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  1. Scarlett

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Well today and tonight was fun I am knackered mind you. @APositivePara this afternoon was interesting I enjoyed the rp. Your definitely more complex then I originally thought. I enjoyed our chat. @Imation11 was fun like always. Thanks for the antidepressants think mary needs them lol @Inferno always a pleasure rping with you. Thanks for helping me with the package. @GreenySmiley always great rping with you. Glad I fixed your nose I felt dead sorry for penny/elly today @StagsviewRB your great to rp with but confusing me you need to give me a heads up you have to many names @lunathecat omg I didnt even know I was rping with you lmao we have been trying since you got back but always missed each other aww was great seeing you lol. Your rp was great like how i remembered it lol Then their was the other two guys at the funeral and at novo sorry I dont know your forum names but was good rping eith you
  2. Scarlett

    Red's random Media

    To be fair red you were only going to go out one way RIP red
  3. Scarlett

    To Josef Masenik and Vania

    Marie responds over the radio "I remember red saying he wanted to be buried there. With the people he cared about. I have not buried red at the house he is somewhere else. I was only trying to respect his wishes. There was a grave there with his name on it which was already there. But I will respect vanias wishes. No reason to disrespect the dead. " Releases the radio button
  4. Scarlett

    To Josef Masenik and Vania

    Mary takes her radio looking at the body in front of her, taking a deep breath she takes her radio and presses the PTT button of her radio The people I am looking for, none of you know me at least I don't think you do, this call is not a happy one but I am making it because he would want you to know. Jason also known as Red and probably a wide variety of other names is dead. I am sorry for telling you in this way I don't have either of your frequencies, Josef Masenik I don't know much about you but I was told his last words were he is sorry and that he failed, I don't know what that means to you, I don't know how close you were to him. Vania I never met you formerly but Red spoke highly of you he held you in high regard I ... I just thought you should know. I have his remains I am going to take him to the place he said he wanted to have his final resting place. I am sorry, at least he is at peace now and for his sisters I am sorry for your loss I have your private frequencies I will tell you where I am going to take him She releases the PTT button and looks at the body infront of her
  5. Duquesne

    • Duquesne
    • Scarlett

    I thank you for the follow almighty miss Chernarus.

  6. Scarlett

    Interview With A Community Member: Isaiah CortezPVE

    good read I agree I want my friend pasi back your new character creeps the shit outta me reminds me of Hannibal lecter
  7. Scarlett

    Should writing on notes be modded back in?

    Yes yes yes plus 1 this I would love to have this back in game.
  8. Scarlett

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    My poor mary omg she is tramitised from tonight she may not look a certain individual in the eye again. But boi was it a laugh I was in stitches the entire time. You know how hard it is to sound embarrassed and serious while your laughing your ass off I'm telling you it is hard. As always was a pleasure rping tonight was a good change a good laugh and a chill from everything. @Kusken, @Eifa, @GunRunnee02 from you trying to hitch me up with my best friend which ended with everyone drinking as soon as the bottle came out that was the end. @Isaiah CortezPVE your characters voice creeps the hell out of me you remind me of that doc from silence of the lambs @Inferno453 I'm telling you if I find out you've hitched a bachelorette chernaus version in my name I'm gonna pk you. @Imation11 your like one of my oldest ic friends ig and boy did you give me a shock . Her face was as red as a tomato and as hot as a furnace you've tramitised her. You know how hard it was not to laugh omg. With that mary has went into a house to hide away and hopefully wake up to find it all a weird dream but we all know that's not gonna happen lmao good night all
  9. Scarlett

    Dimitri Stepanov - From Isolation to Danger

    Aww I have impact on your character. Was a good read. Keep it up
  10. Scarlett

    Man is a Wolf to Man -[Unknown/Unused Freq - OPEN]

