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  1. Live with them buddy, I love looking back at the edgy shit I posted 6 years ago.
  2. Lol, what a hero now he can go with Rolles blessing to continue his crusade. No water source is safe from our protagonist! Pools Closed
  3. Went to msw with @Majorand @Centurion and froze. Great time always recommend.
  4. Most groups are just the same people doing different ideas now and then. Video related is best group
  5. Apparently they were too pussy to initiate on them them irl
  6. When they make an Arma 3 mod or add Bushstroke camo wake me
  7. People that dont play often but still post about the status of the community People who avoid you if you are gommunist
  8. Report lawyer was a popular pastime many moons ago. I thought it was fun but I can understand why staff put an end to it.
  9. Love kalashnikov and kalashnikov love you back
  10. Some of the greatest clans in this servers history were filled by people with comedic accents and over the top acting. I'm all for it.
  11. I suggest bushstroke be added ingame
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