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  1. Billy Gambino was born in New York. He was close friends with Michael Loretto while he grew up. When Billy was in his 20s he and Michael were in the local mob, working small jobs for people. Overtime Michael grew in rank within the mob, Billy had respect for Michael and anyone within the mob. When Michael was assigned a trip to Chenarus Billy requested to go with him. Michael made Billy his second in command and they hunted down a boss who was in Chenarus. They found the boss in a small estate in the north, Michael and Billy had their people assault the estate. Billy told Michael to go after the boss. Billy stayed with the Soldatos and fought off the Bosses guards. After they delt with that the outbreak was just about underway. Billy, Michael and the crew fled into the woods once they heard about what was going on. Overtime Michael's crew left him, they weren't loyal. Billy however, stayed, Michael was his brother and he would not leave him. After a while He and Michael are left in Chenarus trying to get back home. He heavily doubts that he will get home but he will keep trying. No matter what. He hates Chenarus but he is willing to stay there if it means him living. (Rough background, will make more detailed when I have time.)
  2. Thanks for the help guys, I figured it out.
  3. I am doing a Whitelist, and on a Lore question about the Red Star the answer on the actual Lore page is not the same as the answers I have on the Whitelist application. What could I do to get the answer?
  4. Your's and Maple's suggestion has not worked.
  5. I am attempting to do the steam login to get white listed. When ever I enter my password and click sign in, it will just load. I let it sit for around 20 minutes and it still did not load. I have checked my internet and it seems fine.