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  1. 29 clout points am I right? 

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  2. [Game] Last Post

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  4. [GAME]Kill-Bang-Marry

    All of the above
  5. I look up innocent child eating to make a nice meme right I get a masterpiece...



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    Enough with the Jim shit this is your only warning

  6. Tomorrow it's gonna be a wrap naw what I'm saying... @Cocomii @Law o7@Hunter


  7. When Abu abuses me D:


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      Bruh stop taggin me i'm trynna beat my meat

  8. When VDV and UN be asking me who I am...


  9. Will succ for Beanz

  10. Alright

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  11. Chase Luis

    Chase was originally born in New York City to a single mom who happened to live in the Bronx, When Chase was born his mom had a choice to let him grow up in the Bronx or send him off to live with his crazy Uncle Tom who owned a farm. She chose what was best for Chase and sent him to his uncles. This is where Chase grew up for a good time, he learned how to Hunt, Shoot, Fish, Farm, you name it he did it. Chase loved the farm and the rural landscape. This didn't last forever though, when Chase's crazy Uncle Tom was killed in a firework accident. After that Chase was forced to move back to the Bronx with his mom, Chase hated it, not to mention the fact they were living paycheck to paycheck everyday. Chase didn't have a job and couldn't get one so he made a decision to start selling drugs. It started off slow then as more and more people found out about him it got bigger. By the time Chase graduated his operation had grown so big that he was making millions. But with this came nothing but trouble, Chase got involved with different gangs, mobs, and even at a point the mafia. Not to mention the cops who were right on his ass. With the operation getting bigger and bigger and New York getting more and more dangerous for Chase there was only one thing he could do.... Run.... So he packed his bags and head out to Chearnaurs to find a nice little cabin like his Uncle Toms and hide from the law...
  12. PC died right in time for lore wipe :L

    1. PCJames