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  1. The Deal With It Attitude

    Nah, seems like you didn't know what you were saying and had to backtrack to save yourself .. Listen, thanks for agreeing with me, but your opinion up there told me otherwise lol.
  2. The Deal With It Attitude

    It seems like your backtracking. At the end of the day the decision should have been made by someone not involved in the report, and by multiple admins.
  3. The Deal With It Attitude

    An admins duty isn't to just agree with bans, its their job to also help the community grow by speaking their mind and actually making change.
  4. Staff Feedback: Aiko

    Link to the situation: Any supporting evidence or notes: Feedback: When hearing that this was even a situation I was a little skeptical, now that I am here seeing that this actually happened I am thinking to myself.. "Is this complete fucking anarchy". I choose to stay out of the arguments and drama of dayzrp cause at the end of the day I have always thought that admins had the communities best interest in mind, but clearly that has taken a turn. A community needs structure and guidelines that help in keeping everyone honest. This situation was in no way handled correctly and makes me very sad. Aiko, we used to be pals back in dayzsaga days and I don't want you to take anything I am saying personally. This is the beginning of a very rocky road, you are not allowed to just dismiss someones report(and ban them) because you believe they are lying on you. I have no side in that report but if all reports against a staff member were handled like that, then the community would die instantly. Please admit the wrongs that were done and fix this. Suggestions for improvement: I think that in the future avoid this, but to improve and fix the wrongs that have been done you should unban those who were wrongfully banned and give them an honest chance at a report. Nuff said.
  5. Things have taken a turn...

    Thank you guys !! <3 I think after the first set of warning points Its time to hang up the jacket. I appreciate the thought tho.
  6. Things have taken a turn...

    Thank you all!!! You all have made my day ! Thanks sooo much !
  7. Things have taken a turn...

    Thanks love !
  8. Things have taken a turn...

    Thx buddy. I thought if it as a introduction to the real me:)
  9. Things have taken a turn...

    I’m super happy. Thanks
  10. So as some of you know I am the crazy trans gamer girl that acts insane and does stupid stuff and offends a lot of people. Lets start with when this change started. I was originally pulled towards dayzrp because I was able to play the bad ass cis-gendered women that I couldn't be in real life. This was a good outlet for me to discover who I was and learn how to express my gender freely. At the beginning of this stage I was very keen on letting everyone know that I was a girl, as sort of a validation for who I was and a way to get more attention like most female gamer's. As I have grown older I have realized that the only validation I needed was my own. I slowly started to care less about looking like a women, and started to embrace my more masculine features. I started to wear some articles of men's clothing. Then about 3 months ago I decided to get a short haircut. Even though I got a short haircut I still liked to express my femininity through women's clothing and makeup(And still do). Though there was no medical transition involved, I have socially transitioned back into the fem-boy I originally was. I have chose to keep it a secret to most of the community because I was scared to give trans people a bad name, I don't want people to think that transgenderism is a phase. As for my pronouns, if you have known me as she I don't want you to go out of your way to call me a him, as I don't really care. If you are just meeting me call me any pronoun you wish as long as its not "it". Sry for this long post about my own problems. I just felt like the explanation was due. Thx. Much Love. Also plan on rebranding away from alexis. Maybe my real name o/ oh but as for me being a cunt, that will never change.
  11. I am here!

    weellcome backkkk
  12. I am so happy you guys loved the new characters, really can't wait to RP more with you all <3
  13. Sup

    Welcome back !!!!
  14. Okay Well Hello I Guess - Caleb

    Welcome to the community !! Hope you enjoy your stay!!
  15. Carmen Martinez

    Carmen Martinez was born in baywood california as the youngest sister. She was often a troublemaker that got in between Jesus and his work. Carmen drove the rest of the brothers crazy, however Gabriela loved her unconditionally and she was spoiled with gifts and money. When the family made its move to takistan Gabriela demanded that Carmen take up a leadership role in the gang to keep the “brutish” men in charge. Needless to say Carmen wasn’t interested in this at all, and she spent most of her time living out and relaxing in the deserts of Takistan on the family resort. When Jesus and Julio began they’re mission to Chernarus, Gabriela forced Carmen to go with the men, to “oversee” but she has just spent most of her time in the background purposely trying to annoy Jesus and Julio.