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  1. Server and location: S1 Just north of Kabanino, to the west of the Church Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Server time: 01-11-2016, 07:04 Your in game name: Rakim Dumile Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: Not sure,as he shot and killed me. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Not the best screenshot,but the last screenshot i had prior to the situation. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/228949185003698033/B72AC878AD3492065CF6679EFC1B540740B63950/ In the screenshot,you can actually see a body on my loot, which I think was one of the people that took me hostage. That was the exact spot of my loot. I guess the guy was looting me when he died. Detailed description of the events: I got tied and taken hostage by 4 guys at the big tree near the Church in Kabanino. On the way to the house which they were going to try get information out of me from, they stopped us because i was going too slow (as my hands were tied).So they decided to untie me but drop all my weapons on the ground. This happened exactly on the spot where the body on the screenshot is,except the body wasn't obviously there when we were there, as I think the body was actually one of the people that took me captive. They dropped my M4A1, two pistols and a revolver. They then told me to keep walking. We got to the destination, they questioned me a little bit, and then let me go. I remembered about how they left my weapons on the ground, so I made a run back to where my weapons were left. This is when I noticed that the body was on the exact spot of where my captives dropped my weapons. As suspected, i found my M4A1 on the body and my pistol. This is when I saw an unknown man walking up to me. I was looking for somebody at the time and I thought this person who was walking up near me was them,so I said the name of who i thought it was and said "Hello". They then said "Who's that?". I then said "Obviously not you but that's okay". He then asked me about the body, saying "Who's that?". I said "no idea" as it didn't click to me straight away that one of my captives was wearing a white balaclava, something that the body was wearing. This man started walking closer. He asked if maybe he could give CPR to this guy., to which i replied "I'm pretty sure CPR will not save him" or "I think it's took late for CPR to save him", something along those lines. The man then replied "Maybe I could give him morphine,I have morphine", to which i replied "I don't think that will work either". As soon as i finished saying that and the man was around 2 metres away from me (as he never stopped walking closer to me), he raised his weapon and sprayed it at me. I had barely any time to react and was only able to raise my weapon before my screen went black and said "You are dead" . Hopefully that was detailed enough! May i please request to close/drop this report. I sorted it out with his friend on teamspeak and realised it was a mistake on the guys behalf, but from what I heard he was apologetic and thought I was one of the captives that captured me,as 1 of them got away. Even though his actions were reckless, I'd like to drop this report as I think he deserves a second chance as people do make mistakes. I just hope next time he is a bit more careful in his actions and returns the favor for someone else,giving others a second chance! As I said though,I would like to drop this report!
  2. No video evidence.Well then I must have not seen Larry run outside of the building,as it took a couple seconds for me to get around the house to where Morgan died. If the logs are right then that's cleared. If that's right then I was wrong about the combat logging. But how is us telling you to put your weapon down initiating? We could have initiated at any time we wanted. We saw you at Myshkino Compound looking at us from the Eastern hill,and we decided not to shoot to see if you were friendly. Then we followed you to an empty field before the yellow house, we still did not shoot you. So why would asking you to put your gun down,both of us saying that we're friendly, saying everything will be alright if you just drop your weapon, and you pull up your gun and shoot Morgan? That does not make sense. (Plus i did hear mumbling from your microphone, whatever it was, i definitely heard it. Also if you know your mic cuts out sometimes, wouldn't you repeat the things you say and say them very clearly in order to compensate for the 'mic cutting'? You also could have easily also wrote "//" to write out of character to explain that your mic does cut out sometimes,but no, you just shoot Morgan. No KoS,remember? Obviously you did not as you just sprayed at Morgan at the first chance you got.)
  3. As a witness of this, i think my perspective can support these claims (as my character is Rakim Dunile in game). we circled this house and it's two exits and he moved to the back section of the house, which was closest to Morgan's door that he was covering. We tried to communicate to him and say "Hey man it's okay,we're friendly.Drop your gun and everything will be alright".That is when he mumbled something,but we couldn't make out what he was trying to say. He then opened fire on Morgan,killing him instantly,as Morgan had his gun lowered.I then covered both exits by myself,but did not hear any more sounds from inside the house.This was when I realised he combat logged. This will be very easy to see from the logs,as he disconnected 30 sec - 3min after he killed Morgan.So if he doesn't get done for RDM,he'll definitely get caught for combat logging.
  4. I think more survival camping protection equipment should be added to the game. One example could be after eating a can of food, you get an empty can. Add a couple of empty cans and a rope (or something similar) it can create a 'hobo alarm', so if someone tries sneaking onto your campsite, they’ll accidentally walk into your alarm, causing the cans to rattle and alerting whoever is on watch. Could even use a can as a cooking pot etc!