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  1. S1: Immature RP - Stary - 9/4/2016 around 22:00

    my mistake. The black male is Collin Maxwell.
  2. S1: Immature RP - Stary - 9/4/2016 around 22:00

    i don't know there names, because i met those guys maybe 1 hour earlier. and i can't recall their names. i only know 1 with his first name, Sam(the black male).
  3. S1: Immature RP - Stary - 9/4/2016 around 22:00

    I did not mean to be immature nor did i mean to offend someone, if i did I'am sorry for that.
  4. S1: Immature RP - Stary - 9/4/2016 around 22:00

    Hee Jamie, before i had the incident with this men, i had a similar encounter(the thumbnail). i had a conversation with a woman, which did not end well. She wanted to have a fist fight, which i accepted. after knocking her down i peed over her. Some people saw me do this, also the person which i did the following with, *piss on the mans his knees*. When i came a cross the men, a hour after the first incident i did not saw it was him. he was sneaking up at me and said i was a nasty men. After realizing it was the one of the people that saw me peeing over the woman, i did the same to him, after we had a long conversation. All of this was in a Role-play matter. if this is seen immature then i should have a ban for immature role-play. PS, The bystanders did not know what happened leading up to this event.