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  1. The mod is Inventory Plus. As of a couple of weeks ago it has a bug whereas one cannot use the emote wheel or F buttons intermittently. It screwed up a few other clothing mods (on inventory slots) as well.
  2. Dante Ansolari's POV: I was running up North with Yaromir Kovalsky ( @fiaboi ). We were running low on food and started heading east from the hunting lodge North of Tisy base. We were checking houses and other structures for food and other supplies. We came across the barn where this base was housed and broke into it breaking the lower fence of the gate. I crawled in whilst @fiaboi was keeping a watch on things. I looked through some barrels and wooden containers they had and took some food and a pistol suppressor and then left the area heading east toward Svet. I live on the US east coast and logged in a little after 6pm ET and run into that base maybe around 7pm ET. I do not have the the actual time. I did log on/off a few times during the night. I did logoff briefly after the break in, perhaps 10-15 minutes maybe, as my wife just got home and I had to lug groceries into the house and then logged immediately back in to continue playing. Logs will show if you search further and played until a little after 11pm ET. So yes I broke into the base which I do not think it against the rules. And only took what I needed. They had quite an interesting stockpile but that did not interest us as we are not soldiers just simple hunters. @Bosco. and @crearbin sorry if this caused you any issues, but again I only took some food and a suppressor for my sidearm. Griefing is not something we do so I would not want to construed as that. I would be happy to speak with you guys about it but I will not be available until sometime after 6pm ET this evening.
  3. Yeah yeah.. Not going to bother quoting the folks above using Mature RP/Apocalypse as a shield to role play this utter garbage. One has to be sick in the head to advocate this. Molestation/pedo just goes way over the line. I could care less about RPing other subjects.
  4. This type of situation should not be tolerated PERIOD! The community has really hit a new low to allow a situation like this. Nazis are not tolerated. Neither should molestation or any type of RP around it, including the situation cited here. Yeah everyone in these groups want to be cringey and edgy but this is really getting out of hand. SMH
  5. Its been awhile since I looked but I remember there being a changelog section in the drop down menu of the website. Are these changes still being tracked and published for people to read? If so where is it listed now? Thanks
  6. This has happened to my merry group half a dozen times in the last 2 weeks. First in the Northeast part of the map. Spend hours of time hunting for building resources to have some shitheads destroy and take everything. Second time in the middle of the map with the same results. We have retreated into the wilderness and will see what happens now. If it happens again I think it best just to fucking burying one's loot in sea chests or drybags.... You'd think people would have better things to do... le sigh..
  7. Ansolari

    Top 5 DayZRP PVPers

  8. Ansolari

    Battle for the Castle! Event Over, House Wins.

    I can see the flood of random RDM reports now. Peeps need their body count..
  9. Ansolari


    I would love to research this further actually. Problem being I can only go by the letter of the bill itself, which I admit I have not fully read. I cannot take into account what pundits and politicans say due to the fact that they speak out of both sides of their mouth. I have fully read the Net Neutrality Bill though as it would affect my work greatly as I am a network engineer and would need to ensure my company is compliant with it. Thing is nothing "bad" has come of it just yet.
  10. Ansolari


    It may seem that I am wearing a tinfoil hat here, perhaps I am. But recently I see nothing noble about laws passed in any country concerning this subject. I see nothing but a hidden agenda. Can I prove it? Probably not.. It is pure conjuncture on my part BUT its my gut instinct. I do appreciate you playing the devil's advocate though. Always good to argue both sides of the coin.
  11. Ansolari


    No need to turn this into a USA vs EU bullshit fight. Great assumption there pal... Try keeping it classy... Back to the subject at hand. As an American I am truly upset by this article and have signed as well. The morons behind this proposed law are nothing but elitist and are probably part of the same cabal that wants to foist Net Neutrality on the world. You have friends and supporters across the pond. There is also a movement afoot to have the UN regulate the internet as a whole. They are barely able to run themselves as an organization without all the corruption... That will be the next hurdle..
  12. Ansolari

    Initiations in BETA

    I completely agree with a text initiation at all times. I see to many reports lately where we are seeing RDM reported by the OPs and the attackers say they did a VOIP initiation and the OP does not hear it. This is clearly proven through video presented from both sides. I will present an ingame RP bottle of scotch for all if this gets put into the rules.....
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