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  1. well thanks for explaining it more from your point of view
  2. well thanks agian for the reply
  3. i wanted to know if this is allowed long story short met up with some guy had some rp one of his friends came up and said we needed to put our hands up i didnt know at the time they worked to together i couldnt see the girl and she started to count and said you will get killed if you wont frop your weopon in 10 seconds i asked what do you want ammo food when she was at zero they guy i tought was not with her just shot me down out of no where in my opinion he didnt had any right to just shoot me down like that at least aim your gun at me and she you guys work toghter so i would love to know if this is allowed if so then i will start to use that technique as well thats just why to easy to just kill someone
  4. i didnt i got stuck in the tree and it stared to spin in the air
  5. walked for 2 hours got a bus got some gear and food and than this happend i tryed to get out and now im dead10/10 best game ever i have a question as well can i go back to my dead body because i got killed by a bug?
  6. james smit was born in london england james smit grew up on a farm when he was younger his father mark smit wanted him to become a farmer just like him but james had other plans he always wanted to join the raf as a child he always loved airplanes and builded alot of models his mother lisa smit died when he was 14 cause of death cancer his father mark smit went into a big deppresion his father wasnt any more caple of taking care of him so he went to live with his grand mother that lived in the city his grand mother was always supportive of his dream to join the raf once he turned 17 he joined the academy once he finsihed his training he was send to chernarus for a peace mission something bad happend he was send out with a group of 5 jets they flew in to a storm all communication failed and all of the jets crashed in to a unknowplace
  7. thank you very much for the help guys i lowered the volume and it worked a little but i cant see an other plug in the back of my pc for my mic
  8. my headset is a DRAGON WAR G-HS-003 REVAN GAMING HEADSET Features: Support PC Only Auto Adjustment Headband Noise-Cancelling Microphone Fibre Cable with Tube for Protection Volume Adjustment Headphone: Frequency Response: 15 ~ 20,000 Hz Diameter: 40 mm Impedance: 32 Europe Sensitivity: 108 +/- 3dB Maximum Input: 40mW Cable Length: 250 cm Connection: USB / 3.5mm Weight: 220g Microphone: Frequency: 30Hz ~ 15 KHz Sensitivity: -58dB +/- 3dB Impedance: <10K in Europe Connection: Condenser Microphones Directional: Omni-directional
  9. i have some trouble with my mic there is some static noise in the background how can i fix this and im i allowed to play on the servers with it? if i posted this in a wrong pleas pleas remove thanks
  10. thank you very much for the help hope you have a great day/night
  11. i did a ban appeal on being underaged i sended an email with the pictures i needed to send when will i get a response
  12. so i just need to make a pic of me with id and a close up of my id?
  13. hey guys i while ago i tryed to join but i was under aged and now im blacklisted but i turned 16 how can i join