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  1. Server restart = wrong spawn?

    Hi, This has happened to me twice now, and it is one of the most annoying things ever. I spawn in where I last logged-off (obviously) and I play for a couple of hours, running, looting and all that stuff for HOURS. Then the server restarts. I then log in again and by this time I had run from Stary to North West AF, I log in and BOOM, back at square one. I'm back in Stary. Last time I was in Stary was hours ago. The gear I have is also the gear I had when I first logged in today (Stary). Hours of gameplay and hours of time i've spent on looting, gone, just like that. It does not however seem like a coinsidence, since the restarts possibly is the cause of it. But why? Anyone else experience this?
  2. Game crashed while in RP with a player

    Hello Sazzow! Sorry to hear that you crashed during your RP. If you were not in a hostile or combative situation with the doctor then you should be fine and you can attempt to try to get back into the server. If you have been trying that for sometime and cannot regain connection I would recommend you try to get a hold of the doctor by looking for him/her in TS or on the forums if at all possible to let them know of the situation. In regards to the 30 min rule, were you involved in a hostile situation with the doctor? Hi, thank you all for your replies! The answer to your question is no. We just sat by a campfire and talked about our backgrounds. Nothing hostile what so ever
  3. Hi, My game crashed just in the middle of a lovely RP sesh with a Doctor in Stary Sobor. I couldn't log back in since the server was full. Is there a chance I might get banned because of this? Even though I couldn't help it and that I am fully aware of the "30min rule". /S
  4. Popular locations in Chernarus

    Goodmorning! Yesterday I finally got my whitelisting application approved and I joined the server for the first time. The server had at the moment 50+ active players. I played for 3-4 hours straight yesterday, visiting a lot of the most "famous" places in the far north-east (Novo, Sevorograd, BNN airstrip, Svetlojarsk, Lumber mill/Berezino) but I found no one. Not even traces of any players that had recently been there. So what I am curious about is what places in Chernarus I should visit for the maximum chance of getting to meet other people and RP. The big cities and places to be if you normally want to meet people (RP servers or not) is of course Electro, Cherno, Kamiwobo and all other "high populated" areas. But does this differ to the RP servers? Is there places that people visit more often in RP servers than in regular servers? /S
  5. Whitelisting is a bit unfair

    I like the structure of it. It may seem that the 6 steps are unbearable and unnecessary but after going through one failed application and still kept going on spending time on a new application, I realized that this filters out A LOT of unwanted players in the RP community. To go through ALL that just to join the server(s) to troll, seems very unlikely. I've stumble upon a lot of various "whitelisting" applications on other communities for other games, and it's nothing compared to this. The people that's here, wants to be here.
  6. In-game language

    That's what I thought. Thank you very much!
  7. In-game language

    Goodmorning, Waiting for my whitelisting application to be reviewed at the moment and I have some questions. My character (and my self) is Swedish. If i were to stumble upon another character in-game that also has a Swedish background, is it allowed for us/me to speak in Swedish? Example: Me and a character named Sven (who's swedish) bumps in to a non-swedish speaking character. We do not know what to do with the other character and we want to discuss that with each other. Am I allowed to lean over and speak swedish with Sven, regarding the specific situation? The swedish language then being a tool for us to openly speak about the character in front of us, without him/her understanding what we are saying. The answer may be clear as day, but I just want to be 100% certain. Have a great day!
  8. Do You RP With Yourself?

    I tend to play in that way yes. I feel like talking to your self, singing or just making random noises that one would do in various situations adds to it all. If someone is lurking on you and here these noises, it will not only make your experience that much "real" but theirs to.
  9. Hey, again. If I read everything right, this should be the place to post my "first post" in. Right? Also, failed my whitelist-test with one point... But I'll just wait for 4-hours while listening to some Rocky-theme music, that should bring my spirit right back up! /S
  10. First post

    Just want to post my first post to indicate my activity and that I am not a robot (that is exactly what a robot would say). And also that I think this is freaking awesome! Been playing Dayz for ages, and I've just now stumble upon this community. Loved RP in Arma 3 and I think I will love RP in Dayz even more. Thanks for doing this and as far as I can see, doing it professionally, big ups to that. Can't wait to get home from the office to begin my adventures. /S