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  1. as you saw in the video i didn't do the undressing. And i didn't rp becuase he was the one to initiate it, so i just stayed quite
  2. i mean what more do you need?
  3. i havent really done anything with my character profile since the ending of the summer when i stopped playing. Today was the first time i played in a couple of months. I RP with everyone today just not in this situation because i was eating and was letting my friend do the talking. witch is why im in this situation right now. Well look i have to wake up early tomorrow for a 12 shift, what ever you do to my account is up to you. and i will change my profile if im still able to even play again
  4. basically we were going around NWAF looting and saw her. I then explained there's no KOS so he held her up i took her gear and then we ran off thats really all what happen and as you saw in the video i grabbed the gear and ran off and did not undress her. i take this server very serious and really hope i can stay in the server. This wont happen again
  5. i've Played Dayz rp since the middle of last year's summer and was telling my friend how fun much fun dayz rp was . so i decided to get him to get into dayz rp (knowing he hates it) then this happen. im sorry and hope we can get unbanned. i will also return the gear to her
  6. Eric Spade

    Born and raised in San Antonio Texas, family tought me to be polite and kind to other people. lost in chernarus due to a high school field trip for my 7th period biology class.now that the disease has spread my goal is to try and unite the good people still left in this world to fight evil.or try to create some sort of civilization where everyone works together. Before this i was in high school trying to get a scholarship to a college to become a science major. But i will use force to take something i want if i have to.