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  1. Anotha one, longer as requested with the homies in it
  2. Anotha one as promised featuring @Law @dawsonpark @iBUYCHOWDER some older clips but good ones...

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      Next video coming out at 69 Subs



  4. Death to the stormcloaks they GAVE ME BEANZ 

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  5. Lemme keep 69 beanZ for a min then get me to 420



  7. Hobos scare me!


  8. It all started with Chase, the infamous drug dealer of New York. It started off petty with a few drugs here and there and in a short matter of time Chases operation had grown to an uncomfortably large scale. Selling drugs across the entire city a single youngin not in a gang was pretty dangerous. So he started rolling with a couple different organized crime groups and continued doing business... It wasn't before long that the law started to catch up to him while at the same time his operation was getting better. Chase in a split second decision left to Chernauras to escape this before the law could catch up not realizing he would have other problems to come. After this his Grandpa, an acholic and druggie who would sit on his porch and... well he really just yelled at people was left in New York, knowing that Chase was involved in some shifty business he figured that it probably would not be the best idea to stick around. So he went and met up with some of Chase's good friends and figured out that he had gone to Chernaraus. After this, he sold everything he owned and with the money bought three things Kush, Alchohol, and a ticket to Chernaraus. Trent Luis is Chases younger brother, when Chase wasn't living at home Trent was born. Trent was always the second thought, never really did anything wrong just was kind of there. When Chase was running his "side business" Trent was too busy not getting involved. Trent got decent grades had a small group of friends and just kind of doing his own thing. He had always looked up to his older brothers but was too nervous to do anything with them. Growing up with a single mom and brothers involved in gang activity was tough. One day when he was out with his small group of friends he expressed how stressed he was, one of his friends suggested that he had something to help. Cluelessly Trent went along with his friend and smoked his first bowl of weed. This is where Trent life truly began He was in love and completely changes his life, started wearing gross sweatshirts, tye dye shirts, and constantly burnt incents. It is said that even at one point his brother bought him some land to cultivate weed for his business. While living on this land cultivating weed and living his dream everything was great, he was in a paradise. That is until his brother disappeared, calls weren't being returned day after day. He had a bunch of weed waiting to go out into the streets but no brother! So he went back home to his house in the Bronx only to find that it had been basically deserted. He was confused, scared, and stoned until he found a letter written in shitty handwriting from his grandpa. It read they had fled to Chernaruas because of the law, Trent knew at this point two things. First he was all alone and second the law would eventually find him and his farm and come to shut it down. So he moved with the family got a plane ticket to Chernaraus obliviously only to find out that it would take a lot longer to find his family...
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    Spotlight uh moonlight uh 


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      girl why u tripping moonlight uh


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      What are you on about!? ? 

  10. Whole gang full of keyboard warriors uh...

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  11. They're in the trees, they're in the DAMN trees!

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    S1 RDM Vybor

    Ryan Luis POV: Pretty much the same thing that Dawson Jasper and Law mentioned we were in Kab when some guy came and told us about someone who had shot him we decided to help went to VMC didn’t find him then heard shots in Vybor so we went there I stayed back with Law to post up because we didn’t really know what we were getting into and next thing i know I hear over the radio that he sprayed dawson down before any initiation had been dropped or we did anything.
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