have their head on a spike or worse by the time john and Jack moody are finished. John, Jack i'm coming back soon i have a bit to travel but i am coming back" *Releases the PTT button looking at her bag she starts to pack*
  4. Scarlett


    I feel like crying and hiding away. Renovating my house this week so it's a bombsite tried to relax after the workers left and my pc doesnt work keeps freezing as soon as i login tried everything you can think of. Find it funny that it was working perfectly on Sat but know doesnt will have to bring it to repairshop in the weekend to see whats wrong will try to fix it but if i can't will need to get a new pc and I don't know how long that will take

    1. Pool


      Thats hella lame, Hope everything sorts itself out soon!

    2. Scarlett


      Thanks @Pool  same  hope it sorts itself soon. The hardware is fine it cool no hot air whatever it is have done numerous things all coming back fine so I'm stumped know

    3. Syoto


      Damn dude, that shit sucks. Does the whole screen freeze and stop responding to input? Have you had any luck with booting into safe mode?

    4. Pool


      Now, I'm not really the MOST tech saavey person around, But my buddy had the issue where his pc kept freezing upon logging in. He fixed it by getting a new hard drive and fresh installing windows on it.

    5. Scarlett


      @Syoto I log in normal mode and within a 1 min maybe less the whole thing freezes (mouse and keyboard) but  is fine in safe mode. I think i have the orig windows somewhere if it costs a lot I might as well get a new pc  

      @Pool I don't even know how much a hard drive costs and I don't know if I still have the windows disk there until the building work is finished

    6. Syoto


      @Scarlett Try wiping your hard drive completely except for your OS. Sounds like there's something booting up on login that's freezing your PC up. 

      Also, you can get a 1TB hard drive for like £30 off Amazon. I have a few windows 10 keys I have if you choose to go that root.

    7. Scarlett


      Ok syoto thanks will try that

    8. Syoto


      No problem. PM me if you have any more issues fam.

  5. Scarlett

    Day of the Dead (Last Stand)

    Depending on the date and the time eg if it's like midnight. Would like to start participating in events but if it's to late on a week day i wont be able to as i wake at 6am for work
  6. Scarlett

    Scarlett's's Photo Album

    Lol it was a wee stream I got lost and found my way using that stream, and that man was having far to much fun but we eventually got him down after he finished dancing on it lol
  7. Scarlett

    Scarlett's's Photo Album

    is it ?I love it there it really is a peaceful place to hang out, that's my new favorite place hopefully see you around there sometime
  8. Scarlett

    Jackfish's Media Thread

    lovin the pics
  9. Scarlett

    Scarlett's's Photo Album

    Lol yeah forgot about that little "accident"
  10. Scarlett

    Hi im new

    Welcome back
  11. Scarlett

    Hello Gentlemen

    Hi welcome to dayzrp wish you luck on your whitelist and hope you enjoy dayz. Hopefully see you ig soon. Don't be afraid to ask for help we were all new to the game and to the community once upon a time.
  12. Scarlett

    Scarlett's's Photo Album

    and there's more pics ok know he's having to much fun up there And lastly to finish off the longest damn game of rock paper scissors ive ever witnessed @CrescentGent cheers thanks don't feel bad you get on and off days, days you don't find anyone and days you do
  13. Scarlett

    Scarlett's's Photo Album

    Some pics I've took over the last few days Found a peaceful wee stream on my travels trying to find my way woooo a poisonous mushroom I found people and its Dr Fisher and his boys omg look he has no arms, I need to find out his invisibility trick
  14. Scarlett

    I Too Have Returned

    welcome back to dayzrp
  15. Scarlett

    The best event I have been to in years

    now im just upset, I missed it couldn't get ig tonight hopefully be there for the next one