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  1. My name is Jordan Steven and I am from Liverpool, UK. I was once a soldier of her majesties army. As a child i always wanted to be a soldier and that is where my career in the army first started. At the age of 10 I joined the 10th tank regiment based in Prescot. I loved it so much I signed up to go away on a military exercise in america when i was 15. As I grew older my enthusiasm grew for the army and finally when I was 15 I went away to the army college in Harogate Scotland. After 2 years of training and a lot of hard work I was able to join the army officially and go out to Chernarus on a training exercise with the army and that is when I got cut off from my regiment and was lost.
  2. J.Cartwright

    S1: RDM/KoS in Stary Sbor - 27/08/2016 03:30

    Yes, I did make to many assumptions and I take full responsibility for this situation.
  3. J.Cartwright

    S1: RDM/KoS in Stary Sbor - 27/08/2016 03:30

    When me and "Chris Thomas" where standing there talking to "Matt Farenheit" who just came over to talk to us. I saw his friend hide in a bush about 300feet away, so I became cautious and told "Chris Thomas". "Chris Thomas" died by glitch which I thought was "Matt Farenheit"'s friend so I immediately shot "Matt Farenheit" thinking we was getting ambushed by "Matt Farenheit" and his friend. The reason I acted this way was because me and "Chris Thomas" thought it was rdm because he had not initiated on us. I'm sorry for the whole incident, and wasting your time, I also want to say I hope this clears everything up. Thanks Jordan Cartwright
  4. J.Cartwright

    Ask the LoreMasters

    Question:Why is it physically impossible to travel from iceland to chernarus by boat? Answer [Fox]: Physically possible yes, it is all connected by bodies of water (Atlantic, through Gibraltar, mediterranean Sea, Istanbul, Black Sea, Green Sea). Is it likely? No. Not after the initial outbreak.