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  1. *Ashley hears a voice coming from the radio in her vest, She stops, pulls out the radio and holds down the PTT* "Hello...Quinn, no problem at all, we've been spread pretty thin lately, and I last saw Emilia and Ulman about a week ago.....I think...sorry time sorta slips away when I'm alone.." *Releases PTT and sets the radio down on the ground while she searches her backpack for water....As soon as she's done she picks up the radio* *Presses PTT* "If I hear anything or happen to find anyone, I'll let you know, stay safe" *Ashley Releases the button, packs her belongings and continues walking down the hot, barren road*
  2. *Ashley sits up, still half asleep, realizes that she can't do this solitude thing. It was easy, but now that she's made friends, she constantly wonders if they're all okay. She pulls the radio out of her vest, takes a deep breath and holds down the PTT* "U.P.S, guys...and girl.. where are you? If you can hear me please respond!!! I've been in a lot of pain so I haven't been able to move on, last I saw you was in Grishino, I'm feeling a little better now, so if you can hear me, please let me know that you're all okay and where we can meet." *Releases PTT* *Ashley gets up and pulls out the last of the food that she found, opens up a can of spagetti and enjoys it while trying to figure out where her friends might be.*
  3. Phindi is a 22 year old black woman from South Africa. She moved to Kamyshovo in 2010. The family that she had been a domestic worker for, decided to move and offered her the opportunity to move with them. Since she had no family in S.A she decided to go with. She could start her life over. Write a new story for herself. In between work and looking after the Van Der Merwe's children, she made new friends. She would spend weekends with her friends, going to the beach and or enjoying nature on the many hikes she went on. Her life was great, until she came home one day to find Mr Van Der Merwe, clinging to his dead wife's body. After much confusion and chaos, she learned that Mrs Van Der Merwe had been bit. Not wanting to let her go, after hours of just sitting on the floor, hoping that she would wake up, she did..... She woke up and started "growling" for lack of a better word. She then began to chase him. Mr Van Der Merwe tried to stop her without hurting her, but instead she bit him, she started ripping at his flesh..... All I could do is run... On my way outside, Mrs Van Der Merwe's friend arrived home with the kids who were at her house all weekend. I told her with tears in my eyes that she cannot go up there, especially with the children. She put the children back in her car and asked me what had happened. I told her everything I just saw, and she looked at me as if I was high and she didn't believe me. I begged her not to go up but she wanted to see what I was on about. I waited downstairs with the kids. She ran downstairs screaming for me to get in the car, With Mrs Van Der Merwe running at her heels. The children jumped out the car before we could stop them, Johan was caught by his mother and she began......Monique froze with fear as she saw her mother killing her brother. At that second Mr Van Der Merwe came stumbling downstairs after hearing the screams. He looked like something out a horror film. He started running after us, getting closer and closer every step we took. Hannah was carrying Monique as she couldn't run fast but in doing so she also got slowed down. We ran around the side of a building coming to a dead end. There was another one of these freakish looking people, just standing there. Hannah put Monique down next to her, we were cornered. I found a lead pipe lying on the ground and as the freak ran up to me, I swung. I'm not a violent person but I swung, it's him or me...but he got up again.... Mr...well what used to be Mr Van Der Merwe went for hannah and Monique, I could do nothing to help them....they both went down.....I hit the infected over the head, bringing him to the floor once more and just keep hitting, till there was nothing left..... I did the same for the infected freak that was feasting on his on family and friend..... I ran, confused and alone...I ran.... By this point the streets were filled with people screaming, running for their lives and there were chewed up freaks all over the place. I ran into an apartment building that was dark and quiet for the most part....clenching to that pipe with both hands, I made my way into an apartment, walked through, making sure, nothing was gonna try and EAT me....closed the door and did the best I could at processing everything that happened.....What just happened...It was like a family happy meal..... I need to figure out where I'm going from here.........
