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  1. Prince

    Loot over RP, Thoughts?

    Its a looting game with shooter elements what kind of people does this kind of game draw? If you feel wronged make a report
  2. Prince

    Old games that you want to see getting a modern reboot.

    I would rather see AAA devs make new properties rather than miking old ones.
  3. Prince

    Ban Rape RP

    I was under the assumption that Rape rp was banned ever since Siorres pink party van but apparently not. As much as I hate banning things in games I think rape goes over the line. ERP is degenerate in the first place, and rape RP is even more degenerate.
  4. Prince

    God Bless The United States of America

  5. Galland

    • Galland
    • Prince

    Greetings, best of luck with your FAL parts kit and the lower.. I hope you find a solution something like that truely sucks.

    1. Prince


      im hoping it goes well too, its been harder than I thought it would be 

  6. Prince

    DayZ Update Thread

    Dsa are not quality they make garbage rifles that are widely out of specifications. Their only competition just cut and run so they now have a monopoly on metric fals. My fal receiver I got from them has been nothing but problems and arguing with customer support. My friends that have dsa fals all have various issues with them (the mag wells and receiver length are the big issues) I like the classic look of the fal better than the railed version but I do understand why people opt for the rails. Having the rear sight on a separate piece of the rifle always seemed like an oversight.
  7. Prince

    DayZ Update Thread

    Happy to see Fals back
  8. Prince

    God Bless the British Empire and the Commonwealth

    Truly a country of bootlickers
  9. Prince

    God Bless the British Empire and the Commonwealth

    I-i don't lose If I voluntarily give it all away
  10. Prince

    God Bless the British Empire and the Commonwealth

    Bin that knife subject
  11. Prince

    Remove Radio Forums

    Radio threads are for keyboard warriors that talk a bunch of shit that they would never say IG.
  12. Prince

    What the fuck is wrong with this game?

    The "game" was just a funding project for their new combat simulator Skeleton crewed for years and now they are just going to let moders fix it.
  13. Prince

    Cars appreciation thread

    F-bodys and a willingness to ask boomers for help (also like 15k in savings)
  14. Prince

    Cars appreciation thread

    Previous college had a ton of rich people going there so I got to drive a bunch of expensive rides as a dd. My brother went to a college in Malibu and everyone gave him shit when he bought a 73 455 formula because it was "an old pos". We fixed it in under 4 months
  15. Prince

    Arma 3 Exile

    I know that feel
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