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  1. Joonas Maennik (Männik) is from and used to work in Tartu, Estonia - second largest city in Estonia. He served community every day, working as a young police officer in the streets of the town. As he was a member of Emergency Task Force in Estonian Law Enforcement, everybody were called upon to fight against the outbreak in Chernarus. They had to come as volunteers though, which Joss did. He had no children nor a girlfriend, had a brother and a sister though. Looking for adventure in life, he did join the campaign of freeing Chernarus. As their squad arrived in "hell", they were not ready for what was going on. Every single day they lost more than one man, until there were not many left. Morale was low and they made a decision to go back. It didn't go that way as the outbreak was announced to have spread worldwide. Going back home has to be postponed... but Joss works hard for this. As long as he's here, he attempts to help people, neutralise undead, keep himself safe from danger - living in the woods.
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