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"Don't judge someone's attitude until you've felt their pain."

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  1. welcome to the community, and goodluck on your whitelist!
  2. Alexis


    Welcome back!
  3. Sacrificing "Utility" for style is part of being on a roleplay server. You don't need maximum slots to be able to survive on the server. I remember plenty of characters back in the day used to not wear backpacks because it wasn't a part of their characters look, and they thrived. Though, this is just my opinion, I think that the amount of space it offers suffices for what it actually is. A hoodie.
  4. Homemade waffles really feed the soul, but I think I could eat them for any meal at any time in any situation. Side note, Breakfast for dinner is always the move.
  5. Hmmm, did you have items inside? If not I would try placing some stuff in it, otherwise I think the only explanation is someone tearing it down.
  6. Are you keeping nails a plank of wood in the walls?
  7. nice

    1. Alexis


      I'm a bit- spacey 


    2. Cal


      spacey never said that

  8. Thank you. You’ve blessed us all.
  9. Yes yes yes, quite frankly I have only played PLIKT once and the amount of tiptoeing around inaction I had to do very honestly ruined the experience for me in one go. If this gets implemented I’ll give it another shot.
  10. This is a good suggestion, and would make playing multiple characters much easier. +100
  11. Sorry to hear. Moved to Off Topic
  12. I find this map so beautifully put together, even by myself I can't help but have fun. I met a few guys, specifically one man named Milo who somewhat watched out for Nara, thanks to him
  13. congrats!! 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

  14. I can understand where people are coming from. Sure back in the day it was entertaining to watch the wall of shame and see who the edgiest boy was. looking back I can’t even believe that existed. It’s like trying to do public publish punishment over the internet removed the embarrassment and created a pissing contest. -1 from me
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