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  1. wow art looks great , you have such a talent girl well done, great stuff cant wait to see more
  2. I have the same problem was editing my character page and all images are gone even tried putting them back in again. Please fix and help if you can
  3. Was a fun night @Jean, @DaRsnn, @MrSaltyFish was a good laugh left me in giggles tonight To the chernarussian lads I met in the foggy field was nice meeting you boys. Honestly the first time I've met you all
  4. I have found that since we changed to 100 I hit lag all the time we didn't have as much lag when it was 60. Think it would be better if there was 2 servers at 60 pop like it used to be I would love it to be 100 but the server can't take it I have lost count how many times I have hit lag when going through a town and end up dead.
  5. *after being told Oliver was on the radio by her friends before going to sleep Serena takes the radio from her bag and presses the PTT button* "Olive oh god your alive I knew you would be just had this gut feeling that you weren't dead" *pauses sounding happy and relieved but a thought then comes to mind and she continues* "Where have you been, I tried waiting at the place you mentioned but it was just to dangerous to stay on my own. It's been so long since i heard from you what happened? Why couldnt you radio back? How did you make it all the way north? " *takes a breath and continues* "I've been asking different people about you but no word. Some even put doubt I didn't want too my gut said you were alive but my head started to think you were dead or worse had left me. I've seen so many horrible things happen. I'm fine nothing has happened to me but never mind dont worry about it just happy to know your still here" "I'm so so happy your alive you did have me worried there. Just keep updating me and tell me when you want to meet. Stay safe hun" *Serena releases the ptt button with a smile clearly happy she had contact from her husband her eyes started closing as she started to fall asleep and her mind drifted to earlier on when she was told before falling asleep"
  6. Had a fun rp this evening with the family @yung flare @Phoenix @DaRsnn @BrianM @yuthee @Watchman and @JimRP Really enjoyed meeting @ScarletRose @Elmo @Roman and @[email protected] have a lovely singing voice I'm sure your duet will be a hit lol hope to rp with you all more in the future. And to the rest I met thanks for the rp will hopefully see you all tomorrow night
  7. Had fun tonight rping the crew from vox stories and accidents sure are happening seems like everyday there is an illness or accident lol @Watchman, @Phoenix, @yung flare and the rest of the crew was fun. Was fun meeting your character for the first time @Lyca you and your invisible cat felt dead sorry for you was going to say something but your like olly from frozen didn't want to tell you your cat friend wasn't there lmao
  8. Scarlett


    Was great rping with you looking forward to creating more stories was fun tonight ?
  9. It's a bit late know think I drank too much last night well anyways another Year gone and a New Year has come hope 2019 is better then 2018



    I have rp'd here since 2016 and its had its ups and downs but I have always tried sticking it out with a breaks for a few weeks here and there. Can't wait to see what the future has. I have made some great friends some no longer with us but most have stayed through thick and thin. Hopefully 2019 will bring on more friends and more experiences.

    1. Watchman


      Happy New year!

    2. Onyx


      Happy New Year. When do we resume our The Forest save? ?

    3. Scarlett


      @Onyx when we are both on and have the time to do so lol

  10. Scarlett


    Woohoo thats us offical know ??
  11. Fairly enjoyed the roleplay last night from @Smashing, @Phoenix, @Watchman and @Voodoo and to the many others i met Sorry can't remember everyone's forum names and sorry for screaming at everyone "your sick stay away from me" I seriously can't believe I made it last night with out getting sick seeing as nearly everyone I met was sick par a few
  12. lmao this looks hilarious whoever was driving can officially say they flew lol
  13. Tonight was a fun night of role play would like to thank the player named Phillip for telling Me about the saviors and thanks to the two saviors your both sweethearts giving me stuff to help me out and teaching me how to shoot oh and making me sick I just got rid of it but no worries I got rid of it before so in process of getting rid of it know. Also thank Lucius, alex, dmo, bobby and emily sorry i dont know any of your forum names Thank you for the rp in sinistok i was buckled with the fight between all your people leaving only lucius standing hope to rp with you again but my character thinks your a madman know but I enjoyed the talk travelling up lmao
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