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  1. Lore Question

    Thanks for the help guys, I figured it out.
  2. Lore Question

    I am doing a Whitelist, and on a Lore question about the Red Star the answer on the actual Lore page is not the same as the answers I have on the Whitelist application. What could I do to get the answer?
  3. Steam Login Question

    I have solved the problem. Thanks!
  4. Steam Login Question

    Your's and Maple's suggestion has not worked.
  5. Steam Login Question

    Yes, and it has not worked. ;(
  6. Steam Login Question

    Yes, it looks like this.
  7. Steam Login Question

    I am attempting to do the steam login to get white listed. When ever I enter my password and click sign in, it will just load. I let it sit for around 20 minutes and it still did not load. I have checked my internet and it seems fine.