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  1. In Stary aka Tortuga, I was simply letting the good people know that the lord and savior strawberry was among all of the people. When all of a sudden a man runs up in the middle of my preaching and states,Hey Quinn, on behalf of the PCC, enjoy your fucking burns", Now that is rude and quite aggressive. Spicyboi was the mans name who runs away and avoids all Rp chances until after many failed initials, gets put down after being warned. Then as I proceeded to help the man up from dying, he stands ans says nothing for a bit, then I get sprayed down by what seemed to be an ally of his. I was killed for no reason whatsoever.
  2. I was as innocent as any other Chernarus stationed troop. Locals from our small town of Zelenogorsk had mentioned that there was a sickness that came upon our town that made you sicker than the worst sick you could get, we didn't pay much attention to it for it had been the least of our concern at the time. Oh how wrong we were, so ignorant to the fact that many of us troops with such a small garrison feared that we would have to fight anything, hence the reason we came to the small town of Zelenogorsk was to just say we were "Serving" and look cool with guns, but not me. I served my country to know that my wife was ok and my kids were safe, no matter where I was stationed and how small the garrison, it never mattered to me. The day came where an ambulance roared by the garrison walls an awoke the men in my barracks up. Now picture the fact we only had about 36 ready to serve men and 3 officers with only a single armory that could supply us for a week of straight fighting on a good day, With all of us awake we were surprised to see that the ambulance that just roared by us was from Myshinko, the hell we thought, why was a ambulance from such a distance here? Our garrison commander noticed our inquiry and announced that we all get geared just in case, mind you I was quite a shock to get geared at around three in the morning. I rushed back to my barrack with a few comrades Boris and Ivan which were bunkmates of mine and got geared. Silently my buddies had gotten dressed with me and we were lined up outside within a few minuets, seeing the hot breath and sweat of my comrades only confirmed my fears that something was wrong. I clutched my rifle in one hand and a picture of my wife in the other to only have the quiet be cut by a loud series of bangs and scratches at our gate to our encampment, the horror on the entire garrisons face is nothing compared to what we saw, Myshinko paramedics all bloodied banging at the gates with what could only be described as non human like strength. We all took aim with our rifles and tried to talk to the rabid paramedics at our gates and with no avail we dropped the rabid team of medics. Our instincts kicked in and our radio team was already sending out messages of the event and the garrison of 36 and I took up the towers around the walls to see that a large pack of, of humans, humans moving like crippled bloody schizophrenics was headed our way from the hospital. I quickly grabbed Boris and Ivan and told them that if we lost the walls, we all would meet near the south wall and blow a hole in it to run, run as far as we could and see our families. With a nod we all took our stand on the towers and with no hesitation shot into the crowd of people, of what we could see looked like dead people, but the crowd never ended. Bodies replaced bodies and if some sort of ocean of people and the front gate was being swarmed, but not only was the gate being swarmed, they were coming over the walls in packs. Quickly I shouted to my two comrades who were already making there way to the back wall to blow a hole in it and run, I stayed in the tower though breaking my promise, for I knew that I needed them to be safe and I did what any other trooper would do and fought till the cold end. Being in the tower I was saved from the slaughter, for I was out of reach of the hoarde, I shot, and shot, and shot, and threw grenades until I, could not do so anymore. I then noticed my comrades, I will always be at fault for this, my heathen to carry, my inner demon to stay with, I noticed that they hadn't blown the wall because they couldn't, I had forgotten to give them the charges to escape, I doomed them and it was my fault. Both of my comrades took a last stand with the surviving 12 men of my original garrison and one officer at the south wall. At the end of the slaughter I looked helplessly from the safety of my guard tower into the eyes of my comrades as they were swarmed one by one and eaten because of my mistake. I slumped down into my tower and started to cry, cry because I am now the only survivor of the Zelenogorsk garrison and could not warn anybody, signal to anything, or bring my friends back, I was officially alone. Hours went by as the hoard eventually moved on, I slowly climbed down from the tower to the corpses of my fellow team and I still struck with grief, I fell to my knees and pulled my ak74 to my mouth, and stared into the wall that I was supposed to destroy, but then something slid out of my pocket, the picture of my wife. I put down my gun and picked it up and just realized that I couldn't let my wife die out there alone, I would let her down killing myself. I stood up and brushed off the debris of my comrades off my knees and slowly took whatever ammo was left, and made my way. I hope that whoever gets this journal will forgive and pray for my mistakes, My name is no longer important, but you can call me the Aussie, in memory of my comrades Ivan and Boris for they both were from Australian descent, do not, make the same mistakes that I have made.