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  1. I did draw my weapon, that is correct. It was my reaction to a person aiming a gun at my friend and telling him (or rather us)to put his (our) hands up. Considering that I was told the person next to me did not know the one aiming a gun at my friend I drew my gun to protect him. I did not shoot though. My actual intention was to overpower him and I hoped for the support from the stranger next to me. But either way, I accept my characters death. I consider drawing my weapon a hostile act towards another one, even though I did not shoot. However, form what I know from my friend, he was compliant and wanted to place his hands behind his head just to be shot right with me. Originally it was about a trading offer which was met by a quick death without making demands, in my point of view.
  2. Server and location: Server 1, near Stary sobor in the woods. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 21:40ish 31.08.2016 Your in game name: Adam Fox Names of allies involved: Adam Crane Name of suspect/s: I only remember one calling himself John. The other didn't tell us his name. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Offroad Hatchback (friendly) Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None. Detailed description of the events: We were parking our car in the woods to get some rest. A few minutes later a guy showed up, wanting to offer us something for our car. After we told him to put his gun away, he did. My friend checked out the area and found another guy. The one calling himself John. I asked the first guy if he knew him. He did not. Once John came closer he yelled to put our hands up and before we could do anything they shot us.