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  1. Not enough crazy sadistic people.

    I haven't been robbed in three years, how do you think I feel? I dont think psychos are the answer, just hostile military clans like CLF or something
  2. Why are FFL's such a pain in the ass?
  3. Its been that time for years My big question is why would the devs think this is a good idea? Are they trying to take this game off life support by killing the small community that still plays it?
  4. Real life picture Thread

    if we are going old pics five years ago One from a year and a half ago This year I just got taller Looking at my folders I dont have many photos of just myself
  5. Happy Valentines day

    @Centurion @Henning
  6. Disallow stealth radio usage: Rule 11.5

    +1 If we had TFR then all these problems would go away, but sadly there is no mod support.
  7. This man understands
  8. Events "Protection"

    Finally a job for PMC clans
  9. Community Opinions and the Sort

    Apparently I graduated from "community weeb" I understand that there must be some sort of management, just saying anarchy or close to it is just an easier way of explaining my position on fourm moderation. Stuff like creepy porn and death threats are a big no no
  10. Community Opinions and the Sort

    @Sleepyhead @Jasper @Para I dont post as much as I used to and the times I do post are on threads similar to this (that have been popular recently) I am sorry if my posts come across as "negative" but I am calling out problems I see, mostly in Dayz as a game. I am not going to pretend everything is fine. As wee all know DayzRp is in a massive slump right now due to the game being shit and (in my opinion) lack of groups to forward the lore.
  11. Community Opinions and the Sort

    >Don't you think it could be anything to do with the destructive negativity you post? Sure you dropped your opinion, but your opinion posted that way just makes you seem overly aggressive. What you posted didnt help anything and saying "90% of the posting rules are retarded", without posting alternatives or reasons for why you think that, is just overly aggressive and pointless. It's the exact kind of hostility that puts people off, especially when you essentially say "all groups are bad but 1." like, you're actively going to piss people off by directly targeting people because you haven't had a good time. meant to say The forums are dead 90% of the time and the posting rules are retarded. My solution is no rules, but anarchy is only popular as a group and not a forum function.
  12. Community Opinions and the Sort

    I dont really get the problems you have with me, stalking me around forum games, passive aggressive forum posts and such was kinda out of left field (mainly because i have never talked to you) , but cant you just pm me or something so I can understand what I did to wrong you.
  13. Community Opinions and the Sort

    Because I actually enjoy the community, I spent my last years of highschool playing this game almost every day with my friends and even donated 100 euros (alot if your a poorfag) because I wanted to see it succeed as well as get those dank skins. Where have I complained about staff, Too be honest I dont even know the current staff team except for the loremasters, because I dont break IG rules, so I dont really have to deal with them. The forums are objectively slower and more moderated than in previous years, this is a fact. Also my beloved "view new post" function is no longer with us. I am more sad than unhappy about the way things are going around here because I see so much wasted potential. I am sorry that you feel as though my opinion is wrong but threats are not the way to solve the problems this community faces.
  14. Community Opinions and the Sort

    The forums are dead 90% and the posting rules are retarded. The only good group is the CDF, I haven't had a single good RP experience from the other groups listed (haven't even seen the UPS) The game is shitty and rightfully dead