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  1. Hi! I am Michael Riddle, army soldier. I was born in London, 09/22/1980 and since I was a kid I dreamed about being in the army. When I got a little bigger I started studying about guns and stuff because I really was into this thing. At the age of 18 after a discussion with my family which ended in a fight, I left home and joined the army. A month later after I joined the army, I came home to them. They were pretty ok with my decision in the end but they had a fear that I could die on the battlefield. This cycle of me visiting them every month that passes continued for years. I was promoted to the role of Captain after being the best sniper in the unit for months. One day, me and a couple of soldiers were sent in a mission in a country named Chernarus, where we had to protect the people there and rescue them out of a city called Severograd that was infected with a plague. While on the plane, we were told about the infected ones who were attacking the civilians. Me and my unit just landed there in Chernarus. It seemed like a nice country to go on vacations with the family, we did not knew what was about to happen in the next weeks. After we got off the plane, we split into two groups, one was led by me and the other one by another captain who came with us. My group went through the woods to Severograd while the second group went on the road. Randomly on the way there, in the woods, we found a guy armed to the neck with rusted up weapons in a tent. We helped him, gave him a radio,and moved on to complete the mission. After arriving to Severograd we saw the dead people rising and attacking others. We had to shoot the dead on sight to prevent them from killing the people we were trying to save. But many people died, some of the soldiers too. We grew shorter day by day. Weeks passed and it was worse and worse, more cities were infected. The infected ones overcame us and we separated. I tried contacting the remaining soldiers of my squad but all the connections were lost. Maybe not “all”, because I was contacted by the guy in that tent we met when we first got here. We met up and now we had to survive here on our own.