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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/17320-stickzz/

    Why the verdict is not fair:  The verdict is not fair for a couple reasons. It all started because one of my good friend was permabanned awhile back and apparently your not allowed to talk about permabanned people. As we know now that is no longer a rule from what I've been told and on top of that I think that since I have a very good standing on the server in terms of warning points and behavior this is unjustified, and lastly because it has been a couple of months since the incident I think its due.

    Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:  That is all I did post more than I usually do out of anger but then I was just joking around and I lost them.

    What would you like to achieve with this appeal:  Getting my status updates back or negotiating another punishment.

    What could you have done better?: I could´ve settled down and not have said anything and posted a little less.

  2. 7 hours ago, Randle said:

    I am actually blown away by the clear dislike for us and hostile RP to be honest, it's clear that you've come into this report Rolle already looking for a reason to punish us rather than to see if a rule was broken, you are overdramatising and twisting our POV's to make this seem like a much bigger deal than it is. The scenario is very very simple, Me and @Shroud met the one guy in the barn we RP'd with him for 10-15 minutes and Shroud took some duct tape upon leaving we were threatened and told "you best hope my boys don't run into you"  we did NOT bait for this threat. I could understand also if we had taken that threat and then used it as an IC reason to initiate right after he said it but instead we came back the next day. Rather than initiating on him alone in his red barn we engaged in some semi-hostile RP without an initation as there was no need to normally this isn't frowned upon but for some reason in this scenario it is. 

    So we take our leave after this threat and I tell him that maybe I'll pay him another visit with the rest of my men. We did so one day later, we went there to ROLEPLAY, in this scenario we ID'd people in the barn and then chose to initiate, we then killed people who WERE NOT complying. In no way shape or form did we choose these targets because they are easy targets or because of the type of roleplay they prefer, we followed up on a threat towards our group. I could understand your point if this was one or two weeks into the infection but we are at three years and he threatened us, yes he threatened us because we stole from him, we could have just as easily initiated and taken the item as Shroud needed it however we didn't we chose to have some hostile roleplay without an initiation instead.

    Furthermore throughout this report you are choosing to take others words over ours without any evidence. Honestly it's clear that you don't like hostile RP and it seems that you're trying punishing us for engaging in it. 


    Right let's start with this, we had an in character reason, Shroud required Duct Tape, something which we often use to tie up our hostages or enemies, this duct tape was on the floor and readily available, why would we not take it? Since I joined robbing someone for gear has never been an issue as long as that is not the entire focus of the roleplay so although this involved no initation why is it an issue now? 


    Now for 6.4, we did not bait anyone into a situation where we had the rights to use self defence or kill them as we were the ones who initiatied there was no baiting involved at all.

    Overall I'm pretty dissapointed that you've come into this with your mind already made up and I feel it's especically not fair to do this in a report as you are clearly bias towards one side.

    Let's keep in mind the people we are talking about are IC hobos, why would they have any gear you'd like and on top of that you guys have a camp of your own with plenty of gear. This just looks like a blunt attempt or bait to stir up trouble. On top of that before the crap hit the fan everyone was sitting around having a jolly time until someone decided they needed duct tape right then and there. I'm just saying... seems sketchy to me.

  3. Ryans POV:

    So I was just outside of Stary and I heard that everyone at hobo depot (the red shed) where being held up. Since I was friends in character with the hobos and said id protect them that is just what I did I posted up and took multiple shots with my Winchester I am pretty sure none hit but regardless that is about it. They did see and shoot my other friend that was fighting with me in the woods but I do not know if they saw me or not but that's about it.

  4. *Ryan gets up from his chair and starts pacing around the house pressing his PTT*

    "Is there something you don't understand here mate? We are not negotiating this is our island and if you want us to leave you'll have to do something about it, your friends already tried to do something and we have disposed of there presence. This is our island now and there is nothing you can do about it"

    *He lets off the PTT*

  5. *Ryan starts laughing from a house inside the swamps and presses the PTT down*

    "No that noise was your boys screaming out for mercy, and from what I heard even your boys don't even like you,"

    *He let's go of the PTT and hesitates before pressing it down again*

    "Tortuga is our island now and there nothing you damn cannibals can do for it."

    *Ryan let's go of the PTT and slumps down in a chair"


  6. Ryan Luis's POV...

    So I was chilling in Kab with a huge group of people and my in game brother (friend irl) Kyle. Long story short we were having a few friendly fights (kyle and I) when the one guy started insulting this other guy and everyone started hyping up this fight. The guy did not want to fight and started walking away and everyone followed calling him a pussy. We get up the road a little and then some guy starts to hold up this kid. At this point they notice Kyle and I are not part of their group and hold us up too. After that we started heading up to some secluded barn in the middle of nowhere. At this point Kyle and I when we get there are inside the gate surrounding the barn when everyone seems to get distracted from some hostage running. Kyle then taking advantage of the situation pulled out a pistol attempting to save both or at least one of us (because we were role playing as brothers). He ended up killing one then telling me to run then killing another so then I escaped and survived.

    I don't understand what is being reported people attempted to escape and many took advantage of the situation.

  7. -snip



    *The Chernarussian women from the previous broadcast transmits a series of numbers once again on the frequency.*


    *The broadcast ends.*

    *The PTT button is pushed*

    *You hear 7 taps of what sounds like a foot on the ground*

    *The PTT button is released*