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  1. Only sound i want to see how much it will change is the eating sound, i don't know about you but it doesn't make me hungry when i hear that sound but i'm with you, hopefully they found some time to fix some bugs they just didn't list them or don't want you to focus on that, only the new fun stuff!!
  2. There are so many ORG out there it will be hard to find one that fits, I found one that fits my goals and mind set but i can see quite a few RP ones doing amazing thing with this game once it get some more content, i'm heavily in to this game so i know not to recommend it to anyone in it's current state but we all play DayZ, bug kill us everyday so if you can handle it try it out. Side note there is a live stream in about 1 hour 40 minutes that should show us where this game will be come years end, looking forward to this one in the future!
  3. Thanks for the welcome! So many red/white flags probable since already acclimatized to the area of Chernarus.
  4. Hello everyone; Just wanted to pop in and say my obligatory greetings, but more then that just wanted to say love the idea of this place, just looking over everything so far, all of this gives me just a great feeling about this community! Hoping to join in on the server and try out the environment maybe say hello to anyone that passes by, hopefully i don't get rejected to many times and make to many mistakes right off the bat, but if i do i will learn from them