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  1. @FalkRP is salt of the earth. Great lad!!! Good reading my man...
  2. Here is the actual changelog link from the forums: https://forums.dayz.com/topic/246984-stable-update-106/
  3. I would file a report. Its one thing if the pump was within an enclosed compound but this is a total jerk move.
  4. Dayum... I remember having to work the fields for Plantation day in and day out when I were caught trying to loot in there "areas". It was beautiful RP. Definitely hostileRP but it was actually fun and engaging. Those days are long gone though unfortunately. Having long standoffs with Akrasia like one event that stands out where we were surrounded in a the green walkup house just North of Vybor. They charged in and a dozen or us, victims and attackers died, due to a grendade that I screwed up dropping instead of throwing. OOCly we laughed it off with no ill will and no reports. Or when Anarchy ruled the server when King Louie was running them. That is the type of hostile RP that needs to come back. It brings a tear to my eye this is all now deep and buried...
  5. Irrelevant because you don't care for my opinion? I will just let the other part of your comment go as its not worth going back and forth with personal jabs. IDEA HERE: Leave things the way they are and just deal with the geographical challenges of the map. Changing map locations seems a bit silly. Like transposing Cherno and NWAF.
  6. Hostile PVPers who complain about everything little thing to gain an advantage via rules or whatever. Hostile PVPers who feel they walk on water and want everyone to kiss their ass IC and OOC. People who get permabanned from the community but are back on the server within 24 hours doing the same toxic RP they always do. CampfireRPers..
  7. Only spawns are in the southern city? I can see all the edge lords gathering up the freshly spawned people and their first experience to Deer Isle is the typical boring dry initiations. The spawns should be spread out I think.
  8. Lore wipe fine... Shrinking the map cutting off the most beautiful parts? I think its a shitty idea.
  9. A lot of players on this server take things way too serious. When me and my buddies play here we always RP with a sense of dreaded sarcasm. Particularly when some douche just runs up to you and runs their mouth to be a big man. I am actually surprised no hostilities have not occurred yet with our encounters. Just have fun and let the dice roll as they may. If someone tries to throw up a report do to humor stating , "This is a apocalypse man... No funny business here." To hell with them I say. I lose no sleep over it.
  10. Its a fricking wedding not a PVP zone. Let them have their event in peace. Why the hell do people gotta whine and make this event all about them? Grow up the world does not need to constantly revolve around you kool pvp kidz.....
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