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  1. I am sort of.. New to the community, and I just want to say I am very impressed with the characters and the people I have met playing RP since I am still relatively new. I did not know how this would work or at least operate, but things are getting easier and more fun every time I visit this community and servers. I am just giving out a warm hello to everyone and I am excited to be apart of this community - Snake
  2. Snakeob

    S1 BadRP South Barracks, 21.08.2016 00.30

    Me and my ally were by the NWAF and we approached an individual by the name of Dane, I did not initiate the first contact I was asking questions. My partner by the name of James Mosin proceeded to look through the individuals gear, while I was more concerned about the murders that happened just before we got to the base he was definitely a suspect. But then we let him go fearing he would take action and terminate my accomplice and I, James then took his gun away from the individual, and he was still left with plenty of food and other necessitates along with a fire arm that I could have taken away, but didn't.