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  1. I was once a NATO soldier, when my unit was sent in as part of the initial wave to help reinforce the CDF. We were told that the major danger was widespread civil unrest, but by the way our COs talked in hushed whispers we could all tell that it was something much more serious. shortly after landing we learned why. What followed was unlike anything that we ever could have anticipated or trained for. The infected were relentless attacking in almost continuous hordes. By the end of the second day of fighting my unit had become completely cut off. Somehow we continued to hold the line for another nine hours after that, but when our supply of ammo began to falter we knew that we couldn't hold out for much longer. At first light we abandoned the doomed city and in the chaos that ensued as we retreated into the countryside I became separated from the other. I'd like to think that they made it to some city that hadn't yet been overrun and that they escaped this forsaken county, or perhaps that they're still out there somewhere finding a way to survive in this wasteland. But if there's one thing that I know it's that if I could make it this far, there's at least a chance that they did too.
  2. I would love to see cooking be expanded to include not just meat, but having to cook raw vegetables and maybe even the ability to make basic recipes such as some sort of bread.