    *As Mary goes through the radio transmissions flicking through them one at a time and all she hears is static sighing as if bored she is just about to turn her radio off when a familiar voice is heard, she narrows her eyes slightly confused and takes a while to decide whether or not to answer the radio or let it go. She looks around her to make sure the others are not about, those who would try and stop her. She takes the radio and takes a moment with it held up in front of her before pressing the PTT and speaking softly and quietly into the radio* Ellie? Ellie is that you? I know your voice anywhere, are you ok? What couldn't you keep in check ? What have you noticed? *she sighs deeply* Listen Ellie *she takes a moment looking around and decides to continue* whatever has happened, has happened for a reason, you are not a stupid kid, your a very smart kid who doesn't give themselves credit. Listens, things are never set in stone or in black and white sometimes we notice things that we perhaps should and choose not too because it is easier that way, it's easier and safer to turn a blind eye and hope it goes away and sometimes it does but sometimes it doesn't I don't know what has happened for you to feel like you have ash on your hands, I would like to say that things don't disappear, burn away or crumble because they do that is just the way the world is now, one minute it is there then the next blown in the wind like ash The only one who can decide what to do is you, no one can make that decision for you but if it helps ask yourself the question you wish to ask and ask yourself, try and find the pros and cons to which ever it is you are trying to find out. I am sorry but no one can answer for you *You suddenly hear a male voice over the radio "what are you doing" it is to far away for anyone to tell who it is "Listen I gave no locations away she seemed upset I was just..." the male doesn't seem angry but sounds paranoid "I don't care if she is upset it could be a ruse you need to stop this turn that radio off" Mary sighs and you hear static before the radio is turned off
  11. Scarlett

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Was fun this afternoon @Inferno453 always fun rping with you, you've finally introduced me to your new group @Kusken, @Eifa was great meeting you two thought you were both funny loved listening to the story of how you both met lol was nice meeting @KohlSkaal was nice meeting you, both you and inferno were a right good laugh Hopefully will rp with you guys and gal more
  12. Scarlett

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Was a fun night with no drama or hostile rp or conspiracy theories lol was a chill night. Cant believe our luck @Inferno453 you running east I running west and just happen to find each other and travel across the map. its always fun rping with you hopefully can meet your group tomorrow if I have time or sunday.
  13. Scarlett

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    All I can say for to night is wtf and omg , it was exciting and is getting extremely interesting and some of the best roleplay I have seen @Malet and @Revie Mary's friends are surely in a bad place and hope's that her decision to let them go is the best one and poor revie with the amount of times you were hit in the head I'm surprised you dont have a concussion. I am sure we will meet again but hopefully you will both be better. Loved both your rp it was amazing and believable, showed two different sides of something not pleasant. @RoCKiE I know you wanted me to keep emily there but it was the best decision to let her go with her husband. Your rp was fantastic and I'm sure the story wont end here. @RedSky I honestly thought jona was gonna just shoot you lol. Always a pleasure rping with you the story sure is getting interesting and I am enjoying every bit of it. @Franny even though we only rp'd a few times it was great. Mary trusts you will take care of them. @Ducky even though we didnt really rp tonight it was good. I hope you keep them safe (not every foreigner is an enemy there are those who genuinely want to help) @Inferno453 was great rping with you tonight. always have a blast when you are around. And finally @StagsviewRB the one with like a thousand names lmao who uses himself as a lab rat and tests it on himself wtf. Hope to rp with you again like I said shit is getting interesting So with that I am away to sleep cya all later well maybe not all lets say some tomorrow
  14. Scarlett

    Lower Character Cooldown

    Yeah it was reduced to 6 hrs when we were informed about the new map I believe I think 2 or 3 weeks ago
  15. Scarlett

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Was some fun rp from @Malet and @Revie with your kidnapping and drug induced state and then the after effects where poor jona all he sees is chedaki and chedaki spies asks me if I'm one just because I'm wearing red lmao (dont worry I've thrown it away lol) but excellent rp and then poor @RoCKiE gets guns pointed at him as a way of a greeting lmao. Story is getting interesting
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