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"A wolf doesn't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep"

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  1. Idole

    thats me back from my holiday in the sun not back to work till monday 9_9 looked on the forums and i have 300 notifications which im not even going to bother looking through

    1. PCJames


      and we all thought you were dead. Welcome back. 

    2. Idole


      lol thanks im back from the dead 

    3. Brayces


      YAAYY! Welcome back!

    4. Idole


      hiya @Brayces thanks for the welcome ive already got holiday blues i miss the cocktails, sun and beach xx

    5. Brayces


      Haha, right? I wish I could take a holiday! :( Either way, good to have you back! :D <3

    6. Darra


      Welcome back Mary!  Hope you had a wonderful trip.  Wait, of course you did!  Sun, beach and cocktails always make for a wonderful trip.

    • Poppy
    • Idole

    Now truly.... I am poppy.

    1. Eagle


      No truly stop.

    2. Poppy


      There is no stop.

    3. Idole


      lmao say poppy enough and you become the poppy

  2. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    apples if you could have any dessert what would you have?
  3. Idole

    omg the sun is out it isnt raining for a change lol xD

    1. Idole



      its to bright its hurting my eyes what is this strange light

    2. Samti


      Afbeeldingsresultaat voor dark room gaming wait there is a other light then my pc's?

  4. Idole

    I just love it when a collgue says they will pick u up and doesnt and im rushing like a mad women for the bus

    1. Samti



    2. Idole


      luckily im on the bus so i wont be late and what makes it even better its pissing rain and im going to work soaked :(

    3. Samti


      you should slap your collegue

    4. PCJames


      It's always raining in the UK 

    5. Idole


      it is not always raining it depends on what day it is we could get rain, sleet or snowxD

    6. PCJames


      That's even worse

    7. Idole


      there was one day i had all four season started off with a light sun at dawn then rained then  sleet then it turned to snow then sun again that was a weird day

    8. PCJames


      That doesnt happen anywhere else 

  5. if everything that has been promised happens and they stay true to their word this will bring good things for this server. I do see both points from both sides but we should not be tagging each other that causes the divide. Everyone needs to realise that everyone has their own playstyle. Yes this is a rp server but the game itself is a fighting game no one can help that. Tagging discourages players from playing this server and we should be trying our hardest not to discourage others as it only hurts the community.
  6. think I would rescue
  7. BeanZ WAR

  8. COMPLIMENT the person above you

    pretty cool guy
    • Samti
    • Idole

    You have a beautiful Profile

  9. Idole

    one of those mornings were I wanted to stay in my warm bed but can't because I'll be late for work :(

    1. Iso


      I wish I had a bed

    2. Samti


      @Iso go work and buy one

    3. Idole


      lol or buy a couch and sleep on that

    4. Samti


      Or atleast go to a dump and make your own bed 

    5. Iso


      I don't believe in money

    6. Samti


      Then make your own one @Iso

  10. im pretty sure she loves and misses you both and is counting the days she will see you both again