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  1. Whitelist passphrase "daily refresh?"

    Yes it does, thanks.
  2. Whitelist passphrase "daily refresh?"

    Can confirm that it's the same passphrase as the day before, but in a new context/sentence. It does also not appear to change everytime you refresh the page but instead once a day. Possibly 00:00?
  3. Whitelist passphrase "daily refresh?"

    Yo, I was searching for the passphrase late last night. I found one of them in the text and decided to just go to sleep and find the other one tomorrow. My PC decided to update and restart while I was asleep so it didn't save any of the progress. So this morning I set out to find the word again thinking to myself that I would find it in mere seconds, however I'm pretty sure it wasn't where it was yesterday. Am I just remembering wrong or is there any daily refresh for the passphrase?