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  1. John was born and raised in the town of Gainesville, Florida. He had an adventurous childhood, learning about firearms from his father at the age of 12 and finally learning how to hunt, shoot at the age of 15. His family wouldn't necessarily be a traditional southern family, but were complete patriots. John's father served in Vietnam but he never shared any of his experience to his family. When John turned 16, his father passed by suicide. John coped very badly with this loss and his mother lost the energy to even get out of bed anymore. John's grades fell and his student life became tense and aggravating day after day. John would occasionally sneak out into the woods where his father tough him, set up some targets and relieve his stress with the exhilaration of target practice. John eventually graduated with above average grades. He was also now competing in target shooting competitions, now at the age of 19. It became a skill for him and a personal talent. At the age of 21 John joined the US military. But like the parents of many Soldiers, John's mother was very worried about deployment. John’s understanding of the commitment he was making, and his desire to serve and make a difference in the world, impressed and reassured her. Basic Combat Training (BCT) consisted of the first ten weeks of the total Basic Training cycle. The first ten weeks were tough, but John fit right in, gained personal confidence and strength, gained close friends and got to know his Platoon. John's Advanced Individual Training took almost a year to complete. Years later in his career, John was assigned as a ground soldier in the civil conflicts defending Chernarus with the attacks. John is now exceptional at his job and never fails to accomplish his task/order. After the civil conflict John was sent back to the US. At the age of 32 John started a family in Florida with his wife, had two kids, Dillon and (youngest) Ashley. 5 years past the civil war, John was sent back to Chernarus and was assigned patrol at the North West Airfield. He served as transport patrol for pilots throughout Chernarus, flying over the rubble everyday that still laid there while remembering what happened 5 years ago. It happened with the last transport to Zelenogorsk Medical Facility to drop medical supplies. John's radio crackled and he heard voices but couldn't understand with the static. He landed the chopper but was suddenly shocked at the sight of people running, panicking, screaming and could see the color of red spread all over the ground in the distance. John didn't have a clue what was going on. A Medic ran towards the chopper, jumped in and yelled to TAKE OFF! John quickly turned back on the engine and started to lift off the ground. He turned the chopper fiercely and the propeller hit the facility and shook the chopper vigorously damaging the aircraft. It was going to crash land. The radio spoke about an infection spread throughout Zelenogorsk and the medic in the passenger seat started screaming. John couldn't even think. He Held on to his seat belt and the chopper twisted and turned... and fell to the ground. John woke up in metal shards and rubble. He was dizzy, but nothing broken. John noticed the medic was gone and that he was still in Zelenogorsk. If what he heard was true, he had to get out. All he could think about is his family. John now has his own orders. To Get back to his family... Alive.