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  1. F-bodys and a willingness to ask boomers for help (also like 15k in savings)
  2. Previous college had a ton of rich people going there so I got to drive a bunch of expensive rides as a dd. My brother went to a college in Malibu and everyone gave him shit when he bought a 73 455 formula because it was "an old pos". We fixed it in under 4 months
  3. Prince

    Arma 3 Exile

    I know that feel
  4. My current cars. The 78 trans am is almost ready for paint and the 72 lemans I haven't even started rebuilding yet. Im looking for an old farm truck right now because I need a car hauler. Ill probably sell the miata to cover the cost.
  5. The lore gives me nothing except for you took the blackpill and anyone who isn't an edgy nihilist will be genocided. Give me a longer lore and a better formatted group page, that font kills my eyes.
  6. Thought you said "statist"
  7. The country has been engulfed in civil war for years, it would make less sense for old military stockpiles to not be around. Or at least guns still in circulation.
  8. I know people that are longtime players that never post on the forums due to fear of being banned for something stupid like +1 or issaknife. Maybe if we had more lenience with forum moderation and higher points ceilings community members wouldn't be so paranoid.
  9. Probably not intentional, what else would you expect from dayz?
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