  4. *Ashley finds a cool spot in the shade to stop and have a sip of water while picking up her radio* Hello, I'm not sure how long this battery is going to last... Simon, I hear you loud and clear, I can understand how this world can unwind a couple people, thanks for the heads up. Mathias, once I reach Lopatino I will hang around for a couple days if it's safe... *Radio interference until the battery eventually dies* "Damnit!!!! I knew this would happen" *Disappointed, Ashley packs up and continues walking*
  5. *Ashley wrings out, what feels like a litre of water out of her jacket, when she hears the voice over the radio. She drops everything and picks up the radio on disbelief* Hello, are you there? Please come in!! Its so damn good to hear someone's voice other than my own. I was in Pulkovo a while ago and it was a ghost town. But I'm glad that I'm not in that area with everything going on. *With the radio in one hand, Ashley begins to frantically packing everything back in her backpack. She holds down the PTT again* I'm at what looks like a military base camp just north of the North West airfield. *Almost in tears, Ashley holds down the PTT a little longer, with the biggest smile on her face* I'll make my way to Lapatino soon, I'd walk to the other side of the world just to see a friendly face, or just a face that doesn't have blood dripping from it! I'll keep my radio on and wait to hear from you...stay safe. *Releases the PTT and immediately finishes packing up her stuff and heads out. Feeling a sense of peace and optimism*
  6. *Ashley sits down next to the warm fire, once again, hoping that someone will hear her, wondering if she should just give up. Digging in her backpack, she finds the bottle of vodka she picked up earlier today and takes a sip. Barely catching her breath she pushes the PTT* If anyone can hear me....please tell me you can hear me....(break)....If you can, please answer me...I've been on my own for months and I can't take it any longer, I don't know what to do. There's got to be someone?! If there is then where are you??? *Ashley releases the PTT button and throws the radio into her bag, grabbing the vodka as she settles into yet another cold, lonely night*
  7. My name is Ashley West. I'm 22 years old and I'm from South Africa. I moved to Turovo in 2015 to teach English at Novodmitrovsk school. I live in Turovo despite the fact that I work in Novo because I didn't want to live in a big city. I enjoy the small town life. I lived with a room mate, her name was Anna, she also works at the school but she teaches math. She is a local and has lived in Turovo her whole life. She's shown me around a lot. We would often go hiking with friends, and traveled to many different towns and cities to explore, so I know my way around, fairly well. But when something like this happens, you don't really know where to go... Anna and I were at the grocery store when a woman came running in with her son, shouting that a man was chasing them.The shop keeper went to the door to see what she was talking about, and as he walked out the door, a man jumped on him, knocking him to the ground. Covered in blood already, he started ripping him to pieces. Knowing that there wasn't anything we could do to help him, we ran to the back as fast as we could, the woman(Carren) and her son(jack) following us. We decided to go back to our apartment to figure out what the heck was going on. We got back, rushed in and emediatly started packing all we could, food, water, clothes and my fathers Sporter Rifle he gave me when I first moved. Anna turned on the t.v, hoping we'd find answers, but there was nothing but static. I looked out the window and all I saw was total chaos, people looting, fighting; the dead and the living. We rushed downstairs, knowing we had to get out of this insanity. We got in my car and headed for Novodmintrovsk. As we got on the main road, there was a huge traffic jam, everyone trying to get to safety. People terrified, hooting to try and move traffic. The noise attracting unwanted trouble. The dead started coming from all directions. Pulling people right out there cars. We decided to make a run for the forest. As we worked our way through the cars, we were almost home free when someone grabbed Carren's arm, it bit into her neck, as she screamed it attracted more, soon she was swarmed. Pulling Jack from his mothers hand, we kept running and didn't stop until we knew it was only us there. We found a semi secluded area where we decided to stay for the night, where Jack could get some sleep. In the morning, we decided to move on. Our next and only plan was to go to the North East Airfield. Anna's brother was stationed there and we thought they would hold things together, that maybe there was a chance for rescue... Days on foot, I've lost count of exactly how many days it's been, but were all hungry, thirsty and very tired. We stopped off in a bar along side the road for the night. We checked that it's safe. Later that night, I went upstairs to sleep while Anna was on watch. Jack just in the other room. I slept for 45min, what felt like 2 minutes, when I woke up to screaming. It was Anna... I ran downstairs and heard the screaming coming from outside. When I got out, her and Jack were completely swarmed, so i told them to run as I tried to make a dent with the little bullets I had left. They ran into the forest. When I ran out of ammo, I had to make a run for it. I ran into the forest as well and tried calling out for them, but never got a reply. I spent the next couple days trying to find them. Trying to figure out which way they would have gone. Nothing..... I know if I stay here, I will die, from lack of water and supplies or from one of those dead freaks. I'm heading to the Airfield, hopefully Anna and Jack would carry on in that direction. I have to be positive that they made it, that they will make it there. But for now, it's just me, myself and I on this long journey.
  8. Haha thank you, yea i posted here, because I am supposed to post somewhere besides Introduction and OffTopic forums, to activate my reg and show that i am active. Haha hope I got it right Thanks Guys
  9. Hi guys and girls I am waiting to be white-listed Hope to meet you all soon