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  1. mic problems

    thank you very much for the help guys i lowered the volume and it worked a little but i cant see an other plug in the back of my pc for my mic
  2. mic problems

    my headset is a DRAGON WAR G-HS-003 REVAN GAMING HEADSET Features: Support PC Only Auto Adjustment Headband Noise-Cancelling Microphone Fibre Cable with Tube for Protection Volume Adjustment Headphone: Frequency Response: 15 ~ 20,000 Hz Diameter: 40 mm Impedance: 32 Europe Sensitivity: 108 +/- 3dB Maximum Input: 40mW Cable Length: 250 cm Connection: USB / 3.5mm Weight: 220g Microphone: Frequency: 30Hz ~ 15 KHz Sensitivity: -58dB +/- 3dB Impedance: <10K in Europe Connection: Condenser Microphones Directional: Omni-directional
  3. mic problems

    i have some trouble with my mic there is some static noise in the background how can i fix this and im i allowed to play on the servers with it? if i posted this in a wrong pleas pleas remove thanks
  4. ban appeal

    thank you very much for the help hope you have a great day/night
  5. ban appeal

    i did a ban appeal on being underaged i sended an email with the pictures i needed to send when will i get a response