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  1. Survivors of the Southern Moana

    @Magnus mate cool your tits you filthy land lover
  2. Rory Cooper

    Rory 'Rat' Cooper (WIP) Rory was born in Timaru (New Zealand) He grew up working on his family station in the high country. During his teen years Rory Developed a keen eye for tracking a hunting wildlife in New Zealand. At the age of seventeen fresh out of high school he struggled to find a job. Having no other qualifications he decided that he'd try his luck and enlist into the New Zealand Army. Upon Enlistment he was sent to basic training where he developed the skill required of a Soldier.

    1. Stradic


      Interesting choice of song but tell me. Have you heard this one?


    2. Ranger163


      You've got me all wrong @Stradic



    3. Jade
  4. Bro you in the millitary?

    1. Species


      Yes, yes he is.

    2. Wendigojames


      Not yet he's not

    • Ranger163
    • Fenrir

    Kia ora Bro!!! Where you at Killer?


  5. shall we mod the server?

    Maybe just add taskforce Radio, Make it more immersive and make metagaming harder.
  6. Best Line when approaching players

    (New Zealand Accent) "Yeah Nah Gidday mate! F*&king Shocker of a day Isn't it?
  7. To Maxwell Tani (Private Freq)

    *Hearing this Radio Transmission. Soup Quickly Pushes down the PTT* I wish it where that simple. Ask your men what the said to me about returning *He releases the PTT*
  8. *Soup Pulls out a radio he found in the back of an old police car.* *Pushing down the PTT he begin to speak with a slight Sob* Max this is Soup, Your men have just taken one of the last things my daughter gave to me before she died. You may know what i speak of? *He pause's Briefly Releasing the PTT and pushing it down after* i consider you a friend of mine Max and we have gone through some time together so i am giving you one chance to return what is mine. I trust you will do the right thing. You know where to find me. Soup Out. *He Releases the PTT*
  9. *Soup Listens Max's Chatter and frowns, Pushing his PTT down and begins to talk with his raspy voice* "Max this is Soup Not to sure if this hung of trash works properly but i'll be there just give me a location and a day and ill be there. *Soup Releases the PTT*
  10. Ka Pai Jade Ka Pai

  11. *Soup pushes the PTT button down.* My men and i have decided and wish to join your Conglomerate, And will be awaiting further tasking. *Soup Release's the PTT button and sighs*
  12. The Roamers (Currently Recruiting)

    Cheers Stradic, Great to be apart of Ya'll. Hooah
  13. The Roamers (Currently Recruiting)

    Cant Wait to be apart of the team