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  1. I never thought of that, thanks, I shall be a Roaming-Garden-Farmer for RP's sake
  2. Hey guys I'm trying to setup in a town and make myself a mini farm to trade food to survivors, something laid back that I can also get a lot of rp out of. My only roadblock at the moment is deciding which town to "live" in that gets a good amount of "traffic" through it, any ideas?
  3. I just wanted to say after experiencing my first day in the RP world I had an amazing time interacting with people and hearing their stories as well as visiting the amazing trading post and seeing what the community made. So I wanted to take the time and write a thank you for the great experience, I played for 5 hours straight which is unheard of for me in public servers. Have a good night all
  4. I used to play on my brother in law's computer when I lived with him and my sister back when he used to play this. Now that I moved and started my new job I decided to start my own account. Thanks for the welcome back and hopefully i'll see you guys in game
  5. Hey all, name's Will, I used to play with ya'll on my brother in law's account for a short time, Now I'm in the process of getting whitelisted again so hopefully I can see you all in game and get to know ya'll .