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  1. Dante Ansolari

    Dante Ansolari was in Chernarus on a business trip for a large US telecom that employed him to build on an infrastructure for their booming mobile network business. He traveled the country mapping out proposed sites for cell towers. He was well aware of the rising political tension and was making strides to getting his business concluded. One morning he was sitting in a cafe reading an english version of the local newspaper when an article made his brow lift with interest. There was an aerial bombing in the north of the country and Dante decided he would book a trip immediately back to the States. All flights out of Chernarus were cancelled by the government so he tried to make his way south to try and catch a boat out of the country.
  2. Ebadanians - Hibernia [Recruitment: Open]

    Definitely gotta have a few Guinness to celebrate... 1/3 Boston Irishman FTW!! Now.. I am part of the group but have no idea how to officially add myself as there seems no way to do so through the user CP..
  3. Ebadanians - Hibernia [Recruitment: Open]

    Aye.. Good job, indeed!! And here is our Intrepid leader.. King Louie!!
  4. OOC salt's relation with hostile RP

    I agree with your premise here but most people are creatures of experience. If the group one runs with is known to only engage in hostile RP can you really blame the other participant from acting all paranoid? I have been gone for a month and only came back on Monday and every interaction I have had with others (not in the group I ran with) as hostile or having some superman complex. Yeah it may have been just that I have been in the "hot spots". Even down south or on the east coast as a fresh spawn I have encountered the same thing.. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt but thus far I have been sorely disappointed... I say HI to someone and I get a rifle shoved in my face.. Its just too predictable and mundane..
  5. OOC salt's relation with hostile RP

    The hostile RP on this server is always the same with no variance at all for the most part. Overwhelm a single player or two scavenging with 7-10 bandits. Initiate on them and find the slightest error to kill them. Ho hum yawn... The players backtalk to the engaging bandits. The bandits kill them for noncompliance instead of RPing it out.. Ho hum yawn.. In other cases the players comply immediately within the nanosecond so the bandit group does not have the weak excuse just to kill them. Take them to a barn and torture them. Ho hum yawn In said example above the bandits ask to scar or dismember the victim. The victim says no, so the bandits find any weak excuse just to kill them because the victim doesn't want to bother with torture RP in that fashion.. Ho hum yawn.. On another front Hostile RP is fine and all but these bandit groups should change it up just a little as they are usually 100% of the time just starting shit for the giggles to swing their dicks in others faces. There was a situation last night at the NWAF where one of my buddies was killed by a certain group at the tents. It was his fault because he did not comply as I was on overwatch. But there were 6 or so bandits involved. I did not engage as I would have ended up dead. Ten minutes later they are in Kab starting shit with another group.. And it goes on and on.. No deviation.. Change it up folks!!!
  6. The Divide(s) Discussion

    The issue is also veteran vs veteran. The few of the reports over the past week have been pathetic truth be told. Its like people are wanting to file reports just to say "Na na na na na". So this divide is more than just veterans vs newcomers. I am seeing alot of ruleplay over roleplay as well. People need to take a fricking deep breath and repeat the mantra.. "This is only a game.."
  7. trying to be friendly

    I try to play a good natured and friendly character but that has gotten me killed too many times here and I have only been around for a few weeks. As stated always be suspicious of everyone. I am lucky enough to run around with a solid group at this time. Loyal to a tee and they always have my back. Try to group with trusted people if possible. This is the apocalypse.. Everyone has alternative motives and will anything to their advantage.. Hell even worry about decent gear that could be left behind. See a backpack in the middle of the road, check the contents beforehand there could be an unpinned grenade in it... See a full PET bottle, you should empty it as someone may have left it with gas in it... Always be paranoid... Makes RP more fun
  8. Where is Everyone From?

    Boston, Massachusetts, USA Go New England Patriots!!!!
  9. Hey!

    Miniblåsan Remember you are the man... Alot of us look up to you for the psycho rabid viking RP. Your interrogations are inspirational.. Glad you are back on the map
  10. I have only been here about 2.5 weeks so my 2 cents may not throw much weight but here I go anyways... The rules here on DayZRP seem to be a hell of alot better than some other RP servers that shall remain nameless. Atleast in the reports which I always find interesting reads I do not see any type of favoritism from the staff. But I see some sniping between the player base involved in the reports. Most people respect either other's POVs in the reports but I have also seen a lot of hostility where IC actions bleeding into OOC. And then in turn bleed back into IC when on the server. Isn't the first rule of RP Club to not allow IC and OOC to blend into each other?
  11. How did you name your character?

    Dante Ansolari- One of my favorite epic poems is The Divine Comedy and the first part "Inferno" being the most interesting to me. It is commonly referred to as Dante's Inferno which is the author's journey through hell. I use the name to refer to that journey. Chernarus is hell anyways. Ansolari was a name that I just picked. I play my character as an Italian from the North End of Boston with a little Snake Plissken thrown in to add more spice...