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"I can't see shit" -Helen Keller"

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  1. Bye

    Have fun King!! Ill miss ya <333333
  2. So I'm New Here

    Welcome to the community !!
  3. Safe Zone Trial

    Personally I don't like the idea, but I don't think a trial period could hurt. If anything I respect the idea to give it a try.
    • Galaxy
    • Alexis


    1. Galaxy


      @Alexis Looking gud!

    2. Alexis


      This is a personal attack on my appearance that I 100% agree with.

  4. hiiiiiii! Welcome to the community!!
    • Alexis
    • Bubblegum

    bubblegum prince is a femboy but its alright

    1. Bubblegum


      Image result for prince gif


    2. Alexis


      your not wrong

  5. Real life picture Thread

    I have a twink body so I've started to embrace it. But my face looked fucked up in this hence the emoji.
  6. ;)

    Welcome back! Your profile is beautiful !!
  7. Hi!

    Welcome to the Community!!
    • Galaxy
    • Alexis

    Image result for jake the dog princess bubble gifs

    1. Alexis


      but i can't read. 

  8. Nice to meet you

    Hello! Welcome to the community!!!
  9. Get out of jail card idea

    I think that it would be good to make profit. But as a player that has been perma banned I think that it would be unfair to those who had to put in the work to make an appeal when they could easily have just paid the money. Also i think that it would open up another can of worms, bringing back the trolly and toxic people that have already been filtered out for a reason.
  10. It's over

    Sad to see anyone leave the community, but i wish ya the best !!
  11. Alexis

    anyone wanna play pubg with me 

    1. Crim


      im shit

    2. Alexis


      Me too

    • Taryn
    • Alexis


    1. Taryn


      Aww it broke



    2. Alexis


      yessss!! love it!