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  1. Jay Osborne

    My name is Jay Osborne and I was sent here by God. A few years before the outbreak I had a vision of a near future, a vision of a horrible time in the world's timeline. After I had the vision I knew what I had to do, go and save as many people as possible including zombies if possible. Back to modern time, I'm here and saving many o' people, including zombies because out of every lesson I was taught by God, the one I live my life by is to treat and heal everybody. Anyway, along with the way, I have met a few people by the name of James Regan, Chris Thomas.These people have helped me along my journey saving me hundreds of times. They are true, real people that I wish I could have met before this, this thing that happened.
  2. S1: RDM/KoS in Stary Sbor - 27/08/2016 03:30

    Yes, I did make to many assumptions and I take full responsibility for this situation.
  3. S1: RDM/KoS in Stary Sbor - 27/08/2016 03:30

    When me and "Chris Thomas" where standing there talking to "Matt Farenheit" who just came over to talk to us. I saw his friend hide in a bush about 300feet away, so I became cautious and told "Chris Thomas". "Chris Thomas" died by glitch which I thought was "Matt Farenheit"'s friend so I immediately shot "Matt Farenheit" thinking we was getting ambushed by "Matt Farenheit" and his friend. The reason I acted this way was because me and "Chris Thomas" thought it was rdm because he had not initiated on us. I'm sorry for the whole incident, and wasting your time, I also want to say I hope this clears everything up. Thanks Jordan Cartwright
  4. Ask the LoreMasters

    Question:Why is it physically impossible to travel from iceland to chernarus by boat? Answer [Fox]: Physically possible yes, it is all connected by bodies of water (Atlantic, through Gibraltar, mediterranean Sea, Istanbul, Black Sea, Green Sea). Is it likely? No. Not after the initial outbreak.