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  1. Born in the Russian Federation as an orphan, it goes without saying that Vasili was on his own a lot. It is possibly because of this fact, or because of the people he has lost, that he prefers to stay on his own now. While he is bilingual, he often prefers to speak in Russian to those who only speak English and vice-versa, so as to avoid becoming too close to anyone. His tendency to stay alone means that, while his social skills have suffered a great deal, his survival skills are honed. No one is exactly sure how he ended up in Chernarus, though it does not appear he is in any hurry to leave. There is speculation that he snuck through the government blockades and quarantine zones to get into Chernarus after the outbreak, though the reason why is purely speculation. While not a bad person, he is more likely to help himself before helping others.
  2. So let's go through this together then, and tell me if it still doesn't make sense. Assuming he has no memory of the explosion itself: 1. Taken hostage by several armed initiators 2. All of a sudden, he finds himself on the ground with probably a nice headache 3. He sees plenty of dead bodies on the ground, including his friend, however he notices there's too few to be all the captors. Not sure how they all died 4. Sees men hanging around the corpses of some of his captors 5. Assumes they are the rest of his captors and picks up a nearby weapon for self defense 6. Acts on self defense But according to you, the story would be more like: 5. Stays on the ground because he is supposed to be dead from the explosion 6. Lets his captors re-capture him Tying this in to your whole statement about "metagaming" right there, you have to at least imagine how it went down for us. My sound was muted in teamspeak, didn't even touch steam chat, so he had no idea about anything that happened during his crash. He logs in and the last thing he remembers was being held hostage by the many armed men that he sees mostly dead, except for a few. You cannot tell me your initial reaction in that moment wouldn't be to get some sort of self defense. Also, lets not forget that the last attempt I made to escape without even attempting to harm my captors was met with several death threats, so it is not unreasonable to assume from the PoV of my character that the captors had killed the other hostages and would likely have killed me too given the opportunity. I think that, especially because my character did not understand the situation, his actions were even more justifiable.
  3. This whole statement is a lie, besides me being identified in the barn. I picked up nothing, you asked me no questions. Only told me to leave immediately. Well if you watched the video Galen uploaded Alex was never a hostage in any way whatsoever so you shooting at his "captors" for no reason would be RDM anyway, also you logging back in and trying to rp what you said doesnt make a whole lot of sense, if you really wanted to rp you could of at least initiated on the people before you killed them. They told me after a little while to get on the ground, and tied me up. Seems reasonable to me. He was a good distance from the blast, so you could RP it out that he was knocked out of consciousness from the initial blast and he woke up after a bit. Also given that I was not only the furthest from the blast but the prisoner being payed the least attention I don't think it would be unreasonable to assume they could have written me off as dead more easily, especially given that I don't speak. Also with the amount of time since the explosion to when I came back being so short, I don't think they could realistically have checked all the bodies to see if we had all died either.
  4. To reiterate, Alex was a captive after I initially escaped and came back. I left and returned after I killed the three captors initially. Also, I don't think it was unreasonable to kill them considering my chances of being able to hold them at gunpoint when they had already drawn weapons, as well as it being a waste of the element of surprise. Simply put, I think I acted reasonably for someone in my scenario, especially considering they threatened to kill on several occasions.
  5. This is from the perspective of Crayne Winters: So, allow me to elaborate on what happened from my perspective. I was having issues with my graphics drivers and my game was crashing every now and then. I had returned to RP after I had thought I fixed the issue. Either way, I ended up crashing whilst we were being held prisoner. I had every intention of returning and staying in character, and I did rejoin the server as soon as possible. What I found was a pile of bodies from what I assume was an explosive of some kind. My plan was to continue RP as if the explosion had knocked me out and I had just woken up. I awoke to find my captors searching the bodies and not noticing me. Staying in character, I attempted to escape by picking up a weapon, an M4 I believe and killing the two captors who were there. After I did that I was grabbing some gear and preparing to run when another of my captors entered the room, apparently not noticing that I was not with them. I killed him as well, then ran. On the way out another person presumeably from the same group attempted to hold me up, but I ran and he fired on me. He hit my plate carrier, and I escaped without dying. The confusion here I think stems from the assumption that I died during the explosion, though I did not. As for my return, I had gone back to see what had happened there, assuming the threat was gone. When I arrived I found Alex Komarov, a friend of mine being held up. I fired at his captors in an attempt to free him, but I was killed in the following struggle. That is my perspective on this issues, and I would like to be sure everyone understands that I did NOT die until I was killed by Komarov's captors after I returned. Addendum: The reason that Alex Komarov knew I was crashing is because I had been having recurring crashing issues in the past leading up to the incident at the farm, and I had asked him if I ever crashed to relay OOC what was happening so no one was confused.