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  1. The Deal With It Attitude

    Stealing Bus = Perm Ban From the video, it looks like good funny RP to me I mean jeez. Kinda ridiculous if you ask me we gotta grow up and stop reporting stupid little things and killing the community.... That's all I gotta say.
  2. Teamspeak and Discord

  3. Blur Effect on some afk guy

    I wuz having stroke ty for cute pic would put on status update but ummmmmm
  4. Hold up lemme just.... uhhhhhh...... 


    1. SweetJoe


      wow an actual person falling and not a dummy.

  5. Image result for old person with a gun

    MS-13 would politely like to ask for bubblegum clout taken away, hes got a little too much clout and we are scared.

    1. Taryn


      Nah. Let the clout consume him. 

  6. MS-13 Media Thread

    Made by your bibba truly.
    1. Sleepyhead


      I love the intro with the logo. Sweet shit, dude. <3

    2. dawsonpark


      Thanks again for that graphic @Sleepyhead

    3. Sleepyhead


      no problem at all! c: merry christmas!

    4. LawRP


      "It's the black one, his kind make drugs"

      - @Undead 2k17


    1. NateRP


      u stole my meme

  8. Looking through this KOS on MS-13 liek


  9. Jose Martinez

    Jose grew up in the huge Martinez family in Baywood California. He worked with the infamous Martinez family dynasty and became known as the most loco puta up in MS-13 there. Even taking things a little too far at points. All the gang activity drove him somewhat wack making him who he is today,. He eventually followed his gang and brothers on there journey to the top. He helped them by being a shooter doing what one would call the dirty work. Killing people who talked crap bout MS-13 and his brothers and helping the empire under Gabriela Martinez.
  10. MS-13 [Open Recruitment]

    If you insist...
  11. @Monday looks like how ketchup smells 

    Image result for chubby boy

  12. Computer giveaway