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  1. Prince

    Item Shop Discussion

    Im personally peve'd that donations dont count as credits like in arma . I donated 100 euros for skins and I still get nothing out of it.
  2. Prince

    The great Youtube Crash

    I hope google goes down forever
  3. Prince

    One Group

    85th Platoon MOD version and the CLF The mod version of the 85th was more fun because people actually gave us the time of day and the general feel of the game was cozier. The SA version of 85th was fun but we were generally disliked by admins for being to "pvp focused" even though we only initiated on a handful of people. Going off that the SA version had a lot more people unwilling to talk to us or just initiate on us the second we got to close. Maybe because the whole "russian accent communist=bandit" attitude was still at work, but it made RP less enjoyable. I would like the Mod feeling 85th where people actually listened to our speeches and rallys and we got into cheeky banter with CLF forces to come back. The CLF because that was a right good time
  4. Prince

    Starting Clothing

    - User was Warned for this Post. -
  5. Prince

    Starting Clothing

    Clothing would be fantastic
  6. Prince

    Task Force Radio in the server

    No, and I dont think it works with SA anyway
  7. Prince

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    Is this where the cool kids hang out?
  8. Prince

    In game Premium poll

  9. Prince


    AYY missed you guys, good luck.
  10. Prince

    Meeting People IRL from DayZRP

    There are two of us down here mate, your outnumbered.
  11. Prince

    I have returned.

  12. Prince

    favorite initiation lines?

    *find some rando with m16a4 >hey mate hows it going ok, I guess >Im Carl, whats your name Im ale.... >WELL ITS GOING TO BE DEAD IF YOU DONT PUT YOUR FUCKING HANDS UP Good times
  13. Prince

    Lawkeepers [Active Recruitment]

    I remember whitefur and Andrew getting a bunch of randos (me included) together and tried to break up a firefight "pistols only" good times and good luck
  14. Prince

    Mod support

    Actually make it fun mate, no one plays these "side projects" because no one on the mod team develops for them or gives a shit about lore.
  15. Prince

    Mod support

    Are we ever going to get decent mod support for Arma 3/2 or are they just going to die?