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  1. Joe jevons was a British U.N aid worker during the fall of chernarus who had close ties to the country as his wife Oksana was a chernarus national who was visiting her family in severograd at the time of the outbreak, as the situation was coming to the media attention Joe was keen to be involved in anyway to help the people of chernarus but his main concern was to ensure the safety of his family which he remained in contact with her in the opening days of the outbreak but as communications systems went down his final conversation with Oksana was quite upsetting for Joe as she seem really frightend as her parents had both fallen victim to the outbreak in the coming days Joe desperately attempted to seek information about her where abouts and as military forces seem more reluctant to help survivors he defected away from his role and made his his only priority to locate his wife and help anybody on his way during this time is when Joe had to greatly brush up on his survival skills as he had only seen the harrowing events with the support of the military but been out in the open landscape of chernarus nothing could of prepared him for the events the would unfold on his arrival to severograd the town had been totally overcome by the infected and Oksanas parents house had been destroyed. As joe came to realise Oksana more likely had died he carried on trying to help fellow survivors searching for supplies and any other remaining people with the little hope that one day he would finally come across Oksana.
  2. exactly my thoughts im recently new to the RP community and kinda struggle a little bit at times and definitely know my RP needs to be improved but i try to improve my self through the encounters i have with people and learn from them,rookie people will sometimes have poor or bad RP but hopefully these players like me will learn from these things through gaining experience in game itself.
  3. Only 24 hours for us guys here in the uk to wait finally i cannot bloody wait anymore!!! ))
  4. Joining you guys from the Uk