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  1. I am back and decided to update my profile for a fresh start. Don't know how long I will be back for depends on what my studying and work allows me to do.

  2. Merry Christmas everyone hope you and your family are well and spoiled today.

    merry christmas love GIF by Red & Howling

    1. CutieNiller


      you too

  3. As a special request now its christmas time 

    Here is your favourite song @Inferno

    1. Scarlett


      fresh prince of bel air dance GIF

    2. Inferno


      I swear on the god streamer Aron73 himself along with prophet streamer Roland, I will end you...

    3. Spencerlb






    4. Scarlett


      That was hilarious I am buckled from laughing @Spencerlb

    5. G_DateSB


      grinch GIF

  4. Real Gunga ginga hours 

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    1. Peril


      I don't get it.

    2. Spencerlb
  5. *Sitting at her desk Marie takes a deep breath and presses the button on her radio, taking time with her words she calmly speaks into the radio* "This Is Dr Marie Anderson. This broadcast is to those with experience with medicine or any scientists interested in getting back into work. Any doctors, nurses, paramedics, health workers or anyone in combat with medical knowledge, please come forth to Zelenogorsk. I am building a team there, to help those in need. In these troubling times, some are fighting to try and bring some normality to this land. Though everyone knows it will never be completely normal, with the infected still roaming around and the attacks of bandits and thieves. I became a doctor to help people, to help them when they are in need, and that is what I shall do. If you are also in the same mind frame and want to get back to why you studied medicine or science, then please either contact me here or do what I did, and come to Zelenogorsk, check it out and see if it is a place you would want to be part of. This broadcast is not only for medical workers but also those looking to learn also, if you are looking to try and learn something that could save your life or the life of a friend. I am also taking in students to teach them what to do, when the worse happens. If this interests you, then please contact me or come to Zelenogorsk. Thank you for taking the time to listen to this broadcast and I hope I see you, if not I wish you all good luck out there in the world." *Static can be heard for a few minutes before the transmission ends*
  6. This looks great can't wait to rp more with you all. Good job bois. Page looks great and you have a solid roster.
  7. Was a quiet night tonight. Nothing eventful. @Fujin enjoyed the rp. Will be interesting to see where this story leads too. @Spencerlb love your rp like always. I really did enjoy tonight was authentic and humbling tonight. Right back to the roots of the story. I liked it. Hopefully rp more tomorrow night
  8. Now that Halloween is over 

    I can safely say without pain of death 


    Christmas is coming


    will ferrell christmas GIF

    1. Finn



    2. Scarlett



      Come on where is your Christmas spirit

    3. Finn



      In December, where it belongs...

    4. Scarlett


      No once Halloween finishes it becomes officially Christmas season so November to December

  9. Happy Halloween everyone jack o lantern pumpkin GIF

    1. Lettuce


      happy halloween GIF by Fran Solo

    2. Acoloferz


      happy celebrate halloween GIF

  10. Had a quiet easy fun night tonight. @cjackson821 always love roleplaying with you, thanks for clearing some things up, and we need to rp more pal Along my travels down the coast I meet random people in the night, like those moments cause its not planned hope you all found your destinations you were trying to get to.
  11. What no why would you do this @Terra. I would rdm @DrMax just so I can hear the betrayal in his voice
  12. This looks great, guys and gals. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it though. Saturdays are a no go for me, sadly. Why are all the good events on Saturdays? If it wasn't Saturday, I would have come. I wish you luck with this. I think this will be a good laugh. Pretty sure everyone there will be drunk and having a good time. You better tell me how it goes afterwards.
  13. +1 I loved the motel and the town and was sad when I went to the area, and it was gone. I searched for a bit to see if it was moved to another location and was informed they were removed. I was extremely disappointed. I was informed it was taken out because of performance issues. Since taking them out, there has been no improvement in performance, and I don't see an issue in not bringing them back.
  14. Had alot of fun tonight, Thank you @Stagsview for the event, had fun, great rp and alot of information that should help. @Spencerlb great rp as usual hopefully you are clear, if not we will get to that when it comes to it @Fujin your funny as hell, always love roleplaying with you, looking forward to the storyline ahead of us @SidChaos great rp as well, had a good laugh I am off to bed got work early tomorrow but will be on later tomorrow and we shall see what comes of it
  15. This was me, yes I try and welcome everyone into the school that hasn't treated me poorly, so offered you food, rest and a shelter if needed, was nice meeting your character. Last night was fun, @FaeLR, @Spencerlb and @Watchman rp great as always had a lot of fun, just not getting attacked and chilling for a bit. @Spencerlb developed a new ic nickname that I'm pretty sure he hates and won't be going anytime soon lol. and to the trader sorry I don't know your forum name but great display of your wares and bartering for the best price.
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