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  1. Scott was born into a military family so at the age of 18 he felt it was his duty to enlist. He joined the army and became a ranger and served for 6 years until he met a girl, the love of his life. She convinced him to leave the army so they could be together. He still felt the need to help people so he applied for the FBI and became a special agent then joined the Hostage Rescue Team. After a couple years of nonstop training and work they decided it was time for a big vacation and see the world, they ended up in chernarus right when the breakout went down. After a few months went by they were camped out with a few other lost travelers and bandits raided their camp, someone tried to be a hero and stop the bandits so they opened fire and Scotts fiance at the time was shot right. The bandits finally grabbed what they could and ran leaving a few survivors, Scott being one of them he crawled over to his fiances lifeless body and held her until sunrise. Now he scours chernarus hoping to find those bandits and help anyone he can in the process.