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  1. nice shoes you got there @Kriss Blade
  2. RP is the best



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      Lol, that guy would just not die ?

  3. The beauty of sin city :,<


  4. *Reuben sits down next to the ashes of the fire which burnt his old identity and Jason's. Reuben starts too stare deeply into the fire and picks up the radio* Any brothers out there... We have agreed to go our separate ways... I hope to see you soon and still talk about what happened, but today I lost my family and to any one we marked, never forget who we are ... Never forget ... The brotherhood New Society *Reuben stands up and proceeds to travel to prison island*
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    1. KyleRP


      Goddamn, no. STAHP

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      Very Nice

  6. She grew up in a poor Russian family. She had a hard child hood as her parents were always in trouble with the authorities. At her young age she did not know her parents where doing favors for the Russian mafia, but eventually when she got old enough she learnt about it. Lidiya was beautiful ,energetic, driven, dedicated and perhaps a little too impulsive girl but the head of the Russian mafia ( also known as the Pakhan) admired her beauty and arranged a marriage. Lidiya was forced into the marriage but eventually grew to love it , she loved the power that came with being the Pakhan's wife. So how did she land up in Chernaruas you asked ? Well the simple answer is shes running away from her husband ...
  7. Do you worship our lord and saviour Mamaragan, can I spread the word.... No ... well Im going to preach
  8. "Woooh I recognize that voice , hey I heard what happened with Buck but between you and me no hard feelings over the whole situation." *Reuben sighs* "I know I'm speaking casually ... even though it was probably a horrific day for you ,but I'm a trained psychologist and I guess it is not the first time I've heard a story like the one with Buck... so if you want to talk about it... to see if your mentally okay i guess , well less fucked up then normal... but I hope you don't stick a gun to my head like fucken Jason did to you..." *Reuben laughs at the idea of getting a gun stuck to his head like its a fantasy to him, almost craving the idea* "Well my only advice is don't go to Vybor , trust me its safer to be around Jason then to be near that rat hole, Im a lover not a fighter and I hope you can cope what happened with Buck as I remember him telling me how close he was to you..."
  9. For my me its just annoying to hear wheres your gun license every time i try remotely rp with Anarchy (just repetitive role-playing experience , every time I die i do go up to Novy try get some dank rp but usually same thing about gun license ) , they did capture me once and complied nothing special happened rp wise that was entertaining, just took our car and left , but i have learnt Anarchy are great at pvping . There will always be a big bandit group so I'm indifferent ( some people experience great things with Anarchy , some people don't ) I'm sure its happens a lot with big groups.
  10. I was told to go to forms for weapon permit?
  11. Borat

    The Syndicate

    Dam i wish I could run into you in game :> dope group doh
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