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  1. Thank you guys night was awesome indeed 10/10 would def. rp again :)!
  2. i was thinking about making viedos and making it look good with sweetfx is it allowed to use on this server just asking?.
  3. He fought for our sins. But hope you come back soon! Im back with my new beast pc over 100fps all maxed in cherno 80-90fps all maxed ::)ll be on today
  4. it has been put to rest and a new computer took its place much powerful one a beast i must say over 100fps maxed out and 80-90fps in cherno and temps are under load at 30 degrees celsius and idle like 25 degree celsius
  5. lol what ::Des i have turned it on and off many times and i got a new pc so no problems over 100fps all maxed 70-80fps in cherno all maxed lol so powerful over 100fps all maxed and in cherno all maxed 70-80fps and pc stays cool cpu is like 30 degrees celius at load
  6. hello there comrad ::)tomorrow ill build my pc wich me luck..
  7. its allready sorted ram and cpu problem all new parts this week! old computer has fallen all new parts this week!
  8. Hi all!im sorry those of you that have interactated with my charater Sergei Lavrov.. my computer in the past 2 weeks has had some freaking hard time to play any games.. i ordered new parts so ill be back greater than ever i apologize for everyone..let me know if you are intrested in specs hope to see you this week
  9. yes im able to try once again !
  10. Why the verdict is not fair: i have failed 5 time in whitelisting some of those tries was just that 1-3 mistakes but still a mistake i get it,i would really like to read the rules and all the faqs and newscomersguide fully with mind...im sorry for the trouble id just like to play in rp servers i hate kos and stuff like that in my opinion dayz was made for roleplay and survival.. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: i would just like to have another try 1 would do all im asking.. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: get 1 more change to attempt to be whitelisted. What could you have done better?: read the rules and newscomersguide very very very well..