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  1. So much banditry, and so many terrible bandit characters. Seems to me a lot of people have switched Kill on Sight for Rob on Sight.
  2. Still seems open to me. I've been waiting for GMs to make a judgement.
  3. In the confusion of the firefight I might have unmuted myself by accident, or possibly not muted in the first place. My speakers were definitely disabled as I didn't hear any of what was said in that video, because my radio was disabled just before the shooting started, and I remember hitting the mute hotkey. My TS mic is set to voice activated and what you can hear is me talking to my friend who was sat in the room watching me play. I was showing him how DayZ is different with good RP. This is also why I am very quiet, I had taken my headset off when I was shot and the mic was far from my face. If this does count as a meta-gaming offence then I apologise, as it was most definitely not intended as such. I would hasten to point out that if you'd like to file a report, be my guest. Whether you trying to hijack the thread is allowed isn't my decision to make, but it is my personal opinion that you would be best served by making your own thread. If you do, I will say what I have said now and let the GMs decide. I however do not agree that they provided proof against committing rule breaks. It appears to be my word against his. And my word is that I was given no time to comply. Rules state The victim(s) may only be killed if they do not comply with demands after a reasonable time or if they pose a direct threat to them. Whilst I was not killed, I was shot twice (including the head) clearly in an attempted murder. I was surprised I survived. The captor told me not to stand up as the stand up animation was playing. By the time the animation finished, I had been shot. Bare in mind I also never stopped surrendering, and never posed any threat to him. He did not give nearly enough time.
  4. Server and location: S2, Stary Sobor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): between 12:55am and 1:15am Your in game name: Tim Green Names of allies involved: Joel Hernandez, Bliszkowic Rund Name of suspect/s: Vlad, Unknown. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None. Me and my friends saw some people in Stary so I went in to check it out. My friends hid in a house so they could watch over in case it went bad. I went to the Church and we greeted each other and talked. There was probably 5 people there. After a few minutes talking, a Chernorussian named Vlad raises his gun and starts robbing me. Before they took my radio, I inform my friends and they open fire. I'm not sure if anyone was killed initially, but they ran into the church and one of them was killed while inside. I'm on the ground surrendering outside the doors, they tell me to come inside but I feign injury to try and draw one out. Another guy who was took hostage agrees to come out and bandage me, bandages me, the closes the church doors and runs for it. As he ran I stood up, but did not move. The doors opened very quickly, and someone told me not to stand up (despite already being stood up), then immediately shoots me. I go unconscious. Whilst KO'd, the server resets (it was about 1:00am at this point). I logged back in, and nobody was around, so I patched myself up and ran NW to the forest. While I was running up to the forest, I saw someone - I thought it was the other hostage - I asked him if 'he was the guy from the church', he ran right up to me (within pulse distance), said 'yes', and immediately killed me. My argument is that I should have been given more time when I was first shot, by the church. I was already stood when he told me 'not to stand up', and he shot me immediately. Also possible combat logging, because when I came in after the reset, there was nobody around at all. Finally ruleplay over roleplay, as I think the last man took my pulse to check my identity, to make sure I was the hostage he thought I was, so he could use his KoS rights. It's worth noting that ingame I impersonate a fictional character named Mikael Rund, and did in this instance. This is not knowingly an impersonation of an actual player, I impersonate as the brother of Bliszkowic Rund, so to my knowledge breaks no rules. Some names of the suspects should be in the logs as some of them were killed by my allies during the initial firefight and following it.
  5. Considering you were in TS with Larry, Alec, and Lyca for this entire sequence of events, it should have been made clear to yourself that we were not intending to commit hostile action. Larry in particular would have heard us talking, and heard us saying how shady the whole thing is and that we needed to get out. We never checked him for a radio, so he was able to communicate this with you all at any time. That is why from our perspective it seems completely unreasonable for this to have escalated into a firefight. If when you approached us on the road, you told us that Larry was your friend he could have joined you, we wouldn't have stopped him. We would have assumed he was following us to try and see if we were his friends or not. Instead, Larry no made move to leave our group when he could of, and you made no attempt to negotiate (as you thought he was being held captive). Either way, even if our warning is considered an initiation that granted KoS rights, it's a poor excuse for killing all of us. Considering that nobody was in any danger until you started shooting, it seems like you were using our warning as an excuse to kill all of us, not out of self preservation but essentially for sport. You even asked Lyca to stall us, to prevent us from leaving peacefully. This all said, it seems pretty clear we aren't going to agree on this. I feel it's best left to the Gamemasters/staff to decide.
