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  1. Blur Effect on some afk guy

    I wuz having stroke ty for cute pic would put on status update but ummmmmm
  2. Hold up lemme just.... uhhhhhh...... 


    1. SweetJoe


      wow an actual person falling and not a dummy.

  3. Image result for old person with a gun

    MS-13 would politely like to ask for bubblegum clout taken away, hes got a little too much clout and we are scared.

    1. Taryn


      Nah. Let the clout consume him. 

  4. MS-13 Media Thread

    Made by your bibba truly.
    1. Sleepyhead


      I love the intro with the logo. Sweet shit, dude. <3

    2. dawsonpark


      Thanks again for that graphic @Sleepyhead

    3. Sleepyhead


      no problem at all! c: merry christmas!

    4. LawRP


      "It's the black one, his kind make drugs"

      - @Undead 2k17


    1. NateRP


      u stole my meme

  6. Looking through this KOS on MS-13 liek


  7. Jose Martinez

    Jose grew up in the huge Martinez family in Baywood California. He worked with the infamous Martinez family dynasty and became known as the most loco puta up in MS-13 there. Even taking things a little too far at points. All the gang activity drove him somewhat wack making him who he is today,. He eventually followed his gang and brothers on there journey to the top. He helped them by being a shooter doing what one would call the dirty work. Killing people who talked crap bout MS-13 and his brothers and helping the empire under Gabriela Martinez.
  8. MS-13 [Open Recruitment]

    If you insist...
  9. @Monday looks like how ketchup smells 

    Image result for chubby boy

  10. Computer giveaway

  11. Hello my friends I am back on the updates of status.

    Image result for fat guy kissing

    1. WildCurtosRP


      henlo is dis rl pic thread


  12. Status Update Appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/17320-stickzz/ Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict is not fair for a couple reasons. It all started because one of my good friend was permabanned awhile back and apparently your not allowed to talk about permabanned people. As we know now that is no longer a rule from what I've been told and on top of that I think that since I have a very good standing on the server in terms of warning points and behavior this is unjustified, and lastly because it has been a couple of months since the incident I think its due. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: That is all I did post more than I usually do out of anger but then I was just joking around and I lost them. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Getting my status updates back or negotiating another punishment. What could you have done better?: I could´ve settled down and not have said anything and posted a little less.
  13. The Nigerians (part 1)

    Looking for the booty..
  14. @BrickWall looking like a weeb @Eagle wouldn’t give me nudeZ 😡 @Brady doesn’t like moaning in ts @JimRP is real and.... did something to me @TommyGun_ Pokémon headass
  15. Ryan Luis

    Ryan Luis, Grandpa of Chase Luis used to be just like every other old New Yorker. He lived with his grandson in New York and mostly just sat on the porch drinking and yelling at people. Everything was all fine and swell until Chase dipped. Ryan didn't know what to do, he thought to himself who in the hell would clean his messes up. So in a split second decision, he decided to follow after Chase. He asked some of his former friends and clients where he went off to and they said Chernauras. So Ryan sold everything he had and bought three things. A shit ton of Kush and Hennessy and a ticket to Chernaraus. Not knowing that wack shit was going on there mostly from memory loss Ryan got there and found out it was gonna take a lot more to find his son. So he befriended some silly ass Nigerians who also were very fond of Kush and Hennessy. So now Ryan roams the lands with his band of pirates looking for his grandson.
  16. #unbanabu

    if you say no your a nerd


    1. Eagle



    2. Stickzz
    3. Hebee



    4. Pep
    5. LawRP


      Okay I'll unban him. 

  17. hey so @Rolle bring my dad back or ima subtract some clout points from you


    1. Hebee



    2. Eagle



  18. #unbanabu

    1. Hebee




    Image result for clout

    1. Chewy


      *gives you 1 warning point*

  20. 29 clout points am I right? 

    1. Abu Muhammad

      Abu Muhammad

      26 clout points and a 3 day left clout suspension

  21. [Game] Last Post

  22. IMG_1464.PNG.a140869527ebe6913677cf20a33c0424.PNG


    1. Abu Muhammad

      Abu Muhammad

      19 warning points, all from the forums, feeling good

    2. Stickzz


      Total oof