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  1. Alexander Moses

    Working with telecommunications, the war did destroy major equipments of the country so I have been send to help the locals installing cable lines and other signaling equipments. The sad part is that this work trip ended up in a very "dirty" job. Not sure if I will see my friends, family and loved ones, but hell I am not giving up without a fight. Lucky of being part of the scouts in earlier ages, hunting and fishing with my grandpa, and have been going to the gym, these skills proved to help me staying alive for the last couple of months. "Don't trust anyone, just yourself" I am keeping up with that even thou I've met a couple of people and we helped each other. But you know, zeds and bandits will kill them eventually,...poor guys. As for the future planning? Maybe trying to get some communications with the state, army or hell, even my friends...because I am very sure that they are not dead....
  2. Hello community!

    pls why you do this Welcome Raoul, making friends from around the world is like, my favorite thing to do! Im super social, and I love having a wide circle of international friends! I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself here! Thank you and maybe we can chat sometimes and play together
  3. Hello community!

    Thank you, I will!
  4. Hello community!

    Thank you sir!
  5. Hello community!

    Thank you for the following instruction and thank you for letting me join this awesome community.
  6. Hello community!

    Hello, everybody! Thank you for letting me join DayZRP community and I want to say something about me, so you guys can make some idea of who I am. My name is Raoul, 20yo, friendly and creative person. I like making new friends from like the entire globe, knowing their story and possible meeting some of you if the time will come. I am from Romania, so English is not my main language, but I try to write and speak as clear as possible. I hope we can make stories in DayZRP together and make some community on Youtube, creating some great content ( or maybe this is my future plan after an PC upgrade). Have a nice night!