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  1. Viktor was born in Moscow Russia. His father ,Roman, was a well respected Bratva captain and soon as Viktor turned 15 his father initiated him into the Russian Mob. Viktor soon became a well respected member him self and had a reputation that soon outweigh his own father who was notorious for his power and ability to influence others. When Viktor was around 20 he did a job for the mob that involved stealing a large sum of money from a shipping company. Vikotr was in charge of the operation and took along his two most loyal friends Yuri and Anatoly. Little did they know they were been set up buy Viktors farther. They were about to enter the cash house along the docks when they where ambushed buy Romans associates the opened fire on the three and killed both Yuri and Anatoly. Viktor was also shot in the ambush but escaped. Viktor was about to return to the safe house his dad had set up for him when one of Romans spies approached Viktor and said that it was his dad that had tried to kill him. It was because Viktor was becoming more Famous then his own father and Roman hated it. Viktor went into hiding. He couldn't trust any one from His father branch of the mob so he decided to head south and find some help from the Mob that was located somewhere south of Russia.Because Vikotr had to lay low he travelled by a different name. He also took a long time to makes the journey because many of his Fathers Associates where still after him. Russia was no longer safe for him any more so he decided to go into Europe and lay low. Vikotr ended up staying there for a number of years working in Metal fabrication. Then one day he saw on the local news that a Russian Mob leader was killed. He saw the photo of his father on the TV. VIktor was curious as to who killed Roman so he decided to go and find out for himself. However he never made it. along the was back into Russia His car was stopped buy a military check point. the Guard were heavily armed and where extremely aggressive toward every one passing though. Then all of a sudden people started running at the guards in a craze. The guard opened fire and killed the crazy people. Viktor got out his car and approached the guards asking what is going on.Before they could answer another group of people started running out of the streets and started attacking every one. the Guards started shooting the crazy people and normal people indiscriminately Viktor made a run for the closest cover he could find which was a small set of woods he looked back to realise that the guards and the locals where overrun buy these crazy Infected people.
  2. John grew up in a small country town in Western Australia called Wandering. There he lived with his Mother and brother, they owned 10000 aches and grew crops and live stoke for income . from a young he had to learn skills very quickly to help his mother out with running the farm. He had to take on responsibility far earlier then most children his age. When john finished year 12 he wanted to travel, not having much money he decide to back pack were ever he went. when he went to the city he saw in a store window he saw a cheap flight to Europe. He saw his opportunity and a week later he flew over to Europe. He arrived in Denmark spent a few days there then wanted to see other countries so he hitched rides and caught trains across to Germany Poland and other countries. he spent many days travelling east along the coastal towns. when he was in Poland there was an advertisement that had tickets for a bus that went through Belarus into Russia. He had enough money to make the trip so he decided that he would check out Russia however the buss never made its destination. It was passing through a military check point when what looked like the Russian Army stooped it. Then all of a sudden a guy come out of nowhere and stared charging at the guards and screening then all of a sudden the guard opened fire on this crazy man and killed him. every one on the bus was terrified about what they just witnessed. Then suddenly more people started running out of the wood and houses near them all were running like crazy and then the guard started shooting them. John realised that things were very bad in this place and he needed to get out of the area he yelled at the bus driver to drive and turn back before it too late. however the bus driver just sat there ion shock. John saw a area behind the buss that was thick Forrest. he spoke to the other passengers and they all Brock the back window and made a run for the woods. only a few made a run for it. when they looked back they then saw the bus getting over run buy these crazy people. Only the 5 guys that made a run for it survived. Even the Guards were overwhelmed. john and the other men went deep into the woods. and no one has seen them since .
  3. Wooftachoofta

    S1 NWAF - Gear RP/Combt log 26-05-17 01:30ish

    There were a few shots near the south barracks at NW airfield so i went to go have a look, I came across 4 guys who were shooting infected. We chatted for a bit then one left. I then went to the well at south barracks to get water. I then spotted a guy with a purple face mask shooting infected so I went to ask if he was ok. Then the 3 guys from before came over, then two of them initiated so I then backed away from the situation as i was not involved in holding up the man with the purple mask. a few minuets later the friends of them man with the purple mask came and killed the two men holding him up. They then saw me and told me to come to them with my gun holstered, so i did. Then the Purple face masked man explained to his friends that i was not involved and they allowed me to go freely. A Few seconds passed then someone open fire on me from the jail area and killed me. I knew it was not the Purple face mask and his friends because they knew i was not hostile and they said they will not harm me. So I think some one else shot me weather it was on purpose or not im not sure.
  4. Its hard for me to remember every thing, because it was over a week ago, when i was with Red he showed me a neon blue armband that he supposedly got from a horseman he killed and he also told me and other people several times that is he saw one he would kill them. So when the horseman came into Kabanino i tolled them ic that a an called Red is wanting to kill a horseman, After i joined teamspeak with Red and his friends one of them them (cant remember witch one sorry ) told me that i am either going to help them attack the horseman or they would turn against me. so i left the area and told one of the horseman that a man called red and his friends wanted to kill you so be careful.
  5. As I see in the recording you provided , on your screen I did pull out a gun, maybe due to the sliding glitch, when I pressed f2 it would of corrected the glitch reviling a gun in my hands. Now that I have seen the video I would like the report to be dropped, Sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. Server and location:S1 South of NW airfield in a field 100m of the south wall. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):01-11-2016, 04:15 Your in game name: Casey Beretta Names of allies involved: laurel Denver Name of suspect/s: logs will show Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: RDM I was sitting in a open field talking to laurel, I saw a guy approach so i stood up, then he shouted dont move! so I Put my hands up and didnt move, then he just shot me. I complied with what he said, however he shot me within 3 seconds of shouting dont move even though i put up my hands.
  7. Wooftachoofta

    The United Nations - Iceland Expedition [Recruitment: Closed]

    Nolan is a lad shot g.