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  1. ~~~ History: ~~~ My name is Jaakob Alexandr, but my buddies keep calling me Jack for whatever reason, so I’m sticking with that. My story begins in Southern Estonia, where I was born. My mother was a native, but my father was from Romania and he insisted I would learn his language. I grew up speaking Romanian inside our home. We were pretty poor, so we were scavengers. I never got to go to school, but I was a really fast learner and my mom taught me English and science. I was fascinated. I loved science and my dream was to pursue a career into it. But things got a turn for the worse: some time when I was 9 we had to flee the country because stupid my dad did. He was scavenging and trespassing and got caught by the owners. He got into a fight and ended up fatally stabbing the two neighbors on their property. We fled to Kurzeghistan and had to live in a tent and in our Lada. Eventually, my dad was found by Kurzeghistanian authorities when he was scavenging in a nearby town and was deported because of his previous crime. My mom had to start prostitution to keep us surviving. When I was 16, I realised I had to start working asap. I started by being a farmer at a local business and I was scavenging in my free time. When I turned 19, my mom had been taken away from me - she had to move across the country to continue offering her “services”. It was me, the tent and the Lada. For three years, I worked my ass off to gather some money. I was granted Kurzeghistanian nationality. Now 22, was ready to start my independent life, so I went to Chernarus. I rented a small house on the coast, in Kamenka, and I kept the same routine: farming and scavenging. In 2009, when the civil war came, it didn’t hit me that hard. The community in the town of Kamenka was united and cooperative, so we went through it all successfully. But then the infection came, and I had to flee into the forest nearby. It was me, my tent and my Lada all over again. When scavenging I started collecting weapons and ammunition to get ready to fight the infected. I couldn’t sleep at night. Soon enough, military patrols found me and I befriended an English soldier with the name of Michael Riddle. I didn’t expect the army to be so cooperative, but they were. But things started going downhill for them and soon enough, I was once again alone. In a rowny day, I decided to use the radio Michael left me after they had to go fight again. I called for him and sure enough, he came in. We decided to meet in the periphery of Zelenogorsk and gun up. Since that day, it was me, him and the world. ~~~ Current day: ~~~ Since meeting up with Mike, we rolled around the land, searching a place to call our home and trying to survive. We met Dudu Steel and quickly learned to trust him, because he is a really nice and sincere guy. I enjoy collecting things and hunting.