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  1. Smilen

    Question regarding the domain dayzrp and punishment

    Just adding my opinion on, I dont intend to offend anyone. If I dont get things wrong, people are, understandable , mad or curious about a recent ban handed down for harassment. A harassment which was made outside of any services this community offers. In this manner, it wasnt connected with the community, therefore it isnt Rolle´s job to handle it, right ? But you have to see, that the harassment (or whatever you want to call it) was made about a member of the community, and that it would have not been made, if this member wouldnt be part of the community, right ? So it is indeed connected with the community, since it was made to "harm" a member of this community, even if it was in a private room. And I personally think, as long as it refers to the community, in the specified case a member, the admin team should have the possibility to punish such behavior. As a last example. If people offend a random person, not being part of this community, I think no admin would mind, why should they ? But as soon as the community is the reason or the platform for the offending behavior, they would and should mind, shouldnt they ? Although I doubt about the efficiency of handing down permanent bans without a warning in general. But that is none of my business.
  2. Smilen

    DayZRP 2016 trailer contest results

    Each of them looks great, I wouldnt know how to achieve something roughly that good. Great job
  3. Smilen

    Petition for the Meme thread

    Seems like a good idea ~Smilen
  4. Smilen

    Memorial for my Best friend (cat)

    Im sorry for your loss I know my cat for ~13 years now, we picked her from the street, and I dont want to think about her getting older, maybe to be just away one day. Loosing a beloved pet, I cant even imagine this. Maybe it sounds stupid, but I wish you best of confidence for the future, hopefully you can process this one day. I stand behind you and I am not the only one around here who does so, if I can help in any way, dont hesitate to ask. Well, I dont get a fitting ending-sentence, but I hope you know, that you´re not alone now.
  5. You can check the password by clicking on "whitelist" on the upper part of this page. Of course you have to complete the whitelisting process first, but if you meet all the requirements and are willing to achieve it, that shouldnt be a problem. And a big hello from me
  6. Whoops. Excuse my willful ignorance, I just wrote without taking a look at your name^^. Nevertheless I think that the misunderstanding mentioned by me causes/caused a bit of bad mood, some accusations simply refer to a topic, Ami didn´t complain about. So again, we should not complain about people being greedy for gear in this tread, because that is not the topic. The topic is about people destroying stuff on purpose without any in depth RP-reason. Due to this fact, wrong accusations were made which led to a kind of rude conversation. Lets not forget, that it is a game.
  7. Im not sure whether I got the point or not, but I think he is not mad about loosing gear in general. He is mad about people, who leave stolen gear, which they cannot carry anymore, on the ground to despawn it. Such behavior does not have any RP-reason in my opinion, furthermore it destroys the trader´s RP. And to add on, leaving stuff on the ground to despawn it is based upon the knowledge, that the server will eventually erase it, which is could be considered kind of metagaming. Did I get this right ?
  8. Smilen

    Strange and Silly Ads on DayZRP

    I feel like Adobe is more than a simple mix of tools
  9. Before I start with this, I´d like to thank Karolis, he helped me out kindly and wiped out my biggest mistakes and corrected some unclear parts, so "blame" him with the positive aspects, I´ll take the bad ones. If you recognize further mistakes or an inconsistency, please don´t hesitate to tell me, as well as your feedback of course. (It cant be worse than "Delete word and smack your head against a wall, until you die) So, I hope you can enjoy this really short story. The story of the grand duchy of Luxembourg [align=left]Relatively small and last of the grand duchies in Europe. As one of the wealthiest countries in the world it offered protection and a fine live for half a million. [align=left]Although only half of its populations were actual citizens, there have never been any ongoing conflicts. [align=left]The first reports of a new, cruel infection were handled like always. They were ignored, and why shouldn´t they ? In the heart of Europe, seated between France, Germany and Belgium, it was safe, it has always been safe since the great war, and what was one more infection ? The word was looking at the ongoing Ebola-infection in western Africa which was far away. [align=left]Same was going on with Chernarus. Even less people knew it, for the Luxembourgers it was as far away as the main Ebola outbreak. [align=left]This “new” infection gained media-attention in Luxembourg when Russia and Takistan shut down the borders. But trying to stop this infection didn´t work. [align=left]During this time some soldiers in Luxembourg started to think about conspiracy theories. While having only a strength of 1000 soldiers, the army became the first origin of curious and wild thesis's. [align=left]“This infection was evolved on purpose to wipe out unwanted human life across the world and only the soldiers could stop this ongoing plan of the evil sovereigns. So they would have to be the first ones to die.” Ideas like this were a breeding ground for public riots, and even the moderate Luxembourgers started feeling unsafe and thought about a self defense. [align=left]Soon after this, people started to ask questions. Was it an accident ? That this new, deadly infection appeared only month after the mentioned Ebola outbreak ? And why were the symptoms so similar ? All in all, these theories met only little international attention, while in the grand duchy itself, fear spread out and was nearly as danger as the infection itself. [align=left]To control the public fear, grand duke of Luxembourg took the chance and gave a public statement. [align=left]“Neither was Luxembourg in danger, nor would it be in the future”. People decided to take the word for it and calmed down a little bit. They thought they would be out of danger. [align=left]During this persistent mood of relief, the first infected emerged in eastern Germany only month later. And as always, it spread out with an incredible speed, the highly-populated Germany worked out as an intersection for this merciless carrier if death. Sharing around 140 kilometer of border, it was only a question of time, and as feared, the infection quickly reached for Luxembourg. [align=left]His royal highness, grand duke of Luxembourg declared a state of emergency as many before him, but the infection cut through the country like the death´s scythe, The capital fell within the first 72 hours since the first case of the infection, this was the last time the sovereign was seen, some say a plane flew off during the capitals struggle, carrying the duke. Few fled to the northern Ardennes, some say that there would be safe zones. [align=left]Some were telling that the grand duchy could be rebuild. [align=left]Some were just wondering whether it is just a nightmare or not.. But only the future can divide the liar from the ones telling the truth. Just one thing is surely known. Luxembourg was only one more victim on the countless list.
  10. Smilen

    DayZRP FailingFriendly INTERVIEW [FINISHED]

    21 server time, you'll be able to see the time in the top right corner of DayZRP's forums. (Under logout button) If you drop a follow, you should get a email when I go live also! Thanks for the quick reply, I will sure do so.
  11. Smilen

    DayZRP FailingFriendly INTERVIEW [FINISHED]

    Probably I´ll be a fool for asking, but how late does it start exactly ? Preferential in CEST so I dont have to calculate too much. Im horrible at calculating Thank you
  12. Smilen

    SamFieldsProductions media thread

    Wow. Nice work, really enjoyed watching them. At least 2 and 3. Did I mention, that I am kind of willing to burn down GEMA´s computers here in Germany ?
  13. Smilen

    [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts