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  1. [GAME] Continue the Story

    reveals the shit that
  2. Create the WORST group idea

    fishing tribe/cult who believe they decended from mermaids who dont like foreigners and mainlanders near their islands or coasts and if they catch someone who doesnt join in on their ideals they sacrifice them to the sea as protection from the ocean god to keep away intruding infidels. and the only torture they do either includes water or fishes or fish hooks
  3. BeanZ WAR

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    1000/10 love wolves going back to wolves once GOT is done
  5. Had a fun night rping with @Aristocrat and @Sam Fields our adventure to the apartments and going for a drink in the pub and lastly our escape at the flats was fun
  6. [GAME] Continue the Story

    and blood splattered all over
  7. [GAME] Continue the Story

    couch onto the cat which
  8. [GAME] Continue the Story

    But went overboard and his wife believed I was making out with him and
  9. had alot of fun last night @Tony your dirty songs and jokes are hilarious @Brayces ur so innocent. i agree for u to learn to defend urself just dont become a child soldier @Galaxy and @Aristocrat that camp will now and forever be called The mushroom Trumpet camp lol. Was fun seeing u again. @Lyca was fun seeing you tend your plants and @Taryn thank u for welcoming me into ur camp fairly enjoyed it and to everyone else i forgot cant wait to rp with u again
  10. Real life picture Thread

    Took this photo before going to my new job.
  11. Idole

    I have been a very good girl lol


    1. PCJames


      And I thought I was good


    2. Hunter



      I been a bad noodle :( 

    3. Idole


      I win @PCJames on the points lol don't worry @Hunter you might get negative points one day :)

  12. Prison Island

    ya go for it sounds interesting
  13. Day 6 Trip Up North I am currently writing this in the kitchen of the camp I'm in resting my leg. Since I last wrote not a lot happened except perhaps my recent trip up north which is the reason I am currently trying to not injure my leg further. Couple days ago I was rifling through my radio trying to see if anyone else was out there who needed help. I encountered a distress call from a young girl as a police officer I believed it my duty to help this child. But I had also personnel reasons with the recent loss of my baby and those two kids who died beside me I could not allow another child to be put in harms way. I gathered up a group of people who were willing to help me find this girl and just before we started our trip I lost radio contact with her. It was decided not to endanger everyone without some form of contact so with a heavy heart I agreed. The next day I managed to get in contact with her I knew it was a race of time with some unsavory people looking for her, I gathered my supplies and headed out on my own. I know I should never have left without some form of backup but I just did not have the time to rally a group up. I made the long and dangerous trip up north only stopping when I needed too. One such moment when I needed to rest for some water was perhaps the worst idea I ever had. I suddenly heard howling very close to where I was. I was nowhere near any shelter I ran for my life and the wolves caught up very quickly in the distance I could see a small town and hightailed to it as fast as I could but just as I got to the door one got me right on the leg. To get it off I had to use my unsilenced gun. It quickly released and I scrambled inside. All the infected came running towards the sound but then what I saw after was very interesting the wolves and the infected started fighting amongst themselves. My leg was painful but I could not stay. I forced myself to run whilst the infected and the wolves were distracted. I was right in where I believed the little girl to be a red cross medic named Wyatt had just found her I was happy she was safe and unharmed. With my body relaxing and knowing I had finished what I had set out to do the pain in my leg got worse I had no choice I needed help explained that I would need to see a doctor at the UN that's when Wyatt explained he was one. He patched me up so I would make my way back South slowly. I explained to both Wyatt and Dolores that I had a camp that was safe with food and supplies and they were both welcome to come and they agreed. When we got there I showed them around and Dolores started coming out of her shell a bit more. Wyatt though needed some comfort he believes his family is dead, I of all people know what that is like he is not alone. We had a fight about wither we should teach Dolores to shot he was against it. But what happens if he dies and I die and she is left with no way to defend herself I understand why he doesn't like it but it's dangerous out there she needs to learn how to survive. In the end he agreed, he wanted to do it himself but I said we would do it together. So that is why I am currently resting I go out but never to far usually the surrounding area think today I am going to travel a bit further my leg feels better think as long as I don't go overboard I will be fine.