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  1. Whitelist questions

    Actually you do. The answer to that specific whitelisting question is nowhere in the rules, faq, lore or the newcomers guide. It's in the support forum post here: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-IMPORTANT-Creating-a-ban-appeal-Updated-11-06-2014 I hope it helps people to find that answer in the future.
  2. Whitelist questions

    Yeah, now I know that and will comply. The thing is that some answers are in posts at support forums.
  3. Whitelist questions

    Ok, so, this link should be in the Rules section because I wasted one of my whitelisting attempts not knowing this...
  4. Whitelist questions

    Hi, Can someone point me to the rules section that answers to the whitelisting question REMOVED DUE TO WHITELIST QUESTION? Thanks mp