  6. We considered Dalton and his actions to be a threat to ourselves. Our warning was conditional; If you keep doing this, we may retaliate. On hearing this, he accepted that premise and turned away, and we had no reason to believe he was not being honest - we'd never seen him before this point, and didn't see him again after either. It was not an initiation, but a warning that if he didn't stop, we would initiate. However, it never got to that point. As far as we knew, he was gone. And, even in the case of our warning being considered an initiation, it seems like overkill to murder the entire group, especially those members who didn't say or do anything hostile (it's worth noting Dalton deliberately prioritised myself and Brad, despite us not personally doing anything. If anything, it could be argued that because Dalton continued to follow us, knowing we would attack if we saw him (which we didn't), he was deliberately putting himself in a situation that would allow him to murder us as revenge. I'm not saying that was his intention, but I am saying that had we seen him and initiated, that would have been a situation he deliberately enabled, not us. He knew what would happen if he did. And that would give him a much stronger motive for attacking us, as revenge for us having to use force against him. As I'm sure you're aware, baiting players into legitimising a revenge kill is not allowed.
  7. I'd like to point out a few things. First and foremost, we never initiated on Larry or Lyca, nor did we intend to. Larry was stalking us, we wanted to know why, so we asked him to come with us so we could talk somewhere safe (hence taking cover under the tree, I assume). We deemed the area unsafe because Lyca had been chased off by 2 random people earlier, plus we are well aware of Kabanino and it's reputation. We never forced him to come with us, nor did we raise our weapons at him, restrain him or threaten him. He came with us of his own accord, not through use of force. He did not try to walk away, and had he we would have let him. We did not want any trouble. Lyca we only talked with. When I saw her running down the road away from Kab, I ran over to her in case she needed help (she'd mentioned earlier she had little ammo, and she was running from Kab). We never had any intention of harming her, or Larry. Sebastian also clearly stated he didn't want things to get dirty. As for Dalton, we could see he was trying to creep up on us. We knew the area was dangerous, and we didn't want to take any risks, hence why a warning was issued not to follow us. We define this as a warning, not a threat, as the consequence was dependent on his actions - whether he continued stalking us (for the record, he clearly did, as seen at ~2:10 on our video, thereby justifying the use of our own force anyway). It's also important to note we never directed the consequence at him personally, only stating we would open fire. That might be semantics, but I feel it's a point worth making. Our only intentions were to get the hell out of dodge, and make sure nobody tailed us. When me and Brad were killed, we were just talking with Lyca and Alec. He had come over from the milbase, and we hadn't seen he prior to this point. We had no idea that Dalton, Lyca, Larry or Alec were in any way affiliated, and we never made any verbal or physical threats against them, at that point nor any other. Only 1 warning, directed at Dalton. Personally, it's my opinion that killing 3 people because they warned you not to tail them is an unnecessary act of force. But again, that's not my decision to make, just my opinion. I would also suggest getting a POV from Brad himself, as he was also killed.
  8. Here's my POV: I went to the milbase between Vybor and Kabanimo, and Sebastian was on overwatch on the hill. I met Brad Mitchell, we talked. Seb came in after I started talking. Butterfly approached us from outside the base, we went out to meet her, on the east side. We went back inside to be less exposed, and a man from the "Gorka Action Press" came up to us from the west, and Butterfly hastily left, going East. He chased her, we saw another man chase soon after. I heard him say he'd like to speak with her. Me, Sebastian, and Brad left the base, headed East, and saw someone was following us from the West. We confronted him, called himself Kirk, or something similar. He had no visible weapons, so we told him to come with us, as we didn't think the area was safe. Someone else was following us, along the road from the North. We confronted him, he said he was scouting us as someone had taken shots at him. We told him to leave and not follow us again, or risk violence. He turned away and left. We moved south, on the East side of the road, I saw butterfly running along the road, went to see if she needed help. We stopped in the field to the south east, asked her what was going on. She didn't know. Another dude ran up to us from the base. Don't know his name, had a blue/purple bandana around his face, seemed anxious, maybe. I was trying to calm the bandana guy down when someone opened fire, from a distance I think. I hit the deck, but they killed me.
  9. Apologies! A quick question if I may, since I haven't seen anything relating to this in the various guides I've read. Do the DayZRP servers have any differences to regular public servers? Loot tables, zombie levels, etc? Thanks
  10. Hi! Looking forwards to starting. This should make a nice change from being constantly hunted and executed by ghillies haha. Haven't passed my whitelist yet. Misread a question and gave the wrong answer. Turns out it was -Snip- whoops. Anyways, looking forward to getting started