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  1. Hi My name is David Albert. im 28 yea... or was it 29 ? i dont know anymore... A lot of time has passed and all i know is my name and that i lived in Zelenogorsk due to my Workplace as a NATO Soilder and stayed there after the Civil War. It was a good time... with my Wife Nici... i mean, before everything went to hell , and she died... it was my fault, MY GOD DAMN FAULT !!! i shouldnt left her alone to look for something to eat... when i came back i saw how... how a bunch of infected had been around Nici and started eating her... she was full of blood she looked at me with pure Panic, Pain and Frighten in her face screaming my Name, after abd after again. Seeing her made me lose my control . i took a pipe which was on the road and ran into the mass of Z right in front of me i broke their legs. i punshed the face of them to a glibbery mass, but it wasnt enough, i couldnt stop. i punshed them until you couldnt see that they were humans, i mean before. i layed down, next to Nici, my wonderful wife, she was hardly breathing i took her hand she looked at me, i could see the bones of her legs and arms her neck was bleeding. She wanted to say something but she couldnt her vocal cords had been damaged... she just cried quietly. i couldnt see her like this, suffering, so i kissed her through all the blood, took my FNX from my back (that i had from my job)... i had two shots left... i kissed her said that i love her, looked into her beautyful blue eyes, ''everything's gonna be alright'' and BANG, she didnt had to suffer. Now i was there. next to my love... i killed her... no one else. i mean... she sufferd ?! BUT I KILLED HER , fuuuck, I didn't care about the noise because the whole city was a War Zone. ''I dont want to let her alone in heaven...'' i took a look at my weapon, put it straight to my head... i wanted to pull the trigger ... but i just couldnt... she wouldnt want that i do something like this. I cried , i dont know how long i just cried. i saw police cars drive by i heard people die, but i kept crying. When i started to get to myself again, i decided not to let her on the ground like this. I took her to our favourite place on my shoulder. it was a sweet little corner on a small hill, the view is fantastic. i dug her a grave with my own hands... i put her in it and filled the grave with earth and with Nici also the Past, i still visit her once in a while. Now im walking around trying to survive , and i dont care what i have to do to survive, i will... and when i die i want to die , fighting, fighting for ... nici. //hope you like it, btw the Lore is absolutly stunning and amazing GJ!
  2. hi guys , im new so i have a question if i trade what would be the best way? gratz Official LEO