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"Evil witches were once good witches that got betrayed"

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  1. Idole



    I have had a really really bad day today.

    1. Western


      Whats up?

    2. Idole


      FUCKING WORK don't know wether I should drink the 1.5Ltr bottle of vodka I have, throw things or cry. Plus my friend has been perm'd. Or I might not do any of that and just go on any game and kill things.

    3. PCJames


      Drinking in a dour state of mind will create more problems than it will solve. When im in a low place I take a long show shower, and sometimes I sit down in the showever and feel bad for myself, and then I get out and feel a lot better. 

    4. Mexi


      Buy yourself some Chinese food, stick on a good series and chill out for the night.

      That's what I plan on doing this evening :) 

    5. Idole


      Thanks for the advice unfortunately I don't have any mixers for the vodka and I'm not taking it straight so

      I CAN'T DRINK. I have no money for Chinese so a shower and a series it is :)

    6. Mexi


      Shower and a series is just as good.

      Have a good evening.

    7. H1ber


      Vodka helps with everything, that's what the finns say 

    8. Munter



    9. HALEZY


      Just ad a little milk to the vodka and shot it, I'm sure it'll be fine! I'm currently on my 5th Bulmers after getting in at 10, been at work from 7:30am till 9:30pm being an adult is shit, take me back 10 years when pocket money would get me by for a week!