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  1. LEONARD THOMAS began his story as a young police officer in central Glasgow, Scotland. He was undoubtedly the best cop there was during the abundance of gang related knife crime in the area. During his 3 year service in the police force, he lost 17 fellow officers to the hands of local gangs and football hooligans; this built up a lot of stress in his life and made it hard for him to speak to even his own family after witnessing such horrific scenes constantly. Leonard managed to shut down 8 of Glasgow's biggest street gangs (with minimal help due to a lack of police graduates) during his police service. He was commended for his efforts and was offered to move to London to suppress the riots that had been ongoing for too long. Leonard instead decided to leave the police force and apply for a role in the Royal Marines. He was accepted without hesitation and outstandingly surpassed training. 2 years later he found himself in Vietnam, assisting the US in their attempt to flatten communist regimes for good. In his time serving the Royal Marines, Leonard had a total kill count of 44 (North) Vietnamese troops and he sustained several life threatening injuries, one in particular was sustained from the bomb dropped by a biplane hitting his regiment headquarters as he was about to enter. He then fled to the jungle where he managed to survive for an astonishing 102 days with only the environment as his friend. Although Leonard was physically better off than his partners, after medical treatment he was sent home, diagnosed with PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). His life after that was very depressing and he left his family to live in the Scottish Highland's where he found a particular peace he couldn't find at home. In his time there he made stick figure models from sticks and pretended that they were his mother and brother. His condition was not improving. Leonard was talking to a hunter one day while he was searching for food and he was told about the outbreak of infection that was quickly spreading about the world. Leonard was still very unstable and decided to set himself on a mission to 'ground zero' so that he could find the source of the infection and stop it reaching his 'family' who he felt so close to. Leonard made his way down south where he stole a fishing boat from Devon and sailed across the Channel. From there he made a series of robberies to get him to what will be his ultimate destination: Chernarus. Little does he know, it is too late. Personality: Leonard's currently very mentally unstable and doesn't always find it easy talking to strangers. He prefer's to live out in the wild rather than enter big towns or cities. He will use wildlife and his environment to make his own clothes and weapon's for survival and killing the infected. He prefers do venture on his own but this may change depending on how others interact with him. Leonard has a very intricate skill-set and although his age is showing, he will be forced to use his skills in difficult situations.
  2. That's a whole lot to take in and it's very well done. Good job!