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  1. Official Mentor Program [Accepting Mentee's]

    Your IG Name and what are you interested in learning about (Hostile RP, Survivor RP or Hero RP)?: [My In-game name Is Lloyd Beaumont I want to learn more about Hostile RP, not too just kill everyone I come across, I wanna be able to hold people up successfully, get into conflicts with other groups of people that know the game very well so I can learn new tactics and learn what each gun sounds like, how to gage distance and direction from a gunshot and play the game how I think it should be played.] What Timezone are you from and what time's do you usually play? [I don't know my timezone but I live in the UK and I'm available to play most days after 7pm] How were you directed to the Mentors thread (Word to- mouth, friends, report verdict, forums)? [I saw a link for it at the bottom of the homepage] If you had to judge yourself and your Roleplay. What do you say you do best and what do you lack? [I'm good at the initial introduction and using things I know to influence certain RP situations, the thing I'm not so good at is carrying a story and sometimes I forget to stay in character.]
  2. Okay so I was supposed to be unbanned from the server 11 hours ago and I'm not sure where or who I address this too, please help.


  3. Can anyone give me clarification on how long I have been banned for? I've read through the thread but I dunno If it's 7,5 or 3 days.

    And again thank you so much for the support from everyone.

  4. So from what I've read so far my beanz were removed because I got too many, That people decided themselves to give me because I was honest and a nice guy... seems legit :D:D

    Honestly I don't want any of you guys to get in too much trouble, but thanks guys I really appreciate this.

  5. Just a quick thanks to everyone that kinda stuck up for me and gave me rep, although tbh I had no idea what was happening :P I got a message from them (Admin/s) earlier today and they decided to remove the points without me doing anything so it all worked out in the end. :)