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  1. Prince

    Real life picture Thread

    Love kalashnikov and kalashnikov love you back
  2. Prince

    PK/Delete Obvious Troll Characters

    Some of the greatest clans in this servers history were filled by people with comedic accents and over the top acting. I'm all for it.
  3. Prince

    Real life picture Thread

    I suggest bushstroke be added ingame
  4. Prince

    Cars appreciation thread

    If there is a will there is a way, my buddy is a britbong and got a 71 mustang imported. My 72 lemans roller, I want to just put a drive train in and make it my mad max special but I dont have the cash right now. Maybe some day.
  5. Prince

    Cars appreciation thread

    Brother bought a 74 for 4k, its has an olds 455 in it right now that im going to use for the cutlass. It looks good next to his 73 455. My 78 Ws6 is also coming along, need to fire the engine and put the interior in, my buddy ruined the paint accidentally so the car needs another coat. Cutlass still runs good and smooth
  6. Prince

    Real life picture Thread

  7. Prince

    Real life picture Thread

    When hiking on the AT and Atlanta with @Centurionand @Major
  8. Prince

    A song of whitenames and roleplay.

  9. Prince

    A song of whitenames and roleplay.

    Im more surprised no one has posted the "I hate white names" song yet
  10. Prince

    current political stances?

    Were all in a burning circus tent. I learned just to enjoy it until it burns all of us alive.
  11. Prince

    Loot over RP, Thoughts?

    Its a looting game with shooter elements what kind of people does this kind of game draw? If you feel wronged make a report
  12. Prince

    Old games that you want to see getting a modern reboot.

    I would rather see AAA devs make new properties rather than miking old ones.
  13. Prince

    Ban Rape RP

    I was under the assumption that Rape rp was banned ever since Siorres pink party van but apparently not. As much as I hate banning things in games I think rape goes over the line. ERP is degenerate in the first place, and rape RP is even more degenerate.
  14. Prince

    God Bless The United States of America

  15. Galland

    • Galland
    • Prince

    Greetings, best of luck with your FAL parts kit and the lower.. I hope you find a solution something like that truely sucks.

    1. Prince


      im hoping it goes well too, its been harder than I thought it would be 

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