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  1. James was a mechanic in England a while before the outbreak occurred though being offered a job in Chernarus to fix up vehicles and such he accepted since he had always wanted to travel and so he had travelled to Chernarus before the infection occurred. Fast forwarding to the outbreak he was in the garage with another employee working a late shift before an infected came along into the bay where they were working, his friend had almost instantly ran over to help the person since they were bloody but in an instant teeth were being sunken into the other employee thus as a quick thought James took a tire iron and smacked away at the infected's head till it had fell and was dead though the same could be said for his friend. Alone and wondering what the hell was going on he soon ventured out to realise the country had gone to shit and from then on he was a survivor of the apocalypse.
  2. Dragoon

    S2: Invalid initiation/Attempted RDM in Kabanino - 27/08/2016 23:20

    You had the exact same black bandanna and clothing as the day before
  3. Dragoon

    S2: Invalid initiation/Attempted RDM in Kabanino - 27/08/2016 23:20

    My POV on the situation : Me and chris were heading into Kabinino for supplies when in the middle of a field we spotted Samantha just standing there (she said she was in a bush but like she said it could have been de-sync), We then realised she was apart of a group that robbed us the day before so me and Chris struck a revenge plan since our characters never died in the robbery. We ran up too Samantha and started barking orders at her "get on the ground" "drop your weapon" and such, how she didn't hear them i dont know that could have been another case of De-sync, and due too me wanting revenge for our friends death during the robbery i force fed her disinfectant. What i did i dont think is wrong but if i broke some rules i am incredibly sorry.