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  1. Ansolari

    Top 5 DayZRP PVPers

  2. Ansolari

    Battle for the Castle! Event Over, House Wins.

    I can see the flood of random RDM reports now. Peeps need their body count..
  3. Ansolari


    I would love to research this further actually. Problem being I can only go by the letter of the bill itself, which I admit I have not fully read. I cannot take into account what pundits and politicans say due to the fact that they speak out of both sides of their mouth. I have fully read the Net Neutrality Bill though as it would affect my work greatly as I am a network engineer and would need to ensure my company is compliant with it. Thing is nothing "bad" has come of it just yet.
  4. Ansolari


    It may seem that I am wearing a tinfoil hat here, perhaps I am. But recently I see nothing noble about laws passed in any country concerning this subject. I see nothing but a hidden agenda. Can I prove it? Probably not.. It is pure conjuncture on my part BUT its my gut instinct. I do appreciate you playing the devil's advocate though. Always good to argue both sides of the coin.
  5. Ansolari


    No need to turn this into a USA vs EU bullshit fight. Great assumption there pal... Try keeping it classy... Back to the subject at hand. As an American I am truly upset by this article and have signed as well. The morons behind this proposed law are nothing but elitist and are probably part of the same cabal that wants to foist Net Neutrality on the world. You have friends and supporters across the pond. There is also a movement afoot to have the UN regulate the internet as a whole. They are barely able to run themselves as an organization without all the corruption... That will be the next hurdle..
  6. I completely agree with a text initiation at all times. I see to many reports lately where we are seeing RDM reported by the OPs and the attackers say they did a VOIP initiation and the OP does not hear it. This is clearly proven through video presented from both sides. I will present an ingame RP bottle of scotch for all if this gets put into the rules.....
  7. Ansolari

    Time to comply

    This "time to comply" aspect of the hostile RP nowadays is being possibly abused to all hell right now. It seems that in most of the reports no one can hear the initiations and then they get shot. People are just getting shot at this point for body count numbers in my mind which is fucking stupid. Yeah yeah PVP happens, but its not PVP when you are shooting a character from 1.5 feet away and that character does not have a weapon out. I do not want to hear about "well they can pull a weapon from there jacket", "you can't see animations", or other lame shit. The aggressor should CLEARLY let it be known there is an initiation. Perhaps its the new codec being used as it is harder to hear people. But there is clearly an issue hear...
  8. Ansolari

    Lore wipe?

    Before last lore wipe there were three dopes @Ansolari @fiaboi @Carg0cult who just roamed around the map and caused trouble. After lore wipe there were three dopes @Ansolari @fiaboi @Carg0cult who just roamed around the map and caused trouble. No need for a wipe as we all just rinse and repeat.
  9. Ansolari

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    I am still waiting for Dante Ansolari to run into any of these boys and how they would put a telecom engineer(his old profession) to work though he is a fuzzy foreigner. Wondering if he would recognize the Luke Krey of old as they used to be friends. I will try and purposely run into you guys this week and see how it goes.
  10. This is definitely a very cool thing but I agree with @Vytis that they should first focus on the core mechanics which are "better" but still need alot of polishing. Take the ladder animations for example. It took they dev team about six months to work on this aspect of the game. While it is much better, there has been a glaring bug where if you climb a smoke stack ladder you can be launched into the air and throw quite a distance to your death. In the last status report they mention that alot of the content from .62 will not make it into 1.0. This content includes throwing items, alot of weapons (which included my beloved winchester), and alot of other things which is very endearing to us Roleplayers. The new firehouse/railway buildings would be new "features". They need to focus. But if they can do all of this in a parallel dev cycle I would love it.
  11. Rules should be changed because some damned twitch streamer is offended? Gimme a fucking break. ICly Dayzrp is not a safe space and if this language threaten his *cough* "job" *cough* (violating the PC speak of Twitch) he should not play here. Its a pretty sad day if the rules here are gonna change because of one kid with a twitch channel. I got nothing against this dude but this soap opera shit has gotta stop.
  12. I assume you mean REAL football? It would be be the New England Patriots. *ducks for incoming grenades*
  13. Yup. It was mighty odd. But not a big deal as I can just loot up again to attain "my look" via looting or trade with the server's denizens. I was just curious is all. If nothing happened then you can close this out. Thanks anyways.
  14. I normally only get to play on DayzRP over a weekend and had noticed that my gear changed somehow. Two weeks ago I logged out in Stary and had a M4 and my usual all black outfit on. I logged on Friday night and ended up logging into the same place but all my clothes and gear had changed. My M4 was swapped to a Mosin etc... Did something evil happen to the character database or something?
  15. There should be a age limit period. To hell with GDPR rules. A lot of the RP here has mature overtones that are sometimes 18+. If someone underage participates in this type of RP then in certain countries I believe others could be held accountable and brought up on criminal charges.. So one 18+ must be really careful of the content of their RP because you never who is underage. If I hear a squeaky voice I will disengage from the RP and head elsewhere..