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  1. Prince

    Old rules back. And unban some people? (Please read before vote)

    Getting banned for saying issaknife on a off topic thread and +1 on a group thread are definitely reasonable perma bans then?
  2. Prince

    OFFICIAL What Guns would you like to see in DayZ?

    I want them to fix the gunplay first
  3. Prince

    What would you like to see in the server.

    2014 rules and arma 3
  4. Prince

    Post Scriptum Megathread :thinking:

    It was banter, but ya the British and other allies got shittons of guns and supplies from the US
  5. Prince

    Post Scriptum Megathread :thinking:

    They are going for realism and historical accuracy
  6. Prince

    Real life picture Thread

    Glory to the platoon
  7. Prince

    Real life picture Thread

  8. Prince

    The Rainbow Six Siege Megathread

    You made a mistake....
  9. Prince

    Is DayzRP for the arma 2 mod still available?

    Dont buy SA, it's a scam.
  10. Prince

    o7 folks

    Join me in obscurity brother
  11. Prince

    Re-instate the LoreMasters

    Without tools to make elaborate events the dayz events were kinda lame. I did think the lore was the only interesting thing left that had to do with dayz though and im sad to see it die.
  12. Prince

    The People's Collective of Chernarus

    because all the chedaki rp'rs got banned ages ago, there used to be a ton of us
  13. Prince

    God Bless the Kingdom of Sweden

    i just wanted to post that and accidentally replied to you
  14. Prince

    God Bless the Kingdom of Sweden

    The only king I would follow is Charles 12 for all Lutherans
  15. Prince

    "Everything's Boring"

    Child roleplay does indeed need to stop I find that all the more interesting and good hostile rolepayers have been long banned so we are only left with campfire rp'ers and traders. Bring back 2014 rules