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  1. Hey everyone sorry haven't been on I'm just really busy irl. I won't be on as much as I used to be. I will try to get on maybe once or twice a week but their will be weeks where I won't be on at all. I am not going to be saying goodbye yet.

    1. Boston


      Real life comes first! :)

  2. Sirena Lamia

    Sirena was raised in a cult when she was born her parents sacrificed her older brother to the blood god as a sign of good will of protection. Growing up was hard and even though through the teachings she gained a will of her own she still believed in it. It also helped that the community itself were afraid of her when she was a child she used to see things, things that happened days after she dreamed them most of the time she did not believe what they were saying until one day her father and mother angered her so she scream you will all die to everyone around her. That night they beat her within an inch of her life and locked her in the basement of her house while everyone went for they daily ritual of another poor soul who crossed their path. Their screams were heard from her prison in the basement of her parents house until no one screamed no more. She was locked down there for 4 days with the pitiful amount of food her father left her until the door opened. A police officer let her out carrying her out the house the place was in ashes everyone had died in a terrible fire. That was the day she new what the others called her was true wiccan they used to call her the witch. With a small smile she was led away. Months and years went by she carried on with her practice her sacrifice of some lone traveler who no one would miss until she thought I need people, people who would believe as I do so Sirena travelled to land after land until she entered Chernaus and had a terrible feeling a feeling as though death would walk the land even though as she looked around living happy people were walking by. That night she did her usual ritual poured some blood into a glass and asked her god and the Devil for safety for the trying times coming ahead. That night she got the feeling that danger lay in staying at her house so she left walked deep into the forest until she felt safe and vowed that she would help the people like her and reteach the passersby her ways of living for the horrors to come would be something she has never handled before but if she uses what she believes were gifted to her by the God's she worships the power that she believes protects her from the teachings the cult forced upon her. Death would be scared to come near her
  3. *Mary listens to the message as she leaves her vacation home, she presses the PTT button* "We have all sinned in someway or another and we will continue to do so. Their is no room for mistakes, you make a mistake you die it's the way it is now. It's your choice whether to commit the sin that will keep you alive or your loved ones alive just a little bit longer. I am not going to waste my time praying to your god while their is such chaos going on around me." * Mary kills an infected who tried to kill her and continues* " It's not the almighty god telling me to be kind or a bitch I chose to do it, it's my choice. Stop for a second and look around you, look at the infected and all the deaths that have happened if this is gods plan then why the hell would I pray to him." *Slightly annoyed she releases the PTT and puts the radio back into her pocket*
  4. Had a lot of fun tonight with my Covenant [email protected] @Ryan Carter and @Pool there is gonna be a lot of stories and drama in the coming days should be fun
  5. Treating myself to shopping and TGI fridays for dinner as its payday. In a good mood as i also got some good news out of the bad news I got trying to stay on the positive side.9_9

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    2. SirGunman


      And I'm just having Indian food...

    3. idole


      my woowoo cocktail was tasty


    4. Ryan Carter
  6. Had great rp tonight with @Pool and @Clive Cussler Thank you clive for helping me with the surgery and pool you were a great patient especially when you woke up in the middle of it need to do it again sometime hope you enjoyed it.
  7. This is fruit pastilles for my dear American friends who don't know what they are


    *cough* @PCJames *cough* @Ryan Carter

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    2. Pool

      These  may look gross but are actually amazing.


    3. idole


      I don't like pickles but I like flavored pickle crisps its weird lol

    4. idole


      I tried ruffles aswell lol

  8. Samti take as long as u need do well in school and have a good time everyone needs a break have fun irl <3
  9. This little fella is cute as hell


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    2. Beni


      I've got over like, 200 people on snapchat. I think you should make the mood Brady. 

    3. idole


      come on @Beni he wants ur snapchat make it 201 people lol

    4. Beni


      Hmu with a PM Brady. 

  10. I'm going to see this. It looks good.


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    2. idole


      lol I want to see them all specifically WW, Alien, Transformers and Justice League though in my opinion WW looks better then Justice League but it still looks good

      They did they picked a great actress for WW she looks like her. This summer has got great films coming out this year.

    3. PCJames


      Many people are saying that the Justice League uniforms look a lottle cheesy and I have to agree with them. Regarding transformers, I dont know how Michael Bay still makes money on them but this one actually looks good 

    4. Ryan Carter

      Ryan Carter

      Looks good compared to transformers.

  11. that was hilarious im in fits
  12. yeah it was looking forward to the rest
  13. very interesting enjoyed the read
  14. @Galaxy Rp was amazing really enjoyed it from the date to me telling you we wanted different things to you killing yourself was very emotional. @PCJames Your rp was amazing as well, to you telling me about your feelings and your history that to was emotional and very heartfelt. @Ryan Carter Your rp was great as well to you trying to reason with Galaxy to you comforting me over his death you really did make me feel better. All together this night was an emotional rollercoaster. Galaxy you will not be forgotten.
  15. *Mary run's to Dominic's body where Dominic's radio is still on* "NOOOOOOOOOOOO Why Dominic I begged you not to kill yourself. It was one date, one." *Tears roll down her cheek's saying in-between sobs* "I feel like I killed you myself, I might as well have pulled the trigger" *saying It's my fault over and over again she walks away from his body until the radio can't pick up her voice*