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  1. IGN: Templeton Suede Age: 28 Country of Origin: United States English: Native Day Z Mod Experience: 2 weeks. Mostly BR. Day Z Standalone: 200 hrs Roleplaying Experience: 12+ yrs. DnD,Takistan Life, Garrys Mod Rp+TTT Admin, rose through the ranks in Mount & Blade Organized Line Battles. Game Role: Squad Leader, Entry Specialist, Tactical Coordinator, Triage Technician.... Lounge Singer/Assassin (Open to suggestions) Groups: Colonel/Administrator of 11th Maine North And South Regiment (M&B), XIII Legion of Gaul, Bloody Bayonet Gaming, Early Raiders, Old Frontier Official. Served as Administrator of various groups in both M&B and G-Mod. Notes: I'm a veteran with a heart of gold and a voice like quicksilver. Take me in and I'll be a valuable member of your team. Contact Me: Steam @ "[11th Maine] Plissken" or PM me.