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  1. Alexis


    This is pretty neato. +1
  2. Alexis

    DayZRP 19.5.3

    Super duper exciting. Would have loved some pics tho !!!
  3. -=- My old media thread was removed, kinda wanted to make a new one anyway. So check this out! And if you need anything send me a dm! -=- -=- https://imgur.com/a/poUgITK -=- -=- -=-
  4. Alexis

    Sup Bois

    Welcome to the community
  5. Alexis


    Welcome to the community!!
  6. This got me fucked up.. He was a cool dude. A real joy to be in a group with... Rest in peace !
  7. same group, same beliefs, different name .
  8. I don't get your avatar ? I like the idea tho 6/10
  9. Alexis

    Hello All

    Welcome to the community !!
  10. you've helped a lot! I have narrowed down my options. So thank youuuuu so much!! Thanks to everyone else tooooo!
  11. So I want to get into drawing, and I am very unsure of what tablet to get for my pc. I don't really have a price range, but the cheaper the better haha. Any suggestions?
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