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  1. Im back

    Hi, im back been playing recently but seems like even after 2 months of being away , feels like i'm new with all these groups and not recognising many people, but I hope to have great rp with everyone and make some good memes and make some new friends
  2. Frequency 94.7 (open)

    *Borat hears this and is surprised by this message* *pushes down the radio ptt* ''Ummm this is a surprising message but I guess i'll have new neighbors maybe we can be friends, but Novy has been my home for a while now so hope we have no problems, maybe I meet you today by the church maybe not but yeah if you hear a party in the middle of the night it's just me and my friends, regards Borat and the Coyotes.'' *pushes down the ptt and proceeds to the novy police station*
  3. *Borat takes a drag from his cigarette whilst chilling with his brother Liam, suddenly over the radio they were told this women disrespected one of their friends and called him a pup and did all sorts of things with him.( apart of the group coyotes) They both burst out laughing ( Borat , Liam ) After Borat regains his breath after almost dying from laughter* *Borat then takes out his radio and pushes the ptt* "To this mysterious women , I'm glad you had fun with one of our boys but just know it's time for Liam and I to have our fun. I am running low on Muti so maybe some of your fingers can help. Ohh before I forget I have a present for you umm i think youll like it , its a pink teddy bear and maybe i'll write your name in blood on the teddy bear after we meet up, then it will be yours forever." (hear Liam in the background , can't wait to see you *creep but hysterical voice*) *Borat releases ptt and they go back to bantering to each other.*
  4. *Message to anyone*

    *Borat picks up a the radio this time and knowing a safe settlement he pushes down the ptt* "Look for the Vigil at Polana factory and talk to them about it" *Borat turns of his radio*
  5. To everyone [open]

    *Borat has been listening to the radio and masking his voice with a different accent so Ryan doesn't recognize him, he pushes down the ptt* " Oi , this Ryan guy is being a tad bit rude from what i've been hearing. If he's causing trouble just contact me on 109.45 and Ill come help anytime " *Borat realeases ptt but then he realises he wants to say one more thing and with a roar* ( Message intended for Ryan ) "DONATE TO THE CAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" *Borat drops the walkie talkie and walks away* (Mic drop)
  6. *Message to anyone*

    *Borat hearing this is thinking to himself crops from a Jamaican what could that be? He pushes the ptt using a Jamaican accent* Hey man ... Will you be growing herbs , you know the herbs that are used in Airplanes. Or will it be like a different variance of 420 crops , man? *Borat chuckles a little after his horrific Jamaican accent and returns to carving up the wolf*
  7. *After days off stalking the world without borders seeing their recent defeat Borat went to the forest got some alcohol and drank the night away, after he woke up and having a horrific hangover borat pushes down the ptt* "Hello friend? Its nice to see you again " *Borat chuckles remembering floor 11 teaching them a lesson* "I have a song for you..." (Just imagine rapping) " Looking at the monsters; they can see you can't sleepFighting with my thoughts; all the humans to eatPieces of flesh in my teeth; all theseThings that i see won't let me sleepPlease help me;Find another way to kill the hopeFuck all the monsters, the bugs and the fear " (whispers are in brackets) " I used to see you fuck in the shade of the treesFrom the lights in the leaves to the bites on your knees(Kill the world without borders)Might get a sight of the breeze, you're not psychic your freeI'm the architect bitch(Kill the world without borders)Couldn't pull your life from the seaWhile you're striking I'm freeBut Poseidon is me, and inside him is cleanAn advisor contrived by the the icicle dreamCouldn't fly with the beams " " I'm not evil at all, I'm just a good boyLiving in your head making voices, helping you make choicesSpeak to the freaks and the preachersSpeak to the middle class, kings and the meekersFeature the creatures coming out your speakers and speechesLooking at the homeless in piecesMake you believe thisWant you to see thisNever seen the world till you see how I see shitI'm just a zombie with a conscious looking at my optionsLiving in a world made of monsters and goblinsDealing with my problems, finding all the questions and answersTrying to be the best in the zombie conglomerateManaging my mead flow party all night at the human brain meat showTrying not to sleep yo, everybody's dead, kill the universeNext it's the end of the week, lets freak yo! " *Borat stops and is amazed from the words that came out his mouth but he realises this song may not get his point of view across* "Basically the point of this is just to meet with you, see if you've changed after floor 11" *Borat burst out laughing* "But this is too only meet with Ryan and Ryan must be alone, because I have a present for him after the meeting I can give him the present depending on how it go's, this present could win him the war, or it will lose him the war and go to the horesman" "I know my last message was fucked up and really I just wanted the robberies/killing of innocent to stop and by gosh karma striked back and you clearly learnt your lesson..." " So this is what I propose we meet up lets say Machkino tents and have a few drinks and I have a proposition for you of course , this may sound like a trap , it's not the horesman killed the rest of my friends and the other just disappeared." "I can put the past behind us (has a coughing fit)" "But if you do not meet me this gift will either be left alone and used at a later stage or maybe ill make a deal with the horesman." *Borat releases the ptt and thinks about last night.. All he really wants is revenge on the horesman and to at least be friends with Ryan and his group*
  8. *Borat finds these peculiar mushrooms in the forest and he knows it's always a risk to eat mushrooms since many mushrooms can cause paralysis , but for some reason when he stopped at a water pump he didn't think twice about eating them* ( Just basically image a person going mentally ill after torture and some drugs(didn't get tortured by world without borders but we have history)) *Borat grabs the radio and begins to speak Tick Tock , Tick Tock, Here comes the death Clock, Lets play a Game . *chuckles* I can be the Croc, whilst you can be the frightened Dame. I have to ask hmmmmmmm What do you think about the world without borders? They killed my friend, but he killed two Honestly a world without borders more like a world with disorder I think they should be locked up in a zoo, maybe with some elephant poo, I think it's time for the croc and the dame to play this game *Borat pauses because he see's the world for what it is* ( make your own assumption of what this means) Let's play this game , Oh let's play this game, Don't be Lame, Let's take the train, And start the game, World without borders will surely take their last breath Because *laughs but more of a delusional hysterical laugh* of their imminent death. You may threaten mee But soon you will see nie ( nie means no in Afrikaans basically one of the languages in South Africa / #character lore)
  9. Guns for sale or trade

    *Borat thinks about his collection and know that he has more than one mosin* "Funny enough I dont have a sword, but I do have a mosin which maybe can interest you ."
  10. Guns for sale or trade

    *Borat get's weary and wonders if its a robbery maybe he should bring a friend or two too the trade* "Just tell me when and where and I'll be there, just tell me what you want for this magazine?"
  11. *Alex tracking a target he was hired by a friend to hunt down and bring him to him dead or alive, Alex pauses for a moment and see's his target 1 click away, Alex pulls out his rifle and his scope and aims right on his head , but instead of shooting him he pauses and takes out his radio.* "Hi my names Alex and really to put in simple words I'm the best sniper you can find. When I was in the Army people called me deadshot after that one guy in the comics. So why Am I telling you this. Well I can be your hired gunman ,you can either give me supplies to buy a few things . Firstly a target, if this target you seek of and I have a personal vendetta against this person it will be free of charge. Secondly if just need protection or just a extra gunman who will risk their lives for his boss I am the man to hire." *Alex put the radio in his left hand and puhes the button down for everyone to hear his kill* *he holds his breathe* *boom* "First job complete"
  12. Guns for sale or trade

    *Borat was told about this frequency and knowing he is missing two guns to finish his collection he changes the radio to this frequency* "Hello , I'm a man who has much to trade, but I want to know is this weapons cache have more than just guns and ammo?" *wondering if he can visit this cache* "And I'm looking for these gun's ive been told its actually easy to find if you search but do you have perhaps any trumpets and a repater?" *Borat looks at his countless AUG's and chuckles* "I will give you an AUG with a full magazine if you can acquire me both of them, if you do not have these two Im looking for a vss magazine this ofcoarse demands a high price and I would like to meet up for negotiations."
  13. *Borat suddenly woke up, to hear his radio going off. After hearing the message he realizes that the situation is escalating faster than he thought, either there will peace or war. Not having the power in the group to let everyone freely pass into to "Two Face" territory , borat rushes to call Liam on his radio on the emergency frequency* " Liam you were not there when they held me up in the building , we may have better guns but we don't have the numbers, can we rather have peace because we are not in the triangle. Liam we need peace we can fight another day , (cough) I can not see my brothers and people I don't even know die over freedom, my country (South Africa) fought to long for freedom and many people died , let's turn over a new leaf ."
  14. A World Without Borders Media Thread

    Was fun rping with you
  15. Abuse of ooc and avoiding role play

    Stating that she has no sound with them, but then 5 minutes later speaking with me and hearing me. Just feels like she's trying to avoid